His mother was Mary Douglas.

Sir Francis Douglas Blake, First Baronet.

Born 27 February 1856 at 12 Spencer Street, Carlisle, Cumberland.

He married Selina Colquhoun Burns on 14 December 1886, at St. Columbus, Crieff, Perth.

Died 5 February 1940 at the age of 83 at Tillmouth Park, Northumberland.

Landowner, barrister and MP for Berwick 1916-1922.

Created baronet 22 July 1907.

Blake family group. George Henry Ivar Grey at the back on the left. He is probably holding Hestia (Het) since she was the oldest born in July 1911, next to him is Kathleen Grey nee Blake, then Grandoo (Sir Francis Blake) ; on the right Marjory born 1890, aged about 22 in this picture, at the front Edward on the left, the next oldest born 1893, then Lina Blake nee Burns, and then Patrick the youngest, born 1904 so he is about 7 years old in this picture. Possibly taken as a celebration of their first grandchild. Probably taken at Tillmouth. This could be the edge of the tennis court. Thanks to Mary Branson for this photograph.
His father was Francis Blake of Tillmouth Park.
Left: Selina Colquhoun Burns photographed in 1892.

George Henry Ivar Grey married Kathleen Selina Douglas Blake, eldest daughter of Sir Francis D. Blake Bart, of Tillmouth Park, on 14 September 1910 at Norham.
Blake family bible, passed to eldest daughter Kathleen Grey and kept by Angela Holmes nee Grey, Kathleen's daughter.
Majory married on the 6 June 1917 at St. Mary Abbott's Church, Kensington. Robert Mills of the Royal Flying Corps was killed in action on 21 September 1917.
Marnie Bell nee Blake, Sir Francis Douglas Blake's sister.
Pamela Blake married Richard Hosking on 24 April 1944.