This is the last journey in George Annnett Grey's diary.

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1856 Aug 4th  my darling wife and I started from Cornhill to Edinbro, then on to Perth where we walked about and staid all night, next day went to Dunkeld, walked through the D. of Athol’s fine woody park, saw the ancient Larches, crossed the river and met a carriage, went to a fine waterfall, but spoilt in its simplicity by a shew house being built close to it, went and saw a rapid rushing through a deep narrow gorge below a narrow bridge, returned to the Hotel and had food, and walked out by the bridge down the river side, opposite to the remnant of the old wood of ?Barnhaven/Burnham sat by the water till dark, very pretty, very pleasant, we enjoyed it together and alone exceedingly.  In the morning started by the Perth coach a good four horse coach well appointed, Mr Mason, Mr H. and Mr Ian Hunt, Mr ?Sale/soho etc on the coach, a Mr Gunn the

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Son of the Duke of Sutherland’s agent Elizabeth inside had a pleasant companion in the Hon Mr Howard a Cont. of Crown lands, brother to a Capt Howard we formerly knew.  I sat on the top in a cabbage basket.  The road is beautiful by Killycranky and on by the big hills-Cairngorm etc, till near Inverness it gets plain, till just before descending to the town, over the field of Culloden it is very pretty, and the town stands nicely, we found good accommodation prepared by Mr Hall leenxirll? for us next day I started early to judge having got that finished. I returned steamer?sleamed? and took Elizabeth to see the fine black cattle, highland sheep etc which she enjoys so much.  Then went to the great dinner where I had to speak, and got much complimented on having made the speech

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of the night, next morning started by steamer, down the Caledonian Canal, through Loch Ness to Fort Augustus the mountains are big and barren, in places the glens and lake sides green woods and pretty, we left the steamer getting nearly swamped, I hired a pony and cart to take Lizzy up to see the falls of Tigres/tyres?, which were? swolen by the nights rain and very fine, but I dearly like falls, we came in and slept at a pretty landlocked place Oban next morning we came to the Crinnen Canal, there Sir John Old’s carriage met him and he took us on to his place to Lunch, and see his hidden?/hidrem? cattle and strange beasts and things.  Then in by Bute-Rothsay, and up the Clyde to Glasgow, where we had tea, and came in to Edinburgh, and home on Sunday morning to Cornhill to breakfast.

Aug 10. 56              G.A.G



George Annett Grey's Diaries

Journey 8: 1856 August 4 –10 Pages 216-218 Scotland

Cornhill, Edinbro, Perth, Dunkeld, Killycrankey, Inverness, Culloden, Caledonian Canal, Fort Augustus, Oban, Bute, Rothsay, Clyde, Glasgow, Edinbro, Cornhill.