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George Annett Grey of Milfield 1815-1886

Elizabeth Boyd Neil, his first wife.

George Annett Grey's diary

George Annett Grey's wine trade letters

George Annett Grey's poems

Letters to George Annett Grey

George's brothers and sisters.

John Henry Grey

Hannah Eliza (Eliza) and William Morrison

Mary Ann Isabella (Tully) and Edgar Garston

Frances Hardy (Fanny) and George Smyttan

Charles and Emily Bolton & Eliza Jemfrey

Josephine Elizabeth and George Butler

Josephine Butler's Letters

Harriet Jane (Hatty) and Tell Meuricoffre

Emily Georgina, and William De Pledge & Jasper Bolton & F.W. Thomas.

John Francis (Jack) Grey 1912 - 1964

Jack's bother and sisters.

Hestia Dagmar (Het) Grey

Hestia Grey's photograph albums.

Angela Mary Grey

Robert George Grey



George Grey of Milfield, Master of Foxhounds 1851-1915

Christian Margaret Grey, his wife.

George Grey and Christian Margaret Grey's Sketchkbook

Christian Margaret Grey's letters to & from her son Ivar

Christian Margaret Grey's stories and poems for children.

Christian Margaret Grey's "McLaren" ancestors

George Grey's Foxhound's Diary

George Grey: Hunting Articles

George Grey: Scrapbook 1

George Grey: Scrapbook 2

George's brother and sisters.

John George Grey and Anna Maria Fawcus

Elizabeth Neil Grey

Jane Eliza and Sir Horace St. Paul

Hannah Mary and Ralph Hart Tweedell

Mary and George Grey Rea & Rea Ancestors

Published family trees from the History of Northumberland, 1922 & 1926

Kathleen Blake:ancestors.


Campbell-Colquhoun 1

Campbell-Colquhoun 2

John Neil (Jock) Grey of Milfield 1882-1943

Jock's brothers and sister

George Henry Ivar (Ivar) Grey of Middle Ord and Milfield

Kathleen Blake, his wife.

Grey - Blake Wedding

Christian Elfreda (Freddy) and Charles William Dixon Johnson

Dixon-Johnson Scrapbook

Dixon-Johnson Ancestors

Charles William Dixon Johnson: Foxhounds Diary

Charles William Dixon Johnson: Otter Hunting Diary

Eric Ida Grey and Dorothy Wardroper

Mary Lizette Grey

Charles Boyd Grey and Mary Allen

Gervase Minto Grey and Ruth Francis Gordon.



John Grey of Milfield and Dilston 1785-1868


John Grey's letters to his son George Annett Grey

John Grey's speech to Hexham Farmers' Club, 1859

Hannah Eliza Annett, his wife.

Hannah Annett's "Hardy" ancestor.

John's sisters and brother:

Mary Grey and Rev. Robert Lundie and Henry Duncan D.D.

Mary Grey and Robert Lundie's son: Cornelius Lundie

Margaretta Grey and Rev. Henry Grey DD (Her first cousin)

Charles Birrell who married Harriet Jane Grey daughter of Margaretta

George Grey and his wife Jane Trotter Gregson

Milfield Hill House,

Milfield Hill Garden,

Milfield Hill: Interior,

Milfield Hill: Land,

Milfield: Gallery of Objects

Milfield Greys: listed in families chronologically.

George Grey ( Buried 17 July 1791) of West Ord, Sandyhouse and later Milfield and Mary Burn his wife.

Mary Burn's family in Berwick on Tweed

George Grey's will

George's siblings:

James, ( Death record online of 1785), of South Moor & The Chirm, Longhorsley.

John of Heton & Middle Ord ( Died 2 Oct 1817) & his wife Patience Anderson

John of Heton's descendants 1: Patience Grey & John Carr of Ford, Mary Grey & George Purvis of New Etal, Sarah Grey & George Forster, George Anderson Grey of Middle Ord & Isabella Morrison, Edward Grey of Ford Hill & Elizabeth.

John of Heton's descendants 2. William Grey of New Etal 1780-1855 and Elizabeth Archbold the founders of the New Zealand Greys.

William (Will proved 1793) of Nesbit & Kimmerston & his wife Alison Bell, and their children John of Berrington & James of Kimmerston & John Hardy.

Edward (Buried 5 March 1822) of Morpeth & his wife Jane Campbell, ancestors of Henry Grey DD and the Birrell family.

Margaret (Buried 22 November 1786) & her husband Thomas Vardy of Fenton


Common Ancestors of the Milfield Greys, Heaton and Middle Ord Greys.

John Grey of Lincolmfield, Longhorsley & Frances Watson

John Grey 1697-1779 and Margaret Grey, daughter of her husband's cousin Edward Grey of Burgham in the parish of Felton.

John Grey of Old Heaton 1779-1850 and Margaret Ferguson, and sons Edward of Blinkbonny & Catherine Sharp, James of Sunderland & Helen Trotter and the Short family.

Other Children of John Grey of Heton and Margaret Ferguson:

William Grey of Tindal House 1823- 1885 and Jane Jobson and their descendants.

John Grey, 1813-1881 and George Grey of Middle Ord 1815-1865 who farmed at Old Heaton, & Mary Letitia McLaren.



Ewart and Sir Horace St Paul.

Sir Horace St Paul's poem.

Ford Estate managed for the Delavals.

Ford Estate managed for Waterfords.


Howick Greys


Genealogy of the Grey Family of Northumberland by Edmund Hepple, 1856.

Notes on the the Angerton Grey's

Robert Selby-
Wine Merchant

Grey Y DNA

Shoreston Greys.

The Culleys