George Grey was born at Milfield Hill on April 6 1851. He married Christian Margaret Grey of Middle Ord on July 24 1878. He was not the eldest son but his older brother John George died young, so George inherited Milfield Hill in 1886, when he was living at Milfield Demesne. He died at Milfield on 18 September 1915 and was buried at Fireburn. Milfield then passed to his eldest son John Neil Grey.
  "Mr Grey’s Hounds Dinner and presentation ………………………… As already stated Mr Grey found it imperative by reason of indifferent health to discontinue the keeping of hounds at the end of last season. The announcement was received with deep regret by all classes, as the hunting shown by him had given great satisfaction. and it was the more to be regretted inasmuch as he had just succeeded by careful breeding and selection and training in forming a pack eminently suited to  for the hunting of so difficult a country. When it was seen that there was no chance of Mr Grey being able to continue, a committee of his Hunt was formed for the purpose of giving expression to the appreciation of the services rendered by him. On the last day of the season Mr Sawyer of Newcastle photographed Mr Grey and the hounds together with those who were out on that day. From this an excellent picture was taken measuring 5ft by 4 ft, this is handsomely mounted and on a plate attached appears the following inscription” presented to George Grey Esq. by the members of his hunt 1896. The finish of the picture reflects great credit on the artist. Along with those of Mr Grey, Luke Gilhome the KH and the hounds the portraits of the following gentleman appear in the picture: Mr Thompson, Downham; Mr. Fenwick, Akeld; Mr. R. Stewart jun., Akeld Steads; Mr C. W. Dixon Johnson, Milfield: Masters Eric and Boyd Grey; Mr G. Black, Ford West Field; Mr J. Davidson, Tithe Hill; Mr. Borthwick, West Newton; Mr. W. Logan, Coldstream; Mr. T. C. Rand, Beaumont Hill; Mr. R. Kirkup, Thornington. The presentation of the above took place on Friday night last when Mr Grey was entertained to dinner at the Cottage Hotel Wooler."

Right: January 25th 1889 Standing for election for the first County Council.

Three Greys at a curling match at St Moritz marked GMG, EIG and GG. George Grey is recognisable by his tam o' shanter and beard. His two sons are Gervase Minto and Eric Ida.

Cunard “ S.S. Mauritania” Builders Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd The Chairman & Directors of Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd. Wallsend on Tyne, request the honour of the Company of Mr & Mrs & Miss Grey at the launch of the Cunard Steamship Company’s Quadriple Turbine Steamship “Mauritania” on Thursday September 20th 1906 at 3.30 PM. The naming ceremony will be performed by Her Grace The Duchess of Roxburghe. R.S.V.P.
He was sent to school at Cheltenham with his bother John George. Right: photographed in a studio in Berwick.
He married his cousin Christian Margaret Grey on 24 July 1878. She was the only child of George Grey of Heton and sole hieress of Middle Ord. She had a rival for her affections, another Grey cousin and the two men refused to speak to each other for the rest of their lives. Right: photographed in a studio in Bruxelles.
His obituary records that he was Surveyor for the Board of Agriculture, Chairman of the Glendale Guardians and Rural District Council and a County Councillor. He was one of the largest land agents in the country acting for Earl Grey, Lord Joicey, the Hon. F. W. Lambton, Sir F. D. Blake, Blackett-Orde Trustees, Selby Trustees, Mr H.A. Laing, Mr. D. W. Cruddas, Mr. G.D. Atkinson Clarke and Mr. G. G. Butler.

George's diary of the Glendale Hunt covers 1880 to 1886 and 1888. Left is the last card for the hunt meet in 1888. However the diary continues from 1892 to 1894, and the photograph by Lyd Sawyer to celebrate the last day of the hunt was presented to him in 1896.

LOCAL WILL Mr George Grey of Milfield, Alnwick, land agent, Master for eight years of the Glendale Foxhounds, which he established, and agent for 100,000 acres, including the estates of Lord Grey and Lord Joicey, left estate of the gross value of £7,414.12s, of which £5,812 17s 8d is net personality, and probate of his will has been granted to his widow, Mrs Christiana Margaret Grey, of Milfield; his son Mr John Neil Grey, of Williamgill House, Brampton Junction, mining engineer; Mr Chas. Davison Forster, of Newcastle, solicitor. The testator left £100 to his chief clerk, James Cleghorn, £1,000 to his son John Neil, £200 each to his daughters, and he confirmed settlements in favour of his wife and children. The residue of his estate he left to his sons, George, Eric, Charles and Gervase.
George was a land agent, J.P. and Master of the Glendale Foxhounds for 8 years.

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George Grey of Milfield died of heart failure on Sept 18th 1915. aged 64 years - and was buried in Fireburn on Milfield estate on Sept 23rd Christian Margaret Grey died on July 10th 1932 at Barelees. Cornhill –on- Tweed and was buried in Fireburn Milfield Estate. on July 12th 1932 G.H.I.G.

George Grey and Christian Margaret Grey- married on the 24th July 1878- at Berwick Parish Church by the Vicar Revd. J. G. Rowe.-

George Grey born at Milfield.- April 16th 1851 C.M. Grey born at Old Heton- Jan 11th 1860

John Neil Grey born Friday Nov. 7th 1879 at Fenton Hill- christened at Kirknewton by the Rev N. Piddock. Vicar-

(At side of page) John Neil Grey of Milfield died at Milfield May 24 1924 aged 44 years was buried in Fireburn on Milfield Estate “The best of sons and kindest of brothers” C.M.G.

George Henry Ivar Grey born at Doddington Friday May 12th 1882 christened at Doddington by Rev A. Proctor

(in margin) died Milfield 1943 buried Fireburn

Christian Elfreda Grey born at Milfield on Saturday Dec 22nd- 1883 christened at Kirknewton by Rev R Smith.

Left: Bible London R. and A. Suttaby 2 Amen Corner. E.C. Inscribed on front page “ To George and Christian Grey with affectionate regards and best wishes for their happiness from George Butler, Principal of Liverpool College 29 April 1878

E. I Grey

Joined July 1915 315 Bat. R.F.A.-- 2nd Lieut Northern at Gosforth and York Nov. 1915 to May 1916. France June 1916 till July 2. 1917 Hospital Newcastle. June 1917 till Aug 1917. Ripon Aug 4 to Aug 25. 1917 Nothld R.F.A. depot Frinton Aug 1917 to Aug 1918. 418B RFA. Catterick 1918 to Sep 1918. Command depot Clacton Sept 1918. to Jan 1919. 418 Mixed Brigade in 1916. took part in battles at Ancre- ?Sehwaten- Regina Trench- Beaumont Hamel- 2nd battle of Arras- 3 battle Ypes & Messines-

M. L. Grey commandant of Etal Manor VAD convalescent hospital for three years received order of O.B.E.

C.B. Grey joined RGA in Nov. 1914 by direct commission from Ld. Kitchener, was put in charge of Crammond Island in Forth Defences -.Went to France early in 1915 was in charge of a battery of Vickers trench mortars at the battle of Loos and Hohenzollern Redoubt- Joined the 23rd Siege Battery and went to the Somme- Took part in the following battles in the Somme 1916 advance first as Lieut in 23 Siege Battery later as adjutant to 1st Heavy Artillery Group -Beaumont- Thiepval- Beaumont Hamel- Contalmaison- ?Auviellers-Bullecourt. He was also with the 1st H.A.G. in the Messines fighting as well as at Neuport & gained the Military Cross and parchment congratulation for” his devotion to duty & valuable service during the operations of the XVth Corps July to August 1917 from Lieut General Du Cane- was through the Armentiers retreat from Bac St Maurs to Hazebrouk 1918.. Received parchment of congratulation for valuable service and devotion to duty from. General Beavoir at Lisle.- Got promotion to Captain in 1918.- In September 1918, was specially selected for work with North Russia Expeditionary Force and joined the Slovak British Allies Legion in Oct 1918 on April l4 1919 was given the “Croise du Guerre “by French government for military skill and having only 8 units of British French Russian and Marines formed the splendid Artillery force of the Slovak British Allied Legion on Murmansk railway of which he is C.O.- “ For skill & bravery in the fighting to there from Dec to April 1919 -Acting Major and G.R.A. on Railway Front Archangel. Mentioned in General Ironsides dispatches.-

Eric Ida Grey born at Milfield on Tuesday August 25th 1885-- christened in Milfield School room- by Rev. Richard Smith, vicar Kirknewton

(in margin) Died at Meldon Burn Milfield on Monday 12th June 1933 & was buried at Ford.

Mary Lizette Grey born at Milfield Hill on Wednesday February 16th 1887, christened at Milfield Hill by the Rev. Morris Piddock. vicar of Kirknewton-

Charles Boyd Grey born at Milfield on Saturday 3rd March 1888 christened at Kirknewton by the Rev. M. Piddock

(in margin) Gervase Minto Grey born at Milfield on Tuesday 25th November 1890, christened in the house by Rev. M. Piddock vicar of Kirknewton.- died at Kampla Uganda from an accident May 29 1927 & was buried there-

Christian Elfreda Grey married Dec 17th 1907 at Kirknewton by the Rev. Morris Piddocke to Charles William Dixon- Johnson, second son of the late Cuthbert W. Dixon Johnson of Oakley Heads and Oakwood Croft on Tees. C. W. Dixon -Johnson killed Poeicappelle- Flanders Oct 9th 1917-

(1)Cuthbert John. B. Sept 21 1908

(2) Christian Mary & Elfreda Hope b. April 2nd 1912.

George Henry Ivar Grey married Sep 14 1910 at Norham to Kathleen Selina Douglas Blake eldest daughter of Sir Francis D. Blake Bart of Tillmouth Park- (in margin) died Milfield 7 Oct Cremated. Ashes at Fireburn.

(1) Hestia Dagmar. b. July 6 1911 M 29 April 1933 to R.E.G. Evers eldest son of G Evers Stourbridge

(2) John Francis. b. Nov. 29. 1912. D. 21 3 61 Ashes at Fireburn

(3) Angela Mary b. Feb 2nd 1914

(4) Robert George b. Aug 19 1917 d. 4. 62 Ashes in Fireburn
[Editor's note incorrect date he died, 1st April 1965]

(5) Lina Margaret

Eric Ida Grey married Jan 5. 1916. at Walker on Tyne to Dorothy third daughter of the Revd. A Wardroper vicar of Walker on Tyne James Eric Ida b. Sun Oct 15- 1916-

Mary Dorothy & Margaret Patience- Feb. 1921

Gervase Minto Grey- M at Entebbe- Uganda Aug 11 1917 to Ruth Francis- daughter of the late Revd. Edward Gordon of the Rookery- Mudesley Norfolk Christian Ruth- b. September- 1922 Anna Minto b. April 9. 1925.

Letter addressed to Mrs Grey Milfield. From: STATION, COLDSTREAM. TELEGRAMS:-CORNHILL-ON-TWEED NAT. TELEPHONE No. 6a EAST LEARMOUTH, CORNHILL-ON-TWEED. 25TH Nov. 1915 Dear Madam, On Saturday last at Berwick on the occasion of Earl Grey’s Rent Collection, a vote of Condolence with you and with your family was passed by the tenantry, and I was deputed to convey to you an expression of their sincere sympathy with you all in your great loss. Mr Grey was always just and fair in all his dealings as between landlord and tenant –but he was more: To all of us he was a friend and a ready advisor. We miss him, and shall for long continue to miss him. In conveying to you the sympathy of the tenantry, I trust you will allow me to offer you, in an especial manner, my own sympathy. Few of the tenants can realize Mr Grey’s loss more than I do. I was permitted to be in his office after leaving School, and from my earliest recollections he was the man to whom my mother, and later I myself always looked for the direction and help which was never refused. I am Madam Yours faithfully William Davidson.

[PROBATE] BE IT KNOWN that George Grey of Milfield Alnwick, in the County of Northumberland, Land Agent, who at the time of his death had a fixed place of abode at Milfield aforesaid within the District of the County of Northumberland, died on the 18th day of September 1915, at Milfield aforesaid. AND BE IT FURTHER KNOWN that at the date hereunder written the last will and Testament of the said deceased was proved and registered in the District Probate Registry of His Majesty’s High Court of Justice at Newcastle upon Tyne, and that administration of all the estate which by law devolves to and vests in the personal representative of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to Christiana Margaret Grey of Milfield aforesaid, Widow, the Relict of the deceased, John Neil Grey of Williamgill House, Brampton Junction, in the County of Cumberland, Mining Engineer, the son of the deceased and Charles Davison Forster of Newcastle upon Tyne, Solicitor, the Executors named in the said Will. Dated the 23rd day of September 1916. Gross value of Estate ……£7,414..12..0. Net value of personal Estate £5,512..17..8. Extracted by C. D. Forster and Lester, Sotrs. Newcastle upon Tyne. I George Grey of Milfield in the County of Northumberland Esquire hereby revoke all former Wills Codicils and Testamentary Instruments made by me and declare this to be my last Will. I confirm the Settlement dated the twentieth day of July One thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight made in contemplation of my marriage. I also confirm the appointment made by a deed dated the twenty-ninth day of March One thousand eight hundred and eighty-six of one half of certain of the personal estates assigned by the said Settlement and also the advances or appointments of capital sums of One Hundred Pounds One Hundred Pounds and One Hundred Pounds which have been made in favour of my eldest son John Neil Grey the advances of capital sums of Fifty Pounds and Fifty Pounds which have been made in favour of my son Eric Ida Grey and the advances of capital sums of One Hundred Pounds, Sixty Pounds One Hundred and Fifty-eight Pounds and Three Hundred and Seventy Pounds which have been made in favour of Charles Boyd Grey. And I likewise confirm the appointment made by Deed dated on or about the eighth day of May One thousand nine hundred and eleven of the capital moneys investments and property whatsoever settled by the same Settlement of the twentieth day of July One thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. Provided always and I declare that the confirmation by me of the said Deed of Appointment shall in no way affect or make void the powers of revocation in the same deed contained or either of such powers. And I declare that the devises and bequests in favour of my wife and children hereinafter contained shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any benefit or benefits to which my said wife is or may be entitled or to which any child or children of mine may become entitled under or by virtue of the said Settlement or under or by virtue of any appointment made under or by virtue of the powers contained in the said Settlement. I appoint my wife Christiana Margaret Grey my son the said John Neil Grey and Charles Davison Forster of the City and County of Newcastle-upon-Tyne Solicitor hereinafter called “my Trustees” to be Executors and Trustees of this my Will. And I declare that this expression “My Trustees” shall include the said Christiana Margaret Grey John Neil Grey and Charles Davison Forster and the survivors or survivor of them or other the Trustees or Trustee for the time being of this my Will where the context so requires or admits. I appoint my Trustees to be Trustees of the Settlement made by this my Will for the purposes of section 42 of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 and for the purposes of the Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890. And, whereas by a Deed of Disentailer dated the twenty-first day of November One thousand nine hundred and fourteen and made between the said John Neil Grey of the first part me of the second part and the said Charles Davison Forster of the third part and duly enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature on the twenty-seventh day of the same month and year pursuant to the statute in that behalf …?.. …?.. estate of Milfield situate at Milfield in the County of Northumberland containing One thousand four hundred and fifty-four acres or thereabouts details of which are set out in a schedule to the now reciting Indenture (subject as regards various parts of the said estates as in the now reciting Indenture …?. and subject as to the entirety thereof to my estate for life therein but freed and discharged as in the now reciting Indenture stated) was granted and conveyed unto the said Charles Davison Forster and his heirs. To the use of the said John Neil Grey his heirs and assigns in fee simple. And whereas in the events which may happen ?I/& may become entitled as the heir-at-law of my said son John Neil Grey or otherwise to the said estate of Milfield or to some share estate or interest therein capable of being disposed of by me by my Will. And whereas in any such event I am desirous of settling the said estate or such share estate or interest therein as aforesaid in a manner hereinafter appearing. Wherefore in any such event as aforesaid in …?… of such desire as aforesaid I devise the said estate of Milfield and all other (if any) the hereditaments and premises granted and conveyed or expressed or intended to be granted and conveyed or otherwise assured by the said Deed of this Disentailer or any estate or interest therein which I am capable of disposing of by Will (all which hereditaments and premises hereinafter included in the expression “the settled hereditaments” where that expression is ?used and where the context so requires or admits) to the use of my sons severally and successively according to seniority for life with immediate remainder after the death of each of my sons to the use of his sons severally and successively according to seniority in tail male with a remainder to the use of the sons of my daughter Christian Elfreda Dixon-Johnson the wife of Charles Dixon-Johnson of Croft near Darlington in the County of Durham Esquire severally and successively according to seniority in tail male with remainder to the use of the sons of my daughter Mary Lizette Grey severally and successively according to seniority in tail male with ultimate remainder to the use of my own right heirs. And I declare that the estate of every tenant for life hereunder …?…. without ?impress …?… …?… Provided always that if any grandson of mine hereby made tenant in tail male by purchase be born in my lifetime his estate in tail male shall not take effect and in lieu thereof I devise the settled hereditaments to the use of such grandson for his life with remainder to his sons severally and successively according to seniority in tail male. Provided always that each and every person succeeding to the possession of the settled hereditaments by virtue of any of the limitations aforesaid shall be found to bear and use continuously …?.. the name of “Grey” as his last and principal surname and shall forthwith after so succeeding …?… notify the assumption of such name if not previously borne. I declare that the p…s. and provisions of the 42nd Section of the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 shall apply to this my Will. And that any arguments ….. arising from the rents and profits of the settled hereditaments during the minority of any tenant ?. life or in tail male by purchase (without prejudice to the power to a ……?…… anytime as if the same had been the rents and profits of the current year) be held upon the trusts following that is to say if the person during whose minority the same shall have been accumulated shall attain the age of twenty-one years ?then upon trust for such person his executors or administrators and personal estates. But if such person shall be under the age of twenty-one years then upon the trusts and subject to the powers and provisions which would have been applicable thereto if the same had been capital money: but so that the whole or any part of such accumulations may at any time be applied for the benefit of any such minor as if the same had been rents and profits arising in the then current year. And any accumulations so arising during the minority of any tenant in tail male by descent shall (without prejudice as aforesaid) be held in trust for him or his personal representative whether he shall attain the age of twenty-one years or not. And I declare that the d…?….. thereby the persons or person who shall for the time being constitute or be the tenant …? ?… or have the powers of a tenant for life of the settlement created by the devise in strict settlement hereinbefore contained within the meanings of the Settled land Acts 1882 to 1890 may exercise over or in relation to the settled hereditament hereby devised in strict settlement or for the time being subject to the subsisting uses or trusts of the said settlement the powers hereinafter …?… by way of extension or enlargement of the powers and provisions of the said Acts with the like incidents affects and consequences as if the same powers had been conferred by the said Acts. That is to say:- 1. Power to sell or exchange or lease the house in which I now reside being the principal mansion house on the said Milfield Estate and the pleasure grounds and lands usually occupied therewith respectively without the consent of my Trustees or any order of the Court and to let such residence and premises on lease or otherwise with or without such lands or any of them. 2. Power with the consent of my Trustees to lease the settled hereditaments or any part or parts thereof or any easement right or privilege of any kind over or in relation to the same for any purpose whatever whether involving waste or not for any term at a rent either nominal or substantial and either uniform or increasing in amount and subject to the reservation of any fine or premium and generally upon such conditions and subject to such stipulations and provisions as the donee may think proper. And I declare that any lease granted under the statutory or this present power may be made to take effect in possession at the expiration of any then existing lease or at any future time and may and may contain an option to …?…. …?….. or reversion of the hereditaments comprised in such lease or in any part or parts thereof with or without the right in perpetuity to any easement right or privilege thereby devised at such price whether fixed in the lease or to be determined by ?valuation or arbitration and to be exercised at any time during the term granted by the lease and upon such terms and conditions ?that ?they may think fit. Provided that the terms granted by any such revisionary or extended lease shall not commence and that any such option shall not be exerciseable after the expiration of twenty-one years from the death of the survivor of the issue now living of her late Majesty Queen Victoria. 3. Power to concur with the mortgagee or mortgagees for the time being of the settled hereditaments or of any part or parts thereof to ?vary the terms of the mortgage or mortgagees in all or any of the manners following that is to say by changing the rate of interest and the days on which interest shall be payable or the events on which the powers of sale and of appointing a receiver shall be exerciseable or by making or revoking existing provision for the reduction of interest on punctual payment or the continuance of any …?. for a term certain or by conferring on the mortgagees or mortgages any additional remedies or powers but so that every such remedy or power shall be such as might be conferred by a mortgage executed by the donee under the powers of mortgaging hereby or by statute vested in him. And also power at any time or times to mortgage all or any part of the settled hereditaments by way of collateral or substantial security for any mortgage then existing thereon or on any part thereof and also to concur with several mortgagees in altering the priority of moneys secured or charged by their respective mortgages. 4. I declare that my Trustees may at their discretion at the request of the person or persons hereinbefore called the donee if the donee shall be desirous of stocking and cultivating any arable or pasture land for the time being in the donee’s occupation apply capital money ?arising under the Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890 in advancing the sum or sums (if any) which in the opinion of my Trustees shall be necessary for that purpose but so that the repayment of such sum or sums shall be secured by mortgage of the life interest of the borrower or borrowers in the settled hereditaments together with such policy or policies of assurance on life as my Trustees shall require or by the bond of the borrower or borrowers or in some other manner to the satisfaction of my Trustees. And I declare that the borrower or borrowers shall as between himself or themselves and the other persons entitled under the settlement created by the devise in strict settlement hereinbefore contained be deemed to be tenant or tenants of the said land and shall be entitled on ceasing to occupy the same to such compensation as a tenant would be entitled to under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1908 on the determination of his tenancy and as if the improvements comprised in the First and Second Schedule to the said Act had been made respectively with the consent in writing of or after notice to the landlord and such compensation shall be charged on the land with interest thereon at the rate of Four Pounds per centum per annum payable half-yearly. 5. I declare that in case at any time and so long as during the subsistence of the Settlement created by the devise in strict settlement hereinbefore contained, there shall be no person in whom the powers of the Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890 shall for the time being be vested or no person competent to exercise the said powers my Trustees may in their absolute discretion exercise over or in relation to the settled hereditaments the powers of a tenant for life in possession under the said Acts and all such extended and enlarged powers as are hereby or by any Codicil hereto conferred and so that all the provisions of the said Acts which are subsidiary or incidental to or connected with the powers therein contained shall so far as may be applicable and take effect with respect to the powers hereby given to my Trustees. 6. I declare that it shall not be necessary for the donee by any powers conferred by the Settled Land Act 1882 to 1890 or by this my will in relation to the settled hereditaments intending to exercise the same to give any notice of such intention by my Trustees or their solicitor. 7. I declare that any reference herein made to the said Acts or to the Conveyancing and law of Property Act 1881 or to the Agricultural Holdings Act 1908 or to any other Act of Parliament shall be deemed to extend to and include any Act or Acts from time to time in force extending amending or re-enacting the same Acts or any of them or any part of them respectively but not so as to abridge or restrict any powers hereby conferred by ?set ?out thereto. 8. I bequeath to my said wife such of my plate linen and other household furniture as she may within three months from the date of my decease express to my Executors in writing her intention of choosing as also a motor car and a cow to be selected by herself and it is my wish that she shall not be disturbed in the occupancy of my said dwellinghouse nor in the enjoyment of any of the furniture not so chosen by her as aforesaid and other household effects therein for the space of six months after my death and for the same period she shall be supplied with all requisite garage stable and other accommodation for her motor car and cow and food and fodder for the latter. I bequeath to my said son John Neil Grey the remainder of the household furniture plate linen books pictures china and other household effects and all my motor cars carriages horses other live and dead stock except as aforesaid together with any growing and other crops implements of husbandry and machinery of which I shall die possessed or over which I have any disposing power and any sums of money owing to me in respect of farm produce but subject to the payment of the current debts due or accruing due in respect of land or other premises occupied or rented by me for farming or stock breeding purposes. I also bequeath to my said son John Neil Grey the sum of One Thousand Pounds. I bequeath to each of my daughters the sum of Two Hundred Pounds. I bequeath to my chief clerk James Cleghorn the sum of One Hundred Pounds. I declare that the legacies whether pecuniary or otherwise bequeathed by this my Will shall be delivered or retained or paid free from duty which (whether presently or presumptively or prospectively payable) shall be paid out of my general ?present estate. I devise and bequeath all the real and personal property whatsoever and wheresoever of or to which I shall be seised possessed or entitled at my death or over which I shall then have a general power of appointment and disposition by Will except property otherwise disposed of by this my Will or any Codicil hereto but subject to and after payment of my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and the legacies and annuities bequeathed by this my Will or any Codicil hereto and the duty on any legacies and annuities bequeathed free of duty (hereinafter referred to as “net residual estate” where that expression is used and where the context so requires or admits) unto and to the use of each my sons George Henry Ivar Grey Eric Ida Grey Charles Boyd Grey and Gervase Minto Grey as shall be living at my death or shall have died in my lifetime leaving issue living at my death their or his executors administrators and assigns if more than one in equal shares and that the share hereby expressed to be given to any such deceased son as aforesaid shall devolve upon and vest in his heirs devisees and executors and administrators respectively as part of his real and personal estate in the same manner as the same would have done if he had survived me and died immediately after me having attained a vested interest. Provided always and I declare that notwithstanding anything aforesaid no son or grandson or other issue of mine who shall immediately on my death succeed me in an estate in possession whether as tenant for or tenant in tail male or in tail or as tenant in fee in the settled hereditaments shall be entitled to any share of or interest in my net residuary estate. I declare that during the minority of any son of a deceased son of mine or the minority and spinsterhood of any daughter of a deceased son of mine my Trustees shall take and retain possession or receive the rents and profits of the share in my net residual estate to which such minor shall be entitled and manage the same with all such powers of management leasing or otherwise in relation to such share as if they were absolute owners thereof and may after paying all outgoings and expenses apply at their discretion the whole of any part of the net rents profits and income share of each minor for or towards the maintenance education or benefit of such minor with power to pay the same to his or her guardian or guardians for that purpose without …?.. to the application thereof and shall accumulate the surplus of such net rents profits and income during the minority or minority and spinsterhood of such minor by investing the same and the resulting income thereof as an addition to and so as to devolve as personal estate with the share of such of such minor in the said residuary trust premises with power to apply such accumulation for his or her benefit in any subsequent year. I authorise my Trustees at any time to raise by sale or mortgage or otherwise any part or parts not exceeding in the whole a moiety of the value to be determined for that purpose in such manner as my Trustees shall in their discretion think fit of the share of any child of any deceased son of mine in my net residuary estate under the Trusts aforesaid and pay or apply the same for his or her advancement or benefit as my Trustees shall think fit. Provided always and I declare that no purchaser or mortgagee shall be concerned to enquire as to the propriety of raising any money for the purposes of such advancement of the amount which ought to be raised or to see to the application thereof. I declare that my Trustees may at their discretion make a partition of my residual estate or any part or parts thereof into shares and may allot such shares in satisfaction wholly or in part of the several shares of the said trust premises with power for that purpose conclusively to determine the value of the trust premises or any part or parts thereof in such manner as they shall think fit. I authorise my Trustees to determine what articles pass under any specific bequest contained in this my Will or any Codecil hereto and subject to the provisions hereinbefore contained whether any moneys are to be considered as capital or income and whether any expenses outgoings or other payments ought to be paid out of capital or income and how valuations are to be made or value determined for the purpose of any case of allotment or appropriation or otherwise and to apportion blended trust-funds and to determine all questions and matters of doubt arising in the execution of the ?result of this my Will or any Codecil hereto. And I declare that every such determination whether made upon a question actually raised or implied or in the acts or proceedings of my Trustees shall be conclusive and binding on all persons interested under this my Will or any Codecil hereto. I declare that my Trustees may exercise or concur in exercising all powers and discretions hereby or by me given to them notwithstanding that they or any of them may have a direct or other personal interest in the mode or result of exercising any such power or discretion. Provided …?…. and I hereby declare that my Trustees and each of them shall be respectively chargeable only for such moneys and securities as they shall actually receive notwithstanding their respectively signing any receipt for the sake of conformity and shall respectively be answerable and responsible only for their own respective acts receipts omissions neglects and defaults and not for those of any other Trustee nor of any banker broker auctioneer or other person with whom into whose hands any trust moneys or securities shall be deposited or come nor for lending on the security of hereditaments with less than a marketable title nor for the insufficiencies in title or deficiency in value of any investments nor for any other loss unless the same shall happen through their own wilful default respectively and also that the Trustees and each of them may reimburse themselves or himself and pay and discharge out of the trust premises all expenses incurred in or about the execution of the trusts and powers of this my Will. And I declare that in addition to the ordinary indemnity given by law to Trustees my Trustees may lend on the security of any hereditaments with less than a marketable ?tithe without being liable for any loss occasioned thereby. I declare that my Trustees shall not be bound in any case to act personally but may employ a solicitor or any other agent to transact all or any business of whatever nature required to be done in the premises (including the receipt and payment of money but not including the exercise of any discretion) and shall be entitled to be allowed and be paid all charges and expenses so incurred and shall not be answerable for the default of such solicitor or agent or any loss occasioned by his employment. And I further declare that the said Charles Davison Forster and any other Executor or Trustee for the time being hereunder being a solicitor or other person engaged in any profession or business shall be entitled to charge and be paid all usual professional or other charges for any business done by him or his firm in the premises whether in the ordinary course of his profession or business or not and although not of a nature requiring the employment of a solicitor or other professional person. I devise to my Executors their heirs and assigns all copyhold or customary hereditaments vested in me at my death as a trustee or mortgagee and of which I may be tenant on the rolls of any manor or manors subject to the trusts or equities affecting the same respectively. In witness whereof I have to this my Will set my hand this ……day of……..One Thousand nine hundred and fifteen. George Grey Signed by the above-named Testator George Grey as and for his last Will in the presence of us present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. James W. B. Boyd. Land Agent Faldonside Melrose Thomas Urwin Land Agent’s Clerk Milfield Alnwick Affidavit filed that the Will was duly executed on the 28th day of May 19 On the 23rd day of September 1916, Probate of this will was granted at Newcastle upon Tyne to Christiana Margaret Grey, widow, John Neil Grey and Charles Davison Forster, the Executors.
Above: The first page of George's instructions for his burial. Couched in hunting terms he preferred to be buried in a plantation on the estate, so that at the sound of the last trump it would not be as crowded as the kirk yard at Kirknewton. In his will he left his wife one of his cars and a cow.
Records of the Mechanical Engineers from ancestry (left) show that George applied to be a member in 1903 when he was 52. The discovery of this document was a surprise to his great grandchildren, whose knowledge of him was confined to his role as land agent, farmer, Master of Foxhounds and JP. Possibly because he was the second son and would not inherit Milfield he was trained as an engineer with Hawthorns in Newcastle who made steam engines. After 18 months as an engineer at sea, he worked for the Wire Tramway Co. Wire tramways may have been the mechanism used to transport coal in suspended buckets through the air from collieries to boats. It is probably George who can be found on the 1871 census, at the house of Elizabeth Jackson, at 32, W. Morland Terrace, Westgate, Newcastle; recorded as a pattern maker and lodger aged 19.