Hatty Grey and her husband Tell Meuricoffre. Thanks to Jane Jordan for this picture reproduced in her book on Josephine Butler.
For information on the lives of Harriet and her five sisters read "The Six Brides of Dilston" by A.R.C. Bolton.
They lived in Naples, at Capo di Monti overlooking the Bay of Naples or at their Swiss home La Gordanne in Canton Vaud.
Her parents John and Hannah.

Harriet Jane (Hatty) Grey

Born 8th April 1830

Married Tell Meuricoffre of Naples at Corbridge church on 24 August 1854.

Died 14 September 1900.

Left: Harriet photographed in Naples.
Thanks to Elio Capriati for these five photographs. His history of the Meuricoffre family written as a novel (in Italian) can be bought from Amazon's kindle store.
Right: Harriet and Tell's only surviving daughter Thekla (1866-1942) in a photograph dated 1880.
Her sister Josephine wrote a book about her life called "In Memoriam- Harriet Meuricoffre." It was published in 1901 a year after Harriet's death.
Left: La Gordanne in Canton Vaud in Switzerland where the Meuricoffres stayed in the summer. Below: Harriet's grave.