"C.B. Grey joined RGA in Nov 1914 by direct commission from Ld. Kitchener, was put in charge of Crammond Island in Forth defences.- Went to France early in 1915 was in charge of a battery of Vickers trench mortars at the battle of Loos and Hohenzollern Redoubt Joined the 23rd Siege Battery and went to the Somme. Took part in the following battles in the Somme 1916 advance first as Lieut in 23 Seige Battery later as adjutant to first Heavy Artillery Group Beaumont- Thiepval- Beaumont Havel- Contal Maison-Auvilliers-Bullecourt. He was also with the 1st H.A.G. in the Messines fighting as well as at Neuport and gained the Military Cross and parchment congratulation for ”his devotion to duty and valuable service during the operations of the XVth corps July to August 1917 from Lieut General Ducane- was through the Armentieres retreat from Bac St Maurs to Haazebruk 1918. Received parchment of congratulation for valuable service and devotion to duty from General Beavoir at Lisle. Got promotion to Captain in 1918. In Sept 1918 was specially selected for work with North Russia Expeditionary Force and joined the Slovak British Allies Legion in Oct 1918 on April 14 1919 was given the “Croise du Guerre” by French Government for military skill and having only 8 units of British French Russian and marines formed the splendid artillery force of the Slovak British Allied Legion on (on Vologda) Murmansk Railway of which he is CO “For skill and bravery in the fighting to there from Dec to April" 1919 Acting Major and G.R.A. on Railway Front Archangel. Mentioned in General Ironsides dispatches.

From family bible inscribed on front page “ To George and Christian Grey with affectionate regards and best wishes for their happiness from George Butler, Principal of Liverpool College 29 April 1878"

He was the sixth child and the fourth son of George and Christian Grey.
Boyd Grey

Charles and Mary married in 1937, when he was 49. Mary Allen came from Newcastle. Her father had something to do with shipping. She lived at Eslington Terrace in Jesmond, not far from Grosvenor Place where Boyd's brother Ivar lived. She hated the Grey family. They lived at Barelees. After his death Mary lived in Wooler in Winton House. She was fond of horse racing. She lived the last years of her life at Queen's House, a nursing home in Kelso, dying in 1980 aged 91.

Charles Boyd Grey born at Milfield on Saturday 3 March 1888 christened at Kirknewton by the Rev. M. Piddock

He married Mary Allen

Died 28 April 1950

Buried at Kirknewton.

Ships passengers lists record him aged 35, and his brother John Neil Grey, aged 45, arriving in New York on 4 May 1924, on board the Parima which had arrived from Dominica in the West Indies.
Boyd (on the left at the back) with his brother Eric and family and friends at Meldon Burn, Milfield in 1926. Thanks to Mike Anderson for the photo.
He died on 28 April 1950 and was buried at Kirknewton. 30 years later Mary was buried with him. Section A Row 1 - 3
Born 3rd March 1888 died 28th April 1950.
And MARY GREY died 20th September 1980. aged 91 years.
Before WW1 Boyd and his younger brother Gervase set up a timber business called Grey Brothers in Iganga, Uganda.