George Grey's Glendale Foxhounds. A Diary Of Hunting.

1880 to 1886 and 1888 and from 1892 to 1894

George Grey’s Diary of the Glendale Foxhounds

1880 September 20th Akeld Bridge --Drew all the Glitters on Akeld Hill and Harelaw, but all blank. Found on the back of Humble-heugh, ran a ring for 30 minutes and lost him. Did nothing more. Too hot.

Sep: 24th

Akeld Steads—Drew the bog, blank. Found in the Wilderness ran up to the Coupland Earths and up the drive, where he turned sharp back and across the Plain, across Till at the head of the Red Scar Wood, drove the woods and to ground in the Warren. I rode Queen of Hearts.

Sep. 29th Kilham:- Found at once over the dale, ran over the top to Thompson’s Walls to Shotton to Paston Loch and lost him. October 4th Bender Toll. Found in Akeld Steads Bog, a nasty ringing beast, ran round and round for ¾ of an hour and went to ground in the Wilderness at the finish. Oct 9th West Newton. Found on Hethpool Bell, crossed by the Linn and over the top of the Torrs, crossed the College again onto Hetha and went to ground under the rocks at the end. Hounds divided and six couples went over by Trowburn with a fresh fox. Rode, The Queen. October 14th Earle Whin. Blank, Humbleton and Akeld Hills all blank, found on Yeavering, little scent and did no good. Oct 18th Kilham. Drew the hill blank. Mr Borthwick having destroyed the foxes. Found in Canno Mill Bog, ran with a miserable scent up and around the Kilham Hills and back to the bog but could do no more. October 25th Humbleton. No fox there or on Akeld, found too many on Yeavering Bell. Kept running and changing high up the hill all day. Oct 29th Ewart. Found but no scent. November 1st West Newton Bridge. Found on Hethpool Bell, ran fast over West Newton, Hetha, Whitehall and Trowburn and Fleehope where the snow was drifted so much that I was glad to get the hounds stopped the fox having evidently gone on to the Cheviot and Henshole. I rode ?Dhudeen. November 6th Akeld. Found in Akeld Steads bog, ran very fast through the Wilderness, past Galewood down to the Thurlings and New-Town, across Glen and on to the Humbleton ?.. plantations and lost him at Bender Toll. I rode Moses and Dhudeen. Nov 9th Earle. Drew the whin blank also all the Middleton Hall plantations and the happy Valley but no fox. A fearful storm of wind and rain – Found on Hartshaugh Glitters, ran to Langlee Ford and back by Wooler Common into Earle Whin and on to the Kettles to ground. November 13th Southern Knowe Old House:- Harrow Bog blank. Found on Hethpool Bell, a bad ringing beast, and after knocking about for a while, left him. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran down through the wood to old Yeavering and over the Torrs where he turned back and over the top of Yeavering and went to ground on the end, dug him out and killed him. I rode the Queen. Nov: 17th Thompson’s Walls:- Found on the end of Coudsmouth, ran very fast over Shotton Hill, then over Halterburn, and ?Henrup/Stairup and killed him on Clifton. I rode Moses and had Dhudeen out but she cut her knee badly on a stone wall. Nov 24th Ford Bridge. Lord Percy’s hounds should have been here but they did not come, possibly hard at Greenrig. Cantered home and got own hounds and took them to Coupland. Found a fox in the Wilderness, ran a fast ring or two by the Steads, Bridge and drive and killed him. I rode Boomeerang. Nov. 27th Humbleton. Everywhere blank till Hartsheugh Glitters, but the wind was so strong that it was impossible to run him. I rode the Queen. Nov. 30th Kilham. Drew the Whinney Braes, where there were six foxes, knocked them about for a while, then ran one to ground, the Duke’s country so could not dig him. Found in Canno Mill Bog crossed Bowmont, over Lanton Hill, Sandy House, Common Loanen into with our old Covert where he went to ground, took him out and eat him. December 3rd The Duke of Buccleuch’s hounds met at Tillmouth, I broke my leg on Tindall House farm, both bones ½ way up the shin. A long storm of snow and frost, roads all blocked up, hounds hunted only three days until I was out again on February 12. February 12th Ford Woods Found a fox but had to stop the hounds as it was still too hard. Feb: 15th Flodden. Found in the King’s Chair wood, three foxes, ran one down through Mardon Strips and Branxton Moor and Moneylaws and down east to ground in Crookham Dene. Mary killed grey horse Piddock with a stake in the groin. I rode boomerang, my leg still useless, can’t walk, and have to tie the leather at the knee to ride. Feb 19th Coupland Castle. Found in Sandy House Dene ran over Lanton and Milfield Hills down the Common Loanen through Ewart Wilderness Akeld Bridge and stopped the hounds going up Akeld Hill which was deep with snow. Feb: 22nd Kilham: Hard and snowing heavily. Feb: 26th Earle. Not huntable. Feb. 28th Coupland. Too hard. Snowed up until March 10th did not hunt until the 14th, with the Duke at Cornhill, bad day. March 19th West Newton. Found on Housdon ran down past Kypie and across Howik to Butterstree and killed him. Frost and snow and did not hunt until the 26th. March 26th Earle. Found on Hartsheugh Glitters, ran very fast past Langleeford, up Hellspath and killed him at the back of Cheviot. March 29th Shotton Too hard to hunt. April 2nd Milfield. Drew the Wilderness blank, also Akeld Steads bog and plantation, found on the face of Akeld Hill, ran into the square plantation, raced a dozen times round it and to ground on the moor. Yeavering Bell blank as also Kirknewton hill end. April 5th Harrow Bog. Found a fox but no scent. Tried all over Trowburn without finding. Found on Hethpool Bell but not scent enough to run. Very cold hard wind and dry as bones.
September 13th Akeld. Went from the meet straight to Yeavering Dene, where there were two cubs which got a good rattling in covert and then one was killed. The other slipped away while I was breaking up his comrade. Tried to run him but scout was very bad out of covert. Found several more foxes on Yeavering bell but could not run. Found two cubs behind Yeavering House, one went into the earth which was open. The other I ran to Akeld where he went to ground. Tried Coupland drive , found but went to ground directly. Tried the Wilderness, where there were six foxes, went with one to ground in the Coupland earths. No earths stopped anywhere. September 19th. Middleton hall. 8 AM. Drizzly cold morning. Found and old fox in Mr. Hughes’ plantation above the river, got hounds well away with him, ran fast over the Middleton Moor and across the river to Skirlnaked and so on into Earl Whin where there were several more foxes, got our own fox away again after a while but a storm of wind and rain came up and destroyed the scent. Tried Hartsheugh Glitters but such a blinding rain could not see and although we found hounds could not run. G. Hughes. M. Grey. Rev. J. Allgood, Knowles. M. J. Culley. Ayre. J. Rea. G. Carr – and a few strangers. September 22nd Ford. Found 3 foxes in the Colliery Whin, ran one very fast across the Moss and to ground at the targets. Hounds so close to him that his brush was bitten off and was lying at the mouth of the earth. Went back but the other two cubs had gone away. Drew Ford Common where there were three brace of foxes, went away with one by Watchlaw and Pigg’s plantation and back over again to the covert and back to Pigg’s again where he beat me dodging about amongst the masses of blown up scotch fir trees. Tried the Common again but there was no fox left in it. Went to Hunters Hill and found, away at the top of the hill, scent greatly improved, ran fast down the hill into the West End of Kimmerston Dene. Worked well up the dene and drove him out at the east end and ran fast to ground under the rock on Routin Lynn hill. Mary Grey. Major and Miss Howey. Hume and Mrs. Campbell. R. Chisholm, White ?Lennel Hill. C. H. Taylor. Henderson. C. Thompson. Carter. Dr Smith. R. Barber – and a lot more. September 26th Kirknewton at 9 A. M. Drew the hill end blank and Hethpool Bell also, ditto Canno Mill. Tried the three cornered plantation west of Yeavering Bell and found an old fox who went away to the Torrs, through the plantation above the herds house where there were three more foxes and hounds divided. Got the Torr lot stopped as he was an old fox, and ran badly back to Yeavering Bell with a fox from the plantation, on getting to the Bell wood the scent mended and they took him down to the Yeavering house and through wood at the back ( where there was another fox) down to the Coupland Ford and west up the river side, to old Yeavering and on over Gregory to Thompsons hill end, here he was quite beat and dodged about the whins for a bit till they killed him. Dog fox. Very few people out. September 29th Fenton. 9 A. M. This was an extra bad scenting day, hounds could hardly acknowledge a fox at all in the wood although there were plenty. Got one away at the Hanging Hall, ran down past Mr. Lambton’s house and down to the Nesbit road and a ring round the lake back into the wood, where hounds divided, my lot running to the Lynn end and losing him, the other lot running their fox to ground in a rabbit hole from which they themselves dug and killed a brace. C. H. Taylor. Hume. Borthwick. G. Logan. C. Thompson. Etc. F. W. Lambton. Albert Grey. J. Butted and others on foot. September 30th (A bye) Etal. Found immediately behind the house either three or four foxes, a good scent and hounds knocked them about well for a while, when they killed a lazy old dog fox, about the fattest I ever saw. Went on down the river to the Red Burn Dene and found an old fox below Tindal House, ran him as far as Berry hill where I stopped the hounds. Major and Miss Howey. G. A. G. Dr. King. Pearce and Mrs K. Pearce. M. G. October 3rd. Akeld at 9.30 AM. A fearfully stormy wild morning with a westerly gale of wind blowing. Drew the Akeld plantations blank. Tried Humbleheugh where a fox had slipped away down wind, but could not run him. Drew the kettles blank. Earle whin blank, Earle, hill-head whin also blank. Middleton Hall plantations also blank, but found a fox at the waters edge next South Middleton and ran very fast up wind to Hartsheugh Glitters where he turned down wind and there was no scent, so lost him. So stormy that most all foxes were underground. Will cut Palestine on the cannon bone and she nearly bled to death and had to be left at Wooler. King. Pearce. G. P. Hughes and C. Hughes, M. J. Culley, J. Culley. M. Grey. G. A. Grey. October 6th. Bowsden at 9.30 AM. Fine dull morning after yesterdays rain. Drew Wood end where there were three brace of foxes, which were rattled about with a blazing scent. Four went away, got hounds settled to one left which after a good dusting round and round got to ground. Got on to the other and killed him, dog cub. Tried Pigg’s plantation but did not find, also Rhodes whin blank, the latter is done and very hollow, it should be buried. C. Taylor. Miss Scott. Malcolm G. Rea. R. Wood. J. Barber. M. Grey. Etc. October 10th. Kilham at 9.30. AM. This was a very bad day a scalding hot sun and a frosty wind and no scent to do more than walk after a fox. Did not find on Kilham but found a lot of foxes, I should say five or six in West Newton Whin, but it was of no use as hounds could not run more than a few yards at a time. Tried Hethpool Bell, blank. Gave it up. A. & C. Thompson. J. Borthwick. G. Rea. G. A. Grey. and M. Grey. October 13th Coupland Castle at 9.30. Very drizzly wet morning with no air. Tried down the drive, no signs of anything and earths as usual open. Akeld Steads Bog found and went north along the river side and through wired in fields to the Plain and lost him with a lot of young horses galloping amongst hounds and scattering them before any one could get out of the wires. Tried Wilderness, found two foxes, took me away by the Coupland earths and a ring back and killed him. Went up Sandy-house Dene etc but it got so thick with fog , had to come down again. Went to the Redscar where there were foxes, ran one round and round the Kimmerston fields and through and through the woods for 45 minutes and killed him. Major Howey. A. Marshall. C. Hughes, G. Rea. 2. Logans G. Selby 2. Thompson’s G. A. G. M. G. October 16th West Newton at 10. AM. Tried the whin found nothing. Hetha also blank, found in Harrow bog, a villainous bad scent, but hounds managed to stick to him, but slowly, made several rings around Southern Knowe and the Torrs and through the wood, then crossed over to Hethpool and up the hill but turned west over the top of Hetha and over Trowburn and Whitehall back to the wood, this part much faster than before. He went to ground in a small hole in Harrow Bog. I broke it down with my heel and killed him. We had been at him for 2 ¾ hours. I think as fine a piece of hunting as I ever saw, hounds were never touched the whole time but they puzzled it out beautifully by themselves. A very small field. October 20th Fenton at 10 AM. Lots of foxes in the hill but as usual a bad scent. Kept knocking about there for two or three hours, got one to break across the moor but he was headed back again. Left and went to Barmoor, an old fox slipped away unseen and when told I could not touch him. On the way to Ford Moss found a fox on the moor, ran him racing pace across and half up the Lynn Hill and down past Curragh ?more into Fenton Hill again. Here there were a lot of fresh foxes and it was ?hopless keeping to the run one. Went away from the south end on the line of a fox evidently some time gone, over Wranghaw and Red Stead and lost him. Got a nasty fall, Dhudeen fell on a grassy bank sideways and crushed my ankle a good deal but it will be right in a day or two. Major Harvey, Mr and Miss Knowles, Craig, Arthur, Wood, Hume 2. Barbers, G. Carr. ? Marshall. C. Taylor. Carter, Malcolm, Scroope, Logan, Selby etc. October 24th Thompson’s Walls - at 10.30. Found in Paston Whinny Braes where there were a lot of foxes. Went away with an old dog fox and ran well and fast over Kilham farm over the top of Kilham hill, West Newton hill, west to Elsdon-burn, past Trowburn herds house, over Hetha, across College into Harrowbog, along the Mill hill and down to the gate into Mr. Thompson’s hill where I killed him. One hour and a quarter. A very small field. John Clay and his son from America, Adam Calder and a friend, J. Borthwick and a Mindrum Borthwick. G. A. G. and M. G. October 27th Felkington. A sharp frost, 80. in the morning but it went quickly. Found several foxes in Berrington Dene, ran one fast to Woodend and back again, but scent failed in covert and could not draw him out again nor run him in covert. Had left 4 couple of hounds back on Woodend with another fox, went back and found them still sticking to them, got the pack together, drove him out and killed him in Woodend stackyard. A dog cub. C. Taylor. Miss Scott, Major Howey, G. Rea, G. Carr, P. G. Selby, R. Wood, Malcom, G. A. G., M. G.

April 9th Humbleton. Found on the Heugh, ran over Harelaw and Akeld very fast to Yeavering Bell, over the Torrs to Southern Knowe, back again to the Torr’s herds house, down and over Gregory and Hethpool Bell and lost him in the Hethpool oustead, I think he went up the ivied wall of the old Mill. April 12th Halterburn. A very bad day the whole country blank until I got to the Black Hagg, two foxes there but could not run far as it was nearly dusk. April 16th West Newton. Did not find until I came to our young plantation at the foot of Rackside, ran over Kypie and over Housdon and Crookhouse onto Lanton and to the Common Plantation where lost him. Found a vixen in Flodden, stopped them after a while. Good scent on grass, none on the plough which was flying in dust. April 19th Coldburn. A gale of wind and not fit to hunt. Hounds broke on a goat on Southern Knowe and killed him on the Torrs before I could get to them. April 23rd Earle. The whin blank as also Hartsheugh and Akeld moor plantation. Found on Yeavering Bell ran fast over the Torrs to Harrow Bog and back again but lost. Pouring with rain. April 27th Kilham. Found in West Newton Whin, ran fast to ground on Kilham, a vixen. Found at shotton ran fast thro’ Whinny Braes back thro’ Shotton, over Coudsmouth and Trowburn and onto Fleehope. May 2nd Humbleton. Found on the Heugh, ran fast by Wooler Common and Common Burn into Broadstruther, down past Hartsheugh back to Humbleton to ground in the Windygyle. May 7th Coupland. A bad day with no scent. Finished the season. Few foxes killed, no earth stopping and a pack of draft hounds and amateur whips, but capital fun.

Season of 1881 & 82

September 19th Yeavering Bell . Found a cub ran him three times round the hill and to ground dug but too rocky to get him. I rode GoBang and Dhudeen. Sep: 23rd. Humbleton. Found a fox on the Glitters and ran thro’ a dense bog to Southern Knowe, along Harrow bog and Torrs, Hethpool Bell Gregory and stopped them going back on the Torrs. I rode Queen and Phosphorus. Sep 28th Hethpool Bell Found, but a bad scent did little. October 3rd Yeavering Bell. Found and ran round about and killed him. October 7th Earle. Blank-Found at Middleton Hall, ran Hartsheugh, Wooler Common, Earle and Middleton and killed. Oct. 12th Hethpool. Blank –Found West Newton, ran Trowburn, Coudsmouth, Shotton, Paston where a lot more foxes and kept changing. Oct 18th Kilham – Found on the hill, ran out to Thompsons Walls and back over Newton to Canno Mill and killed. Oct 24th Oct 28th Oct 31st Nov 3rd Nov 8th Nov 12th Nov 15th Nov 18th Earle Whin Nov 22nd Nov 25th Middleton Hall Nov 29th Reedsford December 2nd Akeld Bridge Dec 6th Akeld Hill Dec 10th Stopped by frost Did not hunt again till the 26th of December. Dec: 26th Langham Bridge. Drew by Kilham, had a fairish days hunting and killed. Jan 10th Coldburn Jan 13th Langley Ford Jan 17 Langham Bridge Jan 20th Akeld Bridge. A capital day Jan 24th Akeld Jan 27th Whitehall Jan 31st Feb 3rd Feb 7th Feb 10th Feb 14th Feb 17th Feb 21st Feb 24th Feb 28th March 3rd March 7th Coldburn Glitters. Ran for two hours all over the hills and killed on Torrs. March 10th West Newton. A bad day with no scent. March 14th Southern Knowe –a very hot dry day, could do nothing. March 21st Kilham, snow, could not hunt March 24th Humbleton. Found above Humbleton House – ran fast over Turvelaws, Dodd Hill into Fenton Hill and lost him. Finish of the season of 1881 & 1882. 12 ½ Brace of foxes killed.

Season of 1882 & 1883 August 15th Commenced cubhunting. Harrowbog. 5.45. AM. Dull morning but very dry and hard. Found directly hounds were into covert, where scent was fairly good, drove him out over the top of Southern Knowe and along the top and down into the College bed where the hounds worked uncommonly well over the dry round stones, especially Forester and the welsh ones, then into the wood and into the hill again where the hounds divided; the body going with an old fox to the Torrs. These I got stopped after some trouble, and went back to the bog, where eight couple were still keeping their fox moving. He now broke across the valley and appeared to be going high and stiff; ran him with a sadly failing scent along the side of Whitehall Hill. Dreadnought and partial doing some very good work, into the burn where hounds threw up. While making a cast got my eye on Violet trying to get at a honeysuckle bush on the edge of a steep bank overhanging a pool. Got off my horse gave the bush a kick, when out the fox tumbled with myself and hounds pell mell into the pool where they killed him. Dog. Cub. Amongst those out were G. A. Grey, Mary Grey. C. H. Taylor, A. & C. Thompson. (2) Hendersons. Cornhill. G. G. Rea, J. Borthwick. I rode “Hecate.” Nicholson. “Flodden”. Aug 22nd Kirknewton. Where damage to poultry was complained of. A nasty day, windy morning and absolutely no scent. Found on the end of Mr. Thompson’s hill, but the hounds got away on the old vixen and ran away onto the Torrs, when I got them stopped which the bad scent made possible. Took hounds back again and met a cub in the face but he jumped a wall into standing barley. Found several more but could do nothing with them. Went to Hethpool Bell wood, thinking there would be more damp under the trees, found and went away over the top and across the river, up Mr. Thompson’s Glitters and on to Yeavering bell, hunting slowly. Gave it up there and went home. I rode the “Villan”. Those out G. A. Grey. Mary Grey. 2 Henderson’s, 2 Thompson’s. Borthwick, Major ?Howey, G. G. Rea Aug 29th Coldburn Glitters Between this day and last Tuesday there has been a very heavy rain, and the scent was accordingly much improved. Found a fox on the Glitters but did nothing with him. Found an old fox on the West end of Southern Knowe, ran well through the wood and along the face, onto the Torrs where he turned down and across the Torr Burn Glitters and back over the top of Southern Knowe and Coldburn Moor onto Cheviot. Here my horse was done, so I left her and went on on foot and ran the fox to ground under the big rock in the Bizzel. Time 1 ½ hours. Sorry I could not get him out, hounds deserved him well, but he also deserved to live as he went over the top of several strong unstopped earths without trying them. September 6th Fenton Wood. 5.45. AM. Splendid calm morning with a touch of frost. Found directly five or six foxes and a big old badger. A wretched scent and cubs dodging in all directions, but I managed to drive one along the hill and out at the Routing Lynn End from whence he crossed the moor to the Fawcett earths to ground. Came back and ran another backwards and forwards through the wood and at length killed a great big cub on the moor at the back of the hill. Found another fox lying killed in the wood. Hounds had had a hard mornings work, so went home. G. A. Grey. Mary Grey. Major and Miss Howey. ?H. Butted/Bulted. G. G. Rea. C. Thompson. J. Borthwick. 2. Henderson’s. Knowles. J. Culley and servant. Morgan. G. Logan.

January 23rd. Coupland. Tried down the drive and Akeld Steads Bog blank, Wilderness also, but a fox had slipped away some while before we got there, got into his line and hunted him by Sandy House and the Commons Loanen, Black Plantation, West Covert, Howsden, nearly to Howtle whin, then very fast by Kypie, up the hill past the Milfield old covert, through the big planting west of Lanton Mill, here I think we changed foxes, went on over Lanton Hill, Sandy House Dene, old covert, Kypie across by Howtle to the Butterstone covert, past Branxton Moor whin, through Moneylaws, over Moneylaws Hill to the Brunt Heugh, on through Downham whin , out at the west end and across the Hagg to the Learmouth covert where I lost him. 2 hours 45 minutes. A fine hunting run, fast at times but the ploughed land holding ?them continually. Horses very tired. January 26th. Felkington. An awful day, snow, sleet and a fierce gale of wind. No sport at all; could neither see nor hear. Found at Wood end a brace, and went to ground directly. Gave it up. January 30th Etal. A very hard morning, waited till 11.30 and as there were a lot of people determined to try it. Found in the Redburn Dene, ran by Berryhill Craigs to Slainsfield Colliery and Pigg’s Planting nearly to Gatherick, then down to the road from Woodsend to Felkington, the head of Haydon Dene past Duddo and Greenlaw walls to the Grindon Ridge and Berryfield lane, here he ran the road and I lost him. Ford Common blank. Found in Ford Woods, close to the Scar Road and ran the middle of the road past Kimmerston and still along the road to Ford as far as the Kimmerston boundary, then straight up to the rectory at Ford, across the road into the village where he got in amongst hen houses and pigsties and I could not find him. Considering the weather a fairly good day. February 2nd Yearle. too hard February 3rd. Fenton (a bye) found in the wood above the Hanging Hall, drove him out at the Cairn heads across to Doddington Dene, down it to the village, up the Dodd hill to the top where he turned and was going back to the Dene but hounds ran into him 100 yards above the road. February 6th. Windmill Hill Station. Went down by train from Kelso after the Duke of Buccleuch’s hunt ball. A small field, everyone having gone to the Duke at Kelso bridge. Found in a boggy field on Broomhouse, ran very fast by Haggerston, Low Wood, Lowlynn, Licker Dene, Bowsden Village, Bowsden Whin into Berrington Dene where he dodged about and probably lay ?cl….. as I lost him. 1 hour, a capital good run. The country riding very heavy. February 9th. Trowburn. Found three foxes lying together on Kilham, ran round and round, finally by Hetha to Hethpool Bell, Torrs to Yeavering Bell and lost him. Found on Milfield Hill, ran a ring by Lanton and then to Flodden and lost. Beastly bad scent. February 13th. Yearle. Blank. Middleton, ?Snear, Hartsheugh and Akeld all blank. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran round it several times to ground in the earth at the east end, Violet bolted him and we ran across the river to Coupland fox holes and through the Wilderness to the back of Ewart House, when a heavy shower of sleet destroyed all scent. A field of about 20. February 16th. East Newbiggen. Drew up Tweed banks without finding till I got onto Till banks at Shellacres, found a fox there, and ran fast up Till banks past Tiptoe and by Grindon Ridge past Duddo by Felkington Quarry plantation and to end of Haydon Dene where he was lost. Drew the Dene blank. Also Bowsden Whin. Found in Woodend, but the earth in the quarry was open and he went to ground directly. February 20th Howtle. Found immediately but a very bad scent, ran by Milfield old covert down to the road at Flodden burn and into Flodden Hill, to Kings Chair, back to Flodden down the drive to the turnpike and lost him. Found in Kypie whin, scent still bad but a trifle better, ran by the Black plantation, Sandy House, Marley Knowe to ground in the breeding earth at Galewood. February 23rd. Bowsden. Found a fox in the whin at the south of Woodene wood, went through the wood to Gatherick and back, hounds shamefully over-ridden and lost him. Found in Etal Red burn Dene, went fast by Tindale House, Tip toe and Shellacres, overshot him here, but hit him off again, hunted slowly across the road at Twizel toll, by the Castle, across Till at the railway bridge, over St Cuthberts by Callerheugh, Melkington and killed him on the railway 200 yards east of Cornhill station. February 27th. Thompson’s Walls. Got a line on Coudsmouth to Halterburn, but could not carry it on. Ran the hounds through the Old Shotton Whin in passing, got a line, ran into the plantation over the hill, viewed him crossing down to Paston, ran by the Lake, Whinny Braes, round by the plantation above Paston House, down into the Kilham fields, back by the braes across the road to Bowmont, up the hill and straight for Kilham Hill, here there were several foxes and hounds divided. Saw our hunted fox very hard up but he took us across some very dry dusty ploughed land and we could not run him any further. March 2nd. Red Scar Bridge. Ford Woods blank. Etal ditto, found in Pigg’s plantation went to ground in two hundred yards. Ford Common and Colliery whin blank. Found in the Moss ran into Fenton Hill, full of foxes and could do nothing. March 6th. Windmill Hill. An awful day, could hardly get to the meet, a northerly gale and snow. Hardly anyone at the meet. Bog plantation blank, also the Haggerston woods, found in a ploughed field near the Licker Dene, ran badly to the High Wood and lost. Found in Barmoor Moss, ran to the Castle but could do nothing with it. March 9th. Kirknewton. Snow and frost. March 13th. Milfield. Still hard, did not try till 12 o’clock- found in the Flodden strips, ran a ring of a few fields and back into Milfield old covert. Dangerous riding. Kypie’s whin blank – ditto Howstle. Found in Howden strip ran thro’ West Covert, along Crookhouse, over Lanton by the Monument into the Common Loanen, down it and across by Marley Knowe into Coupland front field and lost him. A bad catchy scent. Wilderness blank. Found in Akeld Steads Bog, went across Glen, but could not run him at all, so gave it up. March 16th. Barmoor. 6 inches of snow. March 20th West Newton – Snow and frost. March 24th. Tillmouth – a blank day. March 26th. Humbleton. Too hard and snow too deep on the hills so came to Redscar – blank. Ford coverts all blank as usual. Found at Fenton Hill, came out at the north end and ran down Kimmerston Dene and back and killed – unfortunately a vixen. Found again and broke by the Quarry, past Wrangham, fast by Hetton Lime kiln, Holburn Mill, Holburn, Cockenheugh, across Holburn Moss to Detchant Wood, back over the Moss to Holburn where he was chased by collies and lost. A very nice run. March 30th. Barmoor. Moss blank – Found in Fenton Hill and ran in it for an hour before we got away at the North end, scent very bad, went by Ford Moss to Ford Hill and to Kimmerston Dene but lost him there. A very bad day. April 2nd. Kilham Ford. Went to Howtle whin, blank, Kypie also. Found in Milfield old covert, ran fast to Sandyhouse Dene, turned straight back and across the Flodden boundary at the road, up the strips and over Howsden to Hungry House, by the chapel to Howtle, across the road and over the hill nearly to Branxton Moor where there were seven consecutive dry ploughed fields and hounds could run him no further. Tried Branxton Moor, found, but a vixen and so stopped them. April 6th Humbleton. Found on the Heugh and raced past Akeld plantations over Akeld Hill to Yeavering March, turned back along the face of Akeld Hill, across the Dene over the Hare Law and into the Glitters at Humbleheugh, cast all round them without touching him, when he jumped up from the Glitters in view raced him to the south end of the hill and killed him – an old dog. This was very fast under a blazing hot sun. Found on Yeavering Bell, probably a vixen as we ran three times round the hill and to ground in the breeding earth at the end. Went home. Very hot. April 10th. Kilham. Found on the hill, ran fast up the Newton boundary, up the far hill, down towards the herd’s house, along the face above Kilham, to ground above Canna Mill. Found in West Newton whin but went to ground in the whin. Hetha blank. Found in Harrow bog, ran over the top but they lost him before I got up. Yeavering Bell blank – ditto Akeld – home. April 13th. Harrow bog. Everything blank until Kilham hill where found and ran fast by Canna Mill, over west Newton and to ground on the west Kilham hill. April 17th. Whitehall – Maiden law blank. Got a drag in the Black Hagg, came up with him on the curr, ran fast over the top, onto Clifton, Halterburn Head, Coudsmouth, Shotton, Paston to ground on the north side of the hill. April 20th. Coldburn – The Glitters blank, Common Burn ditto. Culley’s plantation also, found on Humbleheugh ran very fast by Akeld to ground in the breeding earth in the little crow plantation below the Yeavering road. Found in Yeavering Bell but killed him in a short while on the hill. Earths very badly stopped throughout this season.

Finish of Season 1882 & 1883

To follow the hunt there is a useful map online here.
October 31st. Milfield. First day of regular hunting. Drew the old covert and found, ran up the boundary strip and across to the West covert, over into ?Howdon, over the top, a ring round by Kypie and to ground in the West covert. Hounds continually dividing, a lot of foxes on foot. Very windy also and could not hear. Went down to the Wilderness, a fox slipped away from the top end, could make nothing of him. Found a brace in Akeld Steads Bog, ran one up the Wilderness and back and forwards between there and Coupland drive half a dozen times and there killed him. A very bad scent, could only run decently up wind. Major Howie, 2. Logans, Arthur, G.Wood, R. Wood, Selby, G. Carr, G. Rea, 2. Thompson’s, A.Rea and Miss M. Rea, J. Borthwick, M. J. Culley, J. Culley, A. Thompson who broke his collar bone with his horse putting his foot in a rabbit hole. November 3rd Twizel Bridge. Found on Tweed banks below the station, ran well down past Riffington whin and ?Newbiggen through the Dene to Norham Boat House where they killed him. An old dog fox. Drew Newbiggen whin blank, but I think there had been a fox there which had slipped away with hearing the hounds run past. Found a cub on Till banks below Tiptoe but he was headed and killed in a few minutes. Found in the Black Banks ran down to Tiptoe and nearly to Grindon Ridge, along the Sandy Loanen to the Berryhill road, thro’ the Rhodes’ whin to Piggs plantation where I lost him. Henry Scott, Frank Douglas, Major Howey, C. Taylor, Miss Scott, S. Sanderson, W. Smith, H. ?Bulteel, J. Richardson. November 7th. Etal. This was I think the worst scenting day we have had this season. A nasty white frost ryme on the ground all day. Found a fox in the plantations at the back of the house, but could not run him a field. Found again at Ford Common ran to Pigg’s plantation, to Berryfield Crags and to Hay farm and lost him. Found another in the Colliery whin and ran very fast a ring of ten minutes and back to ground in the whin. Found another fox in Hunter’s hill end and took him to Ford Common but could not run fifty yards at a time so gave him up. C. Taylor. Major Howey. 2. Woods. G. Carr. James Logan. G. Logan. J. Barber and G. A. G. and M. G. November 10th. Middleton Hall Found just above the house and went south to the Dene, across the water to the Middleton Moor then across to Skirlnaked, back down the Dene, across the road at Earl Mill, the Kettles into Earle Whin where there was a brace of fresh foxes. Got our hunted one away by Hill head and Hartsheugh Glitters, across the river into the Middleton Moor and to ground at the river side opposite the Happy Valley. This was a very nice run although a ring, not too fast but the hounds worked beautifully and at Earle they did some grand work for several hundred yards on the hard road. G. P. Hughes. F. Hughes. A. Moffat. G. Carr. ?C. Weallans. Mc. Leod November 14th. Yeavering. Found a fox in the low wood but just as hounds got away another jumped up and hounds divided, one lot going over Gregory to Hethpool Bell, the other along the Torrs to Harrow Bog. Hopped both lots, and went and found another fox in Akeld Plantation, went away a great pace towards Wooler Common but turned by Humbleton Glitters, over Akeld Hill to Yeavering Dene, down to the road, where he was headed and went up the face of Akeld Hill, and through the plantation where he was found, and to ground above the Akeld herd’s house. M. T. Culley. J. Culley. G. G. Rea. C. Thompson. G. A. G. M. G. November 17th. New Haggerston. Found a fox in the low wood went by Lowlynn, Lowick Mill, Licker Dene, Berrington, Berrington Law, Ancroft by the South Moor into the Dene and lost him, about 1 ¼ hrs of good hunting with an indifferent scent and hardly any on the fallow land. Found again at Felknighton North plantation, ran a tremendous pace to Shoreswood, went by Norham station and East Newbiggen to ground in Newbiggen Dene. 25 mins, very fast. Field of about 40. C. Taylor. Arthur Wood. 2 Hoggs. 2. Sanderson’s. Darwell. 2. Dunlops. Capt. Chapman. J. Nicholson. H. Bultech. G. A. G. M. G. November 21st. A hard frost in the morning. Hunted afternoon and killed a fox. November 24th. Red Scar Bridge. Found a brace in Kimmerston Whin, went away south over the road and nearly to Tarbits quarry where he was headed, then down to the Red Scar wood and along the Ford plantations to West Field, across the turnpike into the Castle Dene and by hay farm and Letham Hill and lost him above Etal. Ford Common, blank. Colliery whin and Kimmerston Dene also blank. Found a lot of foxes in Fenton Hill but the wind had got so strong could hear nothing, so gave it up. A very catchy scent. C. Taylor. Major Howey. Forster. C. Thompson. G. Carr. Arthur Wood. Hume-Lambton. Askew. Selby. Rea. Henderson. November 28th. West Newton. Very hard and barely huntable. Found in Canna Mill Bog and went away over Kilham Hill and West Newton, can’t say how many times we changed foxes but ran this ring half a dozen times and the last time ran to ground in a conduit in the road above The Bog. We were running almost continuously for nearly four hours. Left a hound in the drain without knowing and did not get her out for three days. Selby. C. Thompson. Clay. Howey. G. A. G. M. G. December 1st. Bowsden, too hard to hunt. December 5th. Kilham. too hard. December 6th. Middleton Hall, hard and snow. December 8th Twizel. do. December 11th. Milfield do. December 13th Twizel. do. December 19th. Milfield. Snow and frost. December 22nd. Ancroft. Found directly in the broom above the pond but killed him directly, he had a snare on his foot. Two more went away while I was breaking him up. Got onto one, ran by Ancroft and by North Ancroft and the South Moor back into the Dene, very fast, about 20 minutes, and killed him. Found again at the top of the Dene, ran down to where we found the first fox, then exactly the same ring but when we got to the dene crossed it and on to Bowsden Whin, through it and to Bowsden village, across the Berwick road and down through Hume’s fields and lost him on the road at Haggerston High Wood. Forty minutes. M. J. Culley. Major Howey, Hogg, Taylor. Miss Scott. 2. Miss Campbell ?Rentons, Askew and 2. Miss Askews. Barber, F. Hughes, G. G. Rea, Capt. Chapman, ?O’Neill. Alder. Hume. Hodgson. G. A. G. M. G. December 26th. Doddington. Hardly huntable, so very hard. Found directly in Fenton Hill and ran by Wrangham, but soon lost him. Got onto another fox that had left the wood at Haddon’s Lodge, ran around Doddington by the ?Crew plantation, down to the road, then parallel with the road by Fenton Lodge, through Nesbit Cow pasture to Fenton Hill farm, on to the Routyn Linn, down Kimmerston Dene to the bottom where he turned up again and was killed below Ford Wood House. Tried the hill again but no fox left in it. Did not draw again as the riding was so bad. December 29th. Twizel. Rather windy. Drew all the Twizel coverts blank, and all up Till Banks to the Red Burn Dene, where a fox went away by Tindal House and Tiptoe to ground about ½ a mile below on the bank. Only about 13 minutes but racing pace – Etal blank – Ford Common, found but an earth was open and he went to ground, but before I got through the trees the hounds somehow had him out and killed. A fat old dog. A good field out. January 2nd. Middleton Hall. A fine quiet morning and a field of over 30. Drew all the Middleton Coverts and the ?Sneaz and Hartsheugh blank. Found immediately in Earle Whin and went away By the Kettles and down past the targets, up onto Humblehaugh but then turned west along the boundary wall as far as the Watch hill, then straight for the west end of Hartsheugh Glitters, along them, and down the Happy Valley, through the Middleton plantation to the Dene, across the water at the Mill, past North Middleton House, down the drive to the turnpike and on to Lilburn Hill, where he turned back and ran to the Haugh head where we killed him. An old dog fox. January 5th. New Haggerston. Found in the Low Wood, but I think it was a bagman . Went away east across a country that was impassable and so hounds had it to themselves, down by Haggerston to the railway at Goswick and to ground on Windmill Hill. Drew Berrington Dene, blank, cutting timber. Found at Woodsend and apparently a blazing scent, but the field headed him wherever he tried to break, so he took to dodging over and over the same ground until hounds could not run him. Had to leave him at dusk. A spoilt day from the foolishness of the field. January 8th. Howtel. A very hard morning, waited till 11.30 when it got a little better. Drew Howtel whin and found. Ran through a thick fog by Reedsford, over Howsden, to Milfield West Covert, across by Kypie whin and over the road to Flodden Hill, stopped the hounds here; it was so hard. Went down to Ewart, found in the Wilderness and ran by Galewood, where he was headed back, got away again by the Thirlings and across the river at the Red Scar, down the woods as far as the Gullet where people shooting turned him back, crossed the water again at the head of Scar Wood by Thirlings, through Ewart Coupland Drive, Yeavering March, up Akeld Hill, along the top, onto Humblehaugh round the hill, then down by the plantation strips across the road and killed him a field before Glenlee ford. 1 hour. 25m. fast and good throughout. January 12th. Humbleton. I was so ill and weak from influenza that Will had to hunt the hounds, heaps of foxes, made a mess of it, lost his hounds, some of which however killed a fox on Common Burn. January 16th Kilham. Went to the Whinny Braes, found a lot of foxes but ran like cubs, never having been hunted did no good with them. Drew Canna Mill bog blank. Found on Mr Thompson’s Kirknewton hill, where hounds rather slipped us over the top. Ran down past Kirknewton, Lanton, over Sandy-house, down the Dene, across the Marley Knowe north of fields to the turnpike, along the plain, through the Wilderness and to ground in the Coupland earths. January 19th. Barmoor: This was a most unfortunate day. Tried the Moss blank. Winterburn ditto, Ford Common, do. Village whin, do. Colliery Whin do. found in Ford Moss and a first rate scent, ran very fast round Hunter’s Hill and up Kimmerston Dene and to ground. Found again in Fenton Hill, ran in it very hard, a fox went away by the house with eight couple of hounds close at his brush, crossed the road at Nesbit, to ground in a culvert drain. Tried all the rough low haughs but did not find. This was a good day wasted for want of a good fox, as there was one of the finest scents of the season.

Season of 1883 & 1884

September 11th. Kilham. Got onto an old fox, and ran him well for an hour and a half. Got amongst a flock of about 500 sheep, that ran along his line on the hill side and someone holloaed a fresh fox and so lost him although he was quite done. September 14th. Yeavering. Got again an old fox in the low wood. Ran very fast over Gregory to ground in the Buttony stones. Found another, also an old fox lying in the heather beside Akeld moor plantations, ran fast over Humbleheugh, down and along the strips to Akeld Dene, over Akeld Hill and down to the Crow planting, where he tried the earths, but did not get in, went on up Yeavering Dene over Akeld Hill and again tried for the earths in the Crow planting, viewed him a field in front very hard up, but he beat us into a field of standing wheat, and obliged to call off the hounds – Wretched luck. September 18th. Fenton. A very thick foggy morning. Found several foxes in the wood and knocked them about for an hour. Got one away past the house and into the camps, round by the lake into the hill again. So think could neither see nor hear. Another went away and to ground in the Fawcett earths, where I lost a couple of hounds in the old workings for 36 hours. September 21st Yearle. Did not go, the fog was so thick. Went to the Wilderness found and ran to ground in Coupland earths which are always left unstopped. Found at the back of Akeld hill ran round by Yeavering Bell, changing foxes two or three times, and killed a fox on Akeld. September 25th. Milfield. Found in the old cover, after running in covert for a bit, he got away and went to Kypie whin where there were several foxes and no scent. Let two away and stayed with one in covert, which went to ground in the covert very soon, left him. Found in Howtle whin, ran over to Milfield Hill and killed him. Found again in old covert went to ground directly. Found in Lanton young strip, ran over Lanton, Milfield west hill, Howsden to ground in Howtle whin. September 28th. Riffington. Did not find until got under the Castle, the fox crossed the river into the Nutwood which held a lot of foxes. Routed them about for an hour, and killed one in the cleft of a rock where he had squeezed himself in. Found a litter below Tiptoe, earths open, all went to ground. Found again in Red Burn Dene, ran very fast past Berry hill, thro’ Pigg’s planting, by Slainsfield to Ford Common, stopped the hounds on account of standing corn. October 2nd. Yearle. Drew the whin blank also the Kettles and Wooler Common. Found on Humble haugh, only took him as far as the road and lost him. Akeld Plantings blank. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran a ring and killed him, a dog cub. October 5th. Ford Common. This was blank as I expected, foxes all trapped. Found an old fox in the Colliery whin and took him into Fenton Hill to ground. No foxes here, had been shooting coverts the day before. Went back to Etal, found a leash behind the house, went very fast to Rhodes’ whin, through Pigg’s Planting down to Berry hill, thro’ Red Burn Dene by Tindal House and Tiptoe to Twizel Mill, crossed the river into Stotford Point, across by the Buckey House, over Heaton, a piece of Marldown to ground in a turnip field on Barelees. 1 hr. 20 m. Very fast to Twizel and outside the river banks all the way, he only touching them for a moment at Tiptoe. October 9th. Hethpool. A very windy morning, so tried Canna Mill bog instead, found but chopped him directly. Found again on Kilham, ran round the hill and down the fields to Canna Mill, past it along the haugh to West Newton, up the College and into Hethpool Bell wood. Here there were fresh foxes and hounds divided in every direction and could not get at them to stop them. Took the rest of the day getting them together again. October 12th. Ancroft. Found three cubs above the broom, rattled one about for nearly an hour but lost him at last thro’ Bob’s stupidity. Found higher up in the Dene, I dare not say how many, perhaps a dozen, ran one for an hour and killed him. Went to Bowsden Whin, found two foxes, ran fast to the Dene and past the South Moor to the low part of the Dene again but scent failed and could do no more. October 16th. The kennels. Very wet and windy. Tried Common Loanen blank – found in Old Covert but he dodged about in the strips till he was lost. Found in Kypie whin ran over the hill to Old Covert, went on by Common Loanen down to the village, and across Till into the Ford woods, a bad scent and gale of wind, gave him up. October 19th. Red Scar Bridge. Found at once in the Scar wood ran very fast over Kimmerston, through the White Hill and into Kimmerston Dene, over Hunter’s Hill, through Ford Moss to the Colliery whin, here rain fell in torrents and could run him no further. Tried Barmoor Moss blank, although Meade – Waldo complained of multitudes of foxes!! Tried Woodend, found a cub that ran the ring of the plantations for nearly an hour and then went to ground. Poor little Violet got smothered with the hounds digging her in. Goddard Morgan gave her to me and she was the best fox terrier I ever saw. October 23rd. Middleton Hall. Lots of foxes but absolutely no scent, walked after a fox by Earl Whin and Wooler Common down to the plantation below Humbleton. October 26th. New Haggerston. Found a leash of foxes in the Low Wood, went south with one to the Lowlynne Dene, and back to the wood, through it, across the Low to Windmill Hill bog, could not get across the Low, and met hounds coming back with a fresh fox into the wood again, ran him back to the bog and lost him. An unrideable country impossible to keep within a mile of hounds to see what they are doing. Found at Bowsden whin went very fast into the low part of Berrington Dene, ran up it and into the Threeplee planting down the Dene again and then to Felkington and lost him. October 30th. Akeld Bridge. First day of regular hunting. Found two brace of foxes in the Steads bog. Hounds got divided, went with one lot south across the Glen a great pace, past Bendor up the hill and over top of Akeld, then to the Moor plantations, on to the back of Yeavering Bell down past Yeavering and to ground in the Crow planting earths. Went back to the Wilderness found the other hounds running a fox, took him to the Coupland earths, luckily shut today, down the drive to Ewart South Lodge, across the Park to the Ewart Bridge, down the river side to the Redscar wood up again by the Plain and Thirlings, Galewood through the Wilderness to the Coupland earths again back into the Wilderness to ground in a rabbit hole, took him out and killed him. Very fast. November 2nd. Etal. Found in the shrubbery, went by back of the house across the road to the red Burn dene, up it and out across Berry hill into Rhodes, through the Whin and to Pigg’s planting, across Slainsfield Moor, by the Colliery, down to Shipton Dene and ran into him at Hay Farm oustead. Found a travelling fox near the Etal garden, ran slowly down Till banks to Tiptoe where he was headed back and we killed him. Found again at Twizel station on the rocks, ran past Riffington cover, across Newbiggen and Grindon back by Twizel village to the Castle, round by the station and down to Twizel Bridge, up the Till banks to Duncanheugh quarry where I stopped the hounds as it was nearly dark. November 6th. Felkington. Drew the strips at the colliery blank. Found in the South Moor plantation ran to the Dene, down it and out at the low end, across by Storey’s at North Ancroft to ground in a drain tile at the ?Greenses. Went back and found in the Whin at the front of the dene, went by Bowsden Whin, then east to Hume’s Berrington, to the Licker Dene by Lowick Mill to the Hunting hall where I lost him. Went back to the Threeplee plantation, found and ran very fast through Bowsden whin by Bowsden village and Woodside into Woodend, no scent at all in the wood, had to give him up. November 9th. Kirknewton. Rather a windy morning. Drew the hill end blank. Found a fox on Hethpool Bell but it was too windy to hear in the wood so I got the hounds out and left him. West Newton whin blank. Found in Kilham, ran over the top into Thompson’s Walls, over West Newton, by Elsdon Burn, over Hetha, across College, through Harrow Bog, over Southern Knowe to Coldburn boundary, turned down the hill into the wood and killed him at the waters edge. 1 ¼ hours. November 13th. Middleton Hall. Had a tremendous lot of running round and round the hills continually changing foxes, and terribly bothered with Wooler foot people. November 16th. Fenton. Very foggy and could not see. Found several foxes but did very little with them. Drew Rangham’s bog blank. Came to Ford Woods, found in Kimmerston Whin went very fast by the Green Loanen and over a corner of Ford Hill, turned over Brownrig thro’ the White Hill planting, over a part of Fenton Hill Farm to Fenton Mill, to the Red Scar Wood, down the woods as far as the old covert along the strip to the Kimmerston Road and back into the Scar wood, across the river to the Plain, there to Corklodge, thence along the turnpike to the scar Road and killed him fifty yards above the tollgate. I got two nasty falls. November 20th. Milfield. Very strong wind and snow. Found plenty of foxes but could do nothing.

November 23rd. Lowick. Found in Haggerston Low wood, ran by the Mead into Haggerston gardens, across the Low to Windmill Hill bog and to Cheswick House where I lost him somewhere about the back premises. Found in Woodend and ran by Pigg’s planting to Berry Hill Crags, very stormy and windy, could only run decently into wind. November 27th. Yeavering. Found in the planting behind the house, and ran fast east and up the end of Akeld Hill where two fresh foxes jumped up in the middle of the hounds, which divided them, the run fox going to Humbleheugh. Got the hounds together again after much trouble and being a very windy day went to Crookhouse Bog which was blank. Found a brace in Crookhouse broom ran over the hill into Milfield west covert, thro’ the Big plantation the old covert, Kypie whin, Howtle whin, Reedsford round by the Manor into Milfield old covert where hounds got away with a fresh fox so stopped them. November 30th. Etal. Drew all the Etal coverts blank. Ditto Gatherick. Pigg’s planting, Ford, Common, Colliery whin. Found in the Moss ran by the Routin Linn across the Dene, over the Whitehill to the Red Scar Wood, down Ford plantations, West Field, Ford Village, thro’ the Castle gardens, across the Dene by Hay farm, Ford Common plantation by the Parson’s House down the road to ground opposite the church gate in a sandpit. Opened it and put a terrier in bolted two fresh foxes and got our run one and eat him. 48 minutes very fast. A field of about 50. December 4th. Thompson’s Walls. Very cold and a sprinkling of snow on the ground, came down to ?Kilham Hill, found near the West Newton march and ran over the hill and round its face above the village, there over West Newton farm to Hethpool Bell and killed him in the Linn. Found on Thompson’s Glitters and ran fast over Gregory and Yeavering. Akeld Dene, Humbleheugh, Humbleton Hill to Wooler common, and lost him on the moor near the Kettles. A capital gallop. December 7th. Twizel. Found on Dreeper Island, went fast over Riffingtonn to Shellacres, east over Grindon, past Grindon Ridge, by the back of Duddo, through Felkington Quarry planting across the head of the Treeplee, on to Woodend, to Brackenside where he was headed on a cold fallow back to Woodend then on to Barmoor Moss, by Lowick to Kyloe Wood, Detchant Wood to Swinhoe Lake where they killed him. I think we changed foxes at Barmoor Moss. A great run. December 11th. Fenton. Found and went out at the Linn end, over the hill and into Hunter’s Hill end wood, down to Kimmerston, up the Dene again into Fenton Hill, drove right though and out at the south end, over Doddinton fields to the Crow planting by the Lodge gate past Nesbit and Fenton house into the hill again where I lost him. Found again in Barmoor shrubbery, ran past the Castle into the Moss, down by Lowick and the North field kiln, Licker shin and moor, down Licker Dene to the Haggerston road past Lowlynn Mill as if for Kyloe to the Hunting Hall, by Lowick Mill to Lowick village through a china shop where all the china was smashed, through the back window and up to Barmoor and to the Lowick lime kiln, where they hilled him. 1 ½ hours. December 14th. Akeld Bridge. Found in Coupland drive, ran very fast by the Mill and castle to Lanton, over the hill by the monument down to Lanton Mill to ground on the bank – 20 minutes. Found a brace of foxes in Kypie whin, ran a tremendous pace over the hill to Milfield old covert and killed him – 15 min. Galloped back to Kypie put the hounds on to the line of the other fox and ran slowly to Flodden Hill, down the drive past Flodden Lodge, by Mount Pleasant and Crookham’s to Till and up it to Ford Bridge, then back into Flodden Hill where got off him. A slow hunting run. Heard afterwards that fox was so beat that a man felled him with his stick. December 18th. Humbleton. Went to the Kettles and found immediately, ran a great pace down to Wooler, then by Wooler Mill and to below Middleton Hall, up through the plantation on the hill side and on to the Dene where he lay down and hounds checked for a minute or two, then on, up the south bank, fast by South Middleton to the Ilderton boundary where we ran into him. Gave up on account of the wind. December 21st. Bowsden. Drew everything blank till Woodend, found there and ran a ring and back through the wood and on by Pigg’s planting and the Rhodes whin to Berryhill Crags and killed him. December 24th. Harrow Bog. Very windy. The bog blank. Found on the Torr burn Glitters, ran over the Torrs and Yeavering Bell, past Yeavering, across the Glen to Coupland, by Lanton, over the hill to Sandy Howe Dene and lost him. Bob arrived, with a fox on his saddle that three couple of hounds had killed in Yeavering stackyard and gave him to the hounds. December 28th. Shellacres. Got onto the line of a fox, disturbed 15 minutes before, at Duncanheugh quarry, ran him up by Tiptoe to Berryhill and back again to Shellacres and lost him. Found a brace in Twizel bog, went by Rffinton, Newbiggen and East New Biggen and lost him there. A bad scenting day. December 31st. Howtle. A fox jumped up in the field next the whin as we were going to it, ran over Howsden, Milfeld West Hill, the Manor, down by Crookhouse, across the water to Canna Mill, up Kilham Hill, on over Thompson’s walls, where hounds divided in a thick fog, through West Newton Whin, over Hetha past Hethpool and into the Bell where I think he went to ground as I could make nothing of him. Directly after losing him, the rest of the hounds brought their fox down exactly the same line and killed him on the Bell. January 4th. Windmill Hill. A very wet morning. Found in the Bog, ran to Haggerston and up the side of Licker Dene, across the turnpike past Hume’s Berrington to Ancroft village and lost him on the Nab Hill. ¾ hr. Found in the broom above Ancroft, ran very fast by the South Moor, ?Greenses, North Ancroft, Ancroft village, East Ancroft, Cheswick buildings Cheswick to Windmill Hill then north up the railway side to Scremerston Lime Kilns, by Scremerston pit and killed him in a filed from Scremerston covert. The latter part slowish over wet cold fallows. 1 ½ hrs. January 7th. Barmoor. Found in the Moss, broke at the East end and ran a ring by Lowick village and back through the Moss, out at the west end, very fast to Winterburn, Watchlaw, south Corner of Woodend and to ground in Pigg’s plantation. ½ hour. Found in Kimmerston Dene, went very fast over Hunter’s Hill, the Linn hill, over the moor north and ran into him at Ford Common cottages. Found again in Ford Moss, went south over Hunter’s hill, the Linn Hill and ran into him going into Barmoor Moss. Both the latter runs extremely fast. January 11th. Old Yeavering. Found and ran over the hill. Then down by Yeavering farm place across the water to Coupland up Lanton Hill and lost him. Drew Coupland, Ewart etc. all blank. Found in the Windy cleugh on Akeld ran very fast by Akeld ?oustead/instead to the Crows planting earths but they were stopped., on by Yeavering Dene into the Low wood, up over the hill top and to ground near the Akeld boundary wall. January 15th. Howtle. Found in the whin, ran down to the village. Then past Kypie whin over Milfield west hill, down to Lanton Mill along the hill face above Lanton, over Sandy house through the old covert, over Housden, across Reedsford to Kilham where a brace of fresh foxes jumped up and spoilt us. Very fast and although a ring, a capital one. January 18th. Red Scar Bridge. Found in Kimmerston whin, ran fast to Hunter’s Hill, over it, by the edge of Ford Moss, over the moor near the targets, by the Routyn Linn and Horse Bog, past the herd’s house on the moor, back through Fenton Hill and killed him next field to Fenton Hill farm place. Very fast indeed, 35 minutes, without a check. Found in Fenton Hill wood again but killed him in a few minutes. Got another fox away from the north end, but he was lame, so soon killed him. January 22nd. Middleton Hall. Very stormy wet morning. Found in a plantation below the house, ran round and round by Earle whin, Happy Valley, etc for 45 minutes and killed him. So stormy did nothing more. January 25th. Felkington. Snowing very heavily, only drew the Dene blank and gave it up, glad to get home. January 29th. Kirknewton. Frost. February 1st. East Newbiggen. Tweed banks and Riffington blank, also Till banks and Red Burn Dene, until we got to Woodend, found and ran to Berrinton Dene, and back by Bowsden whin, cold sleet showers and could not hurt him. February 6th. Kirknewton. Found in a whin at College edge on Southern Knowe ground opposite Whitehall, ran very fast over Southern Knowe and the Torrs, over Kirknewton hill and down to Mr. Thompson’s shrubbery where we killed him. About 40 minutes. February 9th. Ford. This meet was made for the Marquess of Waterford. I drew every covert blank, all the Ford Woods, Moss, Gatherick, Berrington Dene, Bowsden, Woodend, Barmoor, Fenton Hill. Never found. A beastly bad piece of luck. February 12th. Howtle. A blank day. Can’t think where foxes have put themselves, there are plenty. February 15th. Windmill Hill. The bog blank. Found a fox on the side of the Law but no scent could not run him. Found in Berrington Dene, ran up it to the Threeplee and to Woodend and lost him. The ploughed land very dry. February 19th. Kilham. Found on the hill took him to the Whinny braes and lost him. Found at Howtle, ran fast by Kypie and Milfield West Covert back over Howsden, past Howtle whin, across the road at the ?Lower/Lowell House over the hill as if for Branxton but turned west over Thornington and Downham, crossed into the Paston haughs as far as the Mindrum Bridge, then by Mindrum Mill, over Horserig Hill and No Mans Land to Wideopen where I lost him. November 22nd. Coupland. Drew the drive etc. blank. The Wilderness also. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran fast over Akeld, the Hare Law and Humbleheugh, down by Bender, along the Akeld Haughs, across the Akeld Bridge, along the haughs to Yeavering where I lost him in the oustead in the cattle folds.
Sept 30th Bye Day - An additional hunting day not on the fixture card.
Oct 20th A line: The trail or scent of the fox.
Jan 5th Bagman - a fox reared by the hunt, released from a bag or box, and chased should the hunt not find any wild foxes to hunt.
Sep 29th Ringing Beast: One which runs in a circle never very far from where it was found.
Nov 3rd Headed:To head a fox is to cause it to turn from its planned direction of travel. Every effort is made to avoid this.
Jan 23rd Line: the Fox's scent trail, his route across the ground.
April 17th Drag: Scent of a fox
Sept 11th Holloaed: (holler) Huntsman's or staff's holler that the fox was viewed.
Oct 5th Leash:Collective name for a group of foxes.

From 1880 to 1884 George Grey was huntsman to his father George Annett Grey. For 8 years he was master of the Glendale Foxhounds: 1880-1888. The diary is set out with dates in red, and includes actual photographs stuck into it. They appear on this web page approximately where they are in the original M.S.

Some of the writing is hard to decipher, and some transcription of the local names may be inaccurate. There are added question marks by the editors where we are not sure. We have also put the dates into bold and added notes on fox hunting terms. We welcome any corrections. C.G. and P.C.

November 26th. Wooler Cottage. The kettles blank. Earle whin full of traps. Found in Hartsheugh Glitters, ran over Middleton Moor to the earths in Mr. Hughes’ Dene, then by Middleton House, across the turnpike over to North Lilburn, through the strips there and on to Trickley Wood, he did not go into it, but turned north as if for Weetwood, when we got to Whitsun bank hounds got a view at him and killed him at the Quarry above Wooler Brewery. A very nice gallop of about ¾ of an hour. Drew Humbleheugh blank, Akeld manor plantings do. February 29th. Ancroft North Moor. Found in a ploughed field near the head of Ancroft whin, ran up the Dene as far as the Threeplee, then to Gatherick Moor and thro’ Woodend, from there by Bowsden Moor to Duddo and Greenlaw walls and lost him. Found in the Black Banks, ran fast to Duddo by Grindon ridge and lost him. Scent good on grass but none at all on plough which was as dry as boards. March 4th. Thompson’s Walls. Snow and could not hunt there. Drew Kilham in a thick fog, found ran by Canna Mill, West Newton, Hethpool Bell, West Newton Hill, Thompson’s walls, Longknowe, Paston lake, Harelaw, across the Bowmont at Shotton to the top of Venshen hill and lost him. So thick it was impossible to ride to hounds. March 7th. Fenton. Found a vixen but got hounds stopped off her. Rangham Bog blank, also Barmoor Moss and Ford Moss. Found in Kimmerston Whin, ran through Red Scar Wood, over Fenton to the Whitehill, Kimmerston Dene, Ford Hill, Ford Village, across the Castle Drive, by Hay farm and killed him at the Rhodes. A nice hunting run of nearly an hour. March 11th Coldburn. Snow and could not hunt there. Tried Coupland and Ewart blank. Found on Kypie hill, ran fast over West Common, Crookhouse Lanton Monument, Lanton Dene, Coupland, across the river, up Akeld hill Harehope, Humblehaugh Wooler Common, Hartsheugh, Watch hill, Broadstruther boundary, across Common burn by the herd’s house, past Akeld Moor plantations and the back of Yeavering Bell to ground in Monday cleugh. A very long and also a very fast run. March 14th. Twizel Bridge. Drew for a long time without finding, found at Tindal House a vixen, stopped hounds off her. Found in a ploughed field over Bowsden Moor, ran fast up wind to Duddo where he was headed and went down wind to Berrington Dene, where I stopped the hounds. March 18th. Akeld. Found a vixen on Harehope, ran over Humblehaugh and a ring over the moor back to ground in Monday cleugh. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran fast over Kirknewton Hill to the river, and along the banks to Coupland, down the drive and into the Wilderness, on to Akeld steads where we got into the dry dusty ploughs and could run no further. Friday March 21st. Barmoor. Blank as usual. Licker Dene and Haggerston also blank, found at the foot of Berrington Dene, but could not run. A bad day. March 23rd. Thompson’s walls. Did not find till the Torrs, ran over Yeavering Bell and down to the river by Coupland and to Lanton and lost. Ground too dry. March 28th. Coldburn. Found on the Glitters, raced for 20 mins over Common burn and killed him. Found on the easternmost Torr, ran through Harrow Bog, along Southern Knowe, past Fleehope House, over Fleehope, the Chill, down to Ackhope, then down the water to Sourhope farm house and picked him up dead in front of the hounds where the road turns up to Hownham. He had broken his heart. A very fine hill run of 1 hr 20 mins. April 1st. Trowburn. Found on the Glitters next the Black Hagg, ran a great pace by Trowburn, over the Maiden Law, past Whitehall, over Hetha and ran into him at Hethpool. A very fast 30 minutes. Did not find again. April 4th. Lang-lee. A bad day. April 8th. Fleehope. Found in the Bizzel, ran over Cheviot to Henshole, across by Mount Hooley over Fleehope, Black Hagg, and the Curr and back to the Chill and killed him.

End of the season of 1883 and 1884

Commencement of Season of 1884 and 1885

August 15th. Yeavering at 4. AM. Found several cubs but there was no dew and the ground dry and hard, so could do nothing. August 19th. Longknowe at 4.30 AM. No foxes on Kilham, found three cubs in the Longknowe whin and routed them about for nearly an hour with a wretched scent, did not get blood. August 22nd. The Wilderness. Scent worse than ever, two cubs in the wood, might as well not have been there for all the hounds could do with them. Coupland Drive blank. Found a brace in the red Scar Wood, not an atom of scent. August 26th. Shotton. Found a cub in the whin but had to stop on account of standing corn. August 29th. Fenton. Found several foxes and scent a trifle better after a good deal of knocking about, killed a cub above Haddon’s Lodge. September 1st. Too dry to hunt. September 5th. Flodden. Blank. Tried the Red Scar again, but nothing but an old fox in it. September 8th. Tillmouth. Found several cubs in the bank and killed one. Found an old fox in Riffington took him to Twizel Mill and stopped them. September 12th. Kyloe Wood. A thick foggy morning. Lots of foxes, but no scent and through some mistake the earths open. September 15th. Horton Hill. Lots of foxes, had a fine 40 minutes and killed one old fox. Then 45 minutes and lost the hounds in thick fog when I found them they had lost their fox. September 17th. Longridge. Thick as a hedge. Got away with a fox in a moment probably an old one and ran him fast over Middle Ord to ground on the Murton Square Moor. Found in Murton whin and would have killed him but for three colleys that joined in and made a mess of it. Found in the whin south of the turnpike on Murton Moor, went into Allerdean which was full of foxes – did nothing of any worth. September 22nd. New Etal. Found several foxes in King William, killed one. Found in Heaton whin, ran to King William fast and back to ground in the whin. Found in Branxton Moor, scent was gone and made little of him. September 26th. Ford Common. Found in Hunter’s Hill end, ran to Kimmerston Dene which held a lot of foxes, a diabolical bad scent, hammer and tongs all say and nowt at t’finish. September 30th. Howtle. Blank, Kypie, Milfield old covert also. Found in Branxton Moor ran to ground at the Pallins burn keeper’s house the Inch. Found a brace at Mindrum Mill, no scent. Found a brace at No Man’s Land, no scent. Country drier than ever, no rain to speak of for six months. October 3rd. Ancroft. Berrington Dene well stocked as usual, took a cub very fast to Woodend and back and killed him. Very stormy and windy, tried Till banks but found nothing. October 6th. Paston. A thick fog. Any quantity of foxes but could not see. Found on Howdon, no better. Found and killed a fox in Milfield West covert. October 10th. Kyloe. Found a lot of foxes, but hounds slipped us and went to Hazelrigg with an old fox. October 13th. Wark Common. Only an old fox in the covert. Found several at Shedlaw, and killed one. Found several at No Man’s Land, and killed one. Found in Wideopen, ran by Harelaw Loch, and round by No Man’s Land back to Wideopen, and stopped the hounds as they were going up Bowmont Hill. October 17th. Doddington. A very windy day. Lots of foxes had about two hours with one and ran him to ground but could not get him out. A bad scenting day. October 20th. Cornhill. Found a lot of foxes, but no scent in covert. Found in the Coupenny ? and ran him to Tillmouth Park and lost him. Found a fox in Stotford Head plantation and killed him. Still no rain. October 24th. Longridge. Full of foxes, no scent, took one to Allerdean and to ground in a drain tile, took him out and killed him.

October 27th. Humbleton. An awful gale of wind. Found in Yeavering bell and killed him. Found in the Wilderness but wind so high could make nothing of it. October 31st. Barmoor. Windy again, and no scent. Three foxes in the Moss!! took one to RoutinLinn, 3 in Kimmerston Dene, one in Kimmerston Whin. November 3rd. Pallinsburn. First day’s regular hunting. Found in Heaton Whin, but he was headed in every field, so we soon killed him. Found a leash in Mardon whin, ran well by Branxton Moor. Moneylaws Hill, Thornington, Langham Bridge, Longknowe, over Kilham Hill and Elsdon burn and stopped the hounds as they were going to the big hills, about 1 ½ hours, a good hunting run, but rather severe at the end. November 7th. Etal. Found a brace, one I think a bagsman, ran round by hay farm to Ford Common plantation where I lost him. A very bad scent. Found in Pigg’s planting, ran by Berry hill, Red burn Dene, Tindal House, Tiptoe, Shellacres and lost him. A slow run with a very catchy scent. Found again in Newbiggen Dene, but it was now blowing a gale of wind and hounds could not run at all. Found a brace under the Castle, could not run them. November 10th. Paston. All the coverts here were blank till we found in a small dene between Downham and Thornington near the Langham toll check. Went away very fast over Thornington, Moneylaws and round by the Brunt Haugh, by Downham farm place and down to the river opposite the Paston haughs, down the haughs and ran into him at Langham Bridge. A very fast run without a check. November 14th. The Cat. The whin blank. Found in Windmill Hill bog, went by Cheswick, the Cat the Oxford, Ancroft, Berrington law to Bowsden whin where I think he must have got to ground as I could make no more of him. November 17th. Hazelrigg school. Found in the Bog on Horton moor and ran a ring round by the Hetton’s etc but the run was destroyed by some but especially one of Lord percy’s men over riding the hounds down the Hetton Heads road. Found in Fenton Hill a nasty bad dodging beast could not get him to break and a bad scent in the covert. November 24th. Tillmouth. Found in Stotford Head point. Ran very fast by Castle Heaton, past New Etal up to Pallinsburn Covert (Heaton) down Pallinsburn West drive by the Mardon road end to Branxton village, went to the Moneylaws road, then to Barelees, over Marldown and Melkington and to ground in the Nut Wood at Tillmouth. A very nice run. November 28th. Ford bridge. A bad day not an atom of scent but lots of foxes. December 1st. Flodden Lodge. Two inches of snow. Found on Flodden Hill, raced down past the Doctor’s Lodge and the Linthaugh, by the Tile Sheds across the river, up the Ford Woods and killed him in the river opposite the Anna. December 5th. Kentstone. Found in the Dene and ran with a bad scent for three hours round by Haggerston, Beal, Kyloe Wood, two or three times over and eventually to ground in the sewer at Haggerston. December 8th. Cornhill. Blank. Found in Pallinsburn whin, and killed him very soon at ?Keckout/Kirkut. Found at Mardon ran by Branxton Hill, Branxton Moor whin, Flodden Hill, the Doctor’s Lodge and the Linthaugh, across the water into the Ford Woods and Kimmerston whin and back across the river. The river was so full that we could not cross and when we got round by the bridge and found the hounds they had lost their fox. December 12th. Horncliffe Mains. A bad scent, bad ringing foxes, foot people everywhere, a bad day. December 15th. Mindrum. Found in No Man’s land, ran fast to Presson Hill and round by Horserigghill to Mindrum to ground in a conduit took him out and killed him. A very good 20 mins. Found again in Mindrum Mill Covert, ran racing pace through the Presson Town oustead and down to West Learmouth and killed him. 20 minutes. Found in the Bathing well ran by Campfield and Branxton village to Pallinsburn, snowing heavily, and scent failed so gave him up. December 17th. The Kennels. Very hard, barely huntable. Found in Akeld Bog, a dodging brute, never would go away from the Wilderness and no scent to make him. Found at the broom at Lanton Ford went over Sandy House and the Manor, and down to Lanton Mill along the water’s edge to Crookhouse and up over Milfield Hill and by the Big planting to Sandyhouse Dene and lost him. December 19th. Barmoor. A storm of wind, sleet and snow, tried to hunt but could do nothing. Found a fox in Woodend and ran to Berrington Dene, stopped and went home, better never to have left. December 22nd. Tillmouth. Very hard but tried it. Found at Great haugh whin, ran by the Nutwood to Heaton, found it would not do and gave it up. December 26th. Doddington. Too hard. December 29th. Paston. Too hard there so came to the Ford Woods, found and ran well by the Westfield, and up the Castle Dene and killed him on Ford Common. Too hard, went home. December 31st. Yearle. Hard as nails. Hunted because there were about 200 foot people from Wooler there. Very dangerous riding, but hounds feet alright on the heather. Found in Yearle whin ran by the Kettles and Wooler Common into Hartshaugh Glitters over the Sneer an up to Langleeford, turned back again and killed him going along the Sneer glitters. 1 hour. 10 mn. Satisfied the Woolerites, so went home. January 2nd. Twizel. Too hard. January 5th. Carham. Too hard, went down to Kyloe, found in the wood, and took him by Black Heddon, and Holburn to Hazelrigg and lost. Went back to the Wood, found another, ran over the Crags, by the east of Kyloe village, across Beal at the station, over Haggerston past Goswick, to ground at the sea links below Windmill Hill station. A nice hunting run. January 9th. Fenton. Full of foxes, ran a brace to ground in the wood. Found in Horton Moor plantation ran very quick to the Hetton Dene and killed him. Found again in Horton Hill plantation, ran a ring round the Dod and by Horton farm place across the river at Heathery and killed him in Trickley. A good days sport. January 12th. Carham. Went to the meet but too hard to hunt. Went and ran hounds through Wark Common to see if it had improved in holding foxes but it was as usual blank. Drew Kypie whin on the way home on foot, five foxes were in it, and we caught and eat one. January 16th. Twizel. Could not hunt there for snow. Took the hounds to Fenton Hill and knocked the foxes there about all day. Killed a fox in the Red Scar Wood on my way home after running him round the woods and Kimmerston whin. January 19th. Pallinsburn. Blank. Mardon whin, ditto. Found in Branxton Moor, ran fast over Moneylaws, Thornington and Downham, across the Bowmont to Paston Whinny Braes and round by the Lock to ground above the house at the end of the plantation. Found again in Mindrum Mill, ran like mad past Presson and killed him. Found again at Wark Common for a wonder, ran flat by Presson and Horserigg Hill, across Mindrum then by Harelaw Moor and down into Cherry trees, where I stopped the hounds. A very nice gallop. January 21st. Paston. Too hard here, so came down to Howtle. Found in the whin, ran by Kypie, through the Milfield strips, down the hill and past the front of Milfield house across the river at the washing pool, along the banks to the Red Scar across the river again, to the Wilderness, up the Coupland drive, across the Glen below the “fox holes” up Akeld Hill, over Yeavering Bell, and Gregory and Kirknewton to ground in the Buttony stones. A very good run. January 23rd. The Cat. Too hard. January 26th. Mindrum. Rather hard but just huntable. Found in Wideopen whin, ran over Bowmont hill, and the Venshen, by Cherry trees back to ?Hoselaw and lost him. Found on top of Moneylaws hill, ran fast to Branxton Moor, past one end of the covert, over the hill to Howtle, over Howden, across Bowmont at Canna Mill, up Kilham Hill, over West Newton to Hethpool Bell, up the glen and over Hetton, Trowburn, Whitehall, across college, over Southern Knowe to Coldburn Glitters and Goldscleugh, where I stopped hounds going up Cheviot. A very hard run. January 28th. Redscar. A pouring wet day with no scent. Found in Kimmerston whin but lost him directly. Found in Colliery whin and killed him. Found in the Moss, and soon lost him. Found in Kimmerston Dene, could not run, gave it up.

January 30th. Twizel. Found in Riffington whin, ran to Newbeggen across the Dene to Norham village, and back to the Dene and killed him. Till banks all blank – found several foxes in Woodend took one to Berrington Dene. Scent very catchy. February 2nd. Cornhill – blank. St. Cuthberts’, Nut Wood and Stotford Head likewise. Found on Till banks at Castle Heaton, ran up there to King William, then to the ?Keckout/Kirkut/Keckrit road, where the field who had been road riding headed him and we made no more of him. Found a brace in Mardon , no scent. Found in a field next Branxton Moor ran over Thornington, round above Howtle, back by Branxton whin and to Branxton Hill where he got into the water closet roof in the garden, was dislodged and killed. February 6th. Longridge. Found in Murton whin, ran by the Dene and Middle Ord to the earths on South Ord, then over to Murton Square, back to Longridge Dene, across the park, by Mount Pleasant across the railway, past Loanend and drowned as he tried to cross Tweed opposite Paxton. Came back to the Murton whin, and found a couple of hounds who had been left behind rattling a fox about, soon killed him. Found on Murton Moor and ran him to ground in Middle Ord plantation. Found in the Threeplee plantation but the wind had got up so strong that we did not do much. February 9th. Coupland. Drive, Ewart etc all blank. Found and chopped a fox in Kypie whin. Got away with another, went by Howtel whin, over by Reedsford, through Milfield west covert, down by the Rape Hill, through Milfield old covert and back to Kypie whin to ground. February 11th. Ford Castle. Found five foxes in the village whin, two lame ones, killed one – the other went to ground. Found at Barmoor, but he had been gone a good while so could not run him. Found at Woodend, ran well to Berrington Dene out by the Threeplee and ?Aydon Dene to Gatherick and back to ground in a conduit under old Greenlawalls road. Could not get him out. February 13th. Doddington. A nasty stormy day and did no good. No foxes about Horton. February 16th. Wark Common. Found and ran to Presson Hill where collies chased him and spoilt us. Found at Carham and had a long hunting run of over an hour round by Wark Common, Learmouth, Wark village and back round again the same way and into the oustead at Wark, where I lost him in the yards amongst the feeding bullocks. February 20th. Windmill Hill. Hard as nails. Tried the sand links but did not find. February 23rd. Fenton. Ran round by Ford Moss and Kimmerston Dene back into the Hill. Went and found a fox at Horton Moss, ran very fast over Rangham, Laverick Law, turned down by Hazelrigg Mill and Aast Horton, across the river to Fowberry, thro’ the Park, over Wandon and to ground in the Mill conduit on Broomhouse. A capital hunting run. February 27th. Twizel. Found in Riffington, ran up the banks by the station and Castle and to Shellacres where a brace of fresh foxes were on foot. Hounds divided and some time lost in getting them together again, hunted slowly by Newbiggen and Grieve stead over Shoreswood to Felkington plantation, where I could hunt him no more. Found in the Threeplee, a bad ringing beast, went twice round by Duddo vicarage and back and Woodend and was lost at last. March 2nd. Pallinsburn. Did not find until we got to Howtle whin, ran fast over Howsden and Kypie, through our old covert, by Sandy House and Lanton and lost him. Found in Kimmerston whin, ran a tremendous pace by the Scar Wood and straight over the Whitehill into Fenton Wood, where he beat us in by 40 yards and to ground. A great pace. March 6th. Plough Inn. Beal. Found in Kyloe wood, ran back and forwards through Kyloe and Detchant for an hour, and viewed our fox dead beat crawl through the fence into Kyloe wood, the field then began bawling got the hounds heads up and we could never run him another yard, be probably lay down in the bracken. Found another fox in the Plantation below Black Heddon, ran well and fast by Laverick Law and Hetton Coal Housees on over Wrangham with in a field of the Bog past the south end of Fenton Wood, and down to Nesbit, then on across the river, past Galewood and the end of the Wilderness, up the Coupland drive past the Castle, up Lanton Hill by the “toothpick”, down the fields just above Crookhouse farm place and ran into and killed him between the Howsden strip and Milfield West Covert. A grand run, horses very tired, luckily close at home. March 5th. A bye day. Went quietly to the Torrs, a very stormy wet day. Found at Yeavering Bell ran twice round the hill, over Gregory and Kirknewton, past the village up to Lanton Hill by the “toothpick” and killed him at the top of Sandy House Dene. March 9th. Park Common. Found and ran by Howburn, Presson and Presson Hill on to No man’s Land and Hoselaw, Cherrytrees hill, Greenlees and ran into him on Frogdon, a first rate run of about an hour. March 13th. Longridge. Found in the Murton whin, ran by Middle Ord and the Square to Allerdean and on to North Ancroft and Ancroft village, then round by Scremerston Hill to the Scremerston covert and killed him at the fence. 1 ½ hours very slow hunting every inch to pick out and no scent at all on the ploughed land. March 16th. Paston. Very hard and very windy, found and ran a ring by Shotton and lost him on the dry plough. Tried Canna Mill blank. Found on Akeld and ran over Humbleheugh and back over the moor to Akeld, changed foxes and stopped there. March 20th. Yearle. Such a hurricane that we could not hunt. March 23rd. Thompson’s Walls. Did not find until I got to West Newton whin, ran over Hetha, Whitehall and Trowburn to the Black Hagg, a very good gallop but dangerous riding, frozen ground and slippy. March 27th. Hethpool. Found on Yeavering bell, ran a ring to Akeld and back, then over Akeld and Humbleheugh, by Yearle whin to Middleton Hall up the glen to Hartsheugh Glitters, and Wooler Common and Common Burn back to Yeavering Bell where hounds got away on a fresh fox and we did not get them stopped till they got back to Yearle. A very severe day on horses and hounds ran well and fast. March 30th. Kilham. Tried all the Paston coverts blank. Found on the top of Kilham Hill ran very fast by West Newton Hill, Thompson’s Walls, Coudsmouth and across to Shotton hill, along the north face of Paston hill, past the east end of the Whinney Braes across the Kilham fields and ran into him going up the side of Kilham hill. A very good run but severe. April 1st. Went out at 6 AM. To look for a fox that it was alleged (though I don’t believe it) had been doing damage at Kimmerston, found no hen stealer in the whin, but a good fox and went a good pace over Fenton farm, Nesbit and Doddington, across the river at Cuthbertson’s Bridge, across Ewart and Akeld Steads to ground in the Coupland earths. A capital gallop although a pouring wet morning. April 4th. Earle. Found in mr. Hughes plantation but caught him in a very short time. Did not find until we got to Yeavering then ran rings with a bad scent. April 6th. Coldburn. Killed a fox in the Bizzle. Found again at Hethpool in the whin at the water side, went over the Mill hill and down through Harrow Bog, across the river over Hetha, and Trowburn, Coudsmouth, Shotton, and Paston, but he beat me on the dry ploughed land above Kilham. A real good hill run. April 10th. Langleeford. As thick as a hedge, had to come down to Humbleheugh, found and ran fast by the back of Yeavering, over the Torrs to Coldburn Glitters, across the valley and to ground in the Bizzle. A nice gallop through a thick fog. April 13th. Kilham. Found on Kilham hill but a vixen and she luckily got to ground very speedily. Never found again. April 17th. Yeavering. Found on Akeld hill, ran round by the Moor plantations and back onto Yeavering Bell, and lost. Found on Humbleheugh ran very quick along Akeld, over Yeavering bell, Gregory and Kirknewton, over the Torrs as far as the Torr burn glitters, back over Common Run to the back of Yeavering down to the farm place where we killed him. April 20th. Kirknewton. Found on the back of Southern Knowe, and ran to the earth at the back of Yeavering where he went to ground. Did not find again.

The End of the Season of 1884 and 1885

The Season of 1885 & 1886 August 7th.

Yeavering Bell. A thick fog and lots of foxes, a very poor scent and did not get blood. August 11th. Kilham. Nothing but an old fox to be found. August 14th. Tillmouth. Lots of cub but a bad scent, killed one cub. August 18th. Ford Colliery. No cubs, went to Kimmerston whin and found four or five cubs, killed one. August 24th. Fenton Hill. Nothing but old foxes. Found a little in the Red Scar Wood but was stopped by standing corn. August 28th. Kyloe Wood. A shocking bad scent, a poor day. August 31st. Tillmouth. Found in the Nut Wood and as there was a heavy dew there was a fair scent, and we soon killed one. Tried Heaton whin, full of foxes, but no one to help and they went away, could not go far, corn. September 4th. Akeld. No scent whatever. September 7th. Ford. Did not find until I went to the Wilderness and then hot and no scent. September 11th. Horton. Found several cubs, earths all open and they all got to ground. This is the worst stopped place in the hunt. September 14th. Hedgehope. Tried the peathaggs, bolted a fox, he went to ground again directly, and the terriers killed him. Found in Langleeford wood, ran over the Sneer, Hartshaugh Glitters, Wooler Common, by the back of Humbleheugh and pulled him down west of Akeld herds house. An old fox. September 16th. Pallinsburn. A very bad scent, did nothing. September 18th. Murton whin. Rattled a cub about, let him away and ran into him at Longridge kennels. September 21st. Cornhill. Found a lot of cubs and killed one in the ?Coupenny. September 23rd. Milfield. The hill full of foxes, no scent. September 25th. Berrington Dene. Plenty foxes and a fairly good scent, killed a brace and a half. September 28th. Wark Common. Did no good. October 2nd. Kimmerston Dene. A bad windy day. October 5th. Grindon Bridge. Did not find until we got to Till Banks, ran fairly up them. To ground at Berry hill. Found at Woodend, could not run him. Found at Etal ran very fast to ground on Ford Common. October 9th. The Cat. Found three foxes in the whin, let one away and killed him. Drew Haggerston Low Wood ran to Lowlynn and lost him. Found at Barmoor Moss, ran him to ground in the Fawcett earths. A gale of wind. October 12th. Paston. Found a cub in the Lake plantation took him a ring round the other earths and to where we found him, hounds then changed onto an old fox and ran over Shotton, Coudsmouth, Halterburn, and the Black Hagg, over Sourhope Chill and the Green Cribs and pulled him down on the Cocklaw. A fine hill run. October 16th. Pallinsburn – for Lord Percy. Found in the Whin, ran very fast to King Williams up wind, back to the covert down wind no scent at all. Found in Mardon whin ran down or rather slant wind fairly to Branxton Moor, Moneylaws and Downham, torrents of rain and a gale of wind gave it up. October 19th. Doddington. Found and ran to Trickley where I stopped them. Bad scent. Found again and ran round and round for some hours no scent and was beaten at last. October 21st. Milfield. No good. October 23rd. Longridge, Found in Murton whin, took him round by the Dene and up in front of the house and killed him. Found in Berrington Dene but did nothing more. October 26th. Paston. Lots of foxes and a bad scent. October 30th. Twizel. Bad day – but had a fairly good gallop in the afternoon from Etal by Ford Common to ground in Woodend. November 2nd. Cornhill. Found in the Bathing well, ran by West Learmouth, then back to the Coupenny and again to Learmouth and killed him. Found in Wark Common but he got to ground on Presson. Found at Mindrum Mill but ran into him in a few fields. Found at Howtel, ran a ring by Howsden to Milfield Hill and stopped them. November 6th. Felkington. Lots of foxes, a poor scent. November 9th. New Etal. Found in Stotford Head Point, ran through Tillmouth Park and then fast across the Heatons to the Heaton Covert, past the west end of it to the Pallinsburn shrubbery down the drive, across by the back of the Blue Bell Inn and over the hill to Marden, where they raced him in view to Pallinsburn cottage and killed him on the turnpike. Found again but did nothing of much consequence. November 11th. Nesbit. Knocked about in Fenton Hill with a bad scent. Found in Kimmerston whin, ran a great pace by the Wet Field to Ford and into the Castle yard, where he got away somewhere up in the ivy on Lady Heron’s tower. November 13th. The Cat. Found and ran fast to ground on Gatherick links. Found in Windmill Hill bog, ran through the Cat, then south over Haggerston, through the Licker Dene and to ground on the Licker Moor. Found in Kentstone Dene, went to ground directly. Found in Fenwick Wood, ran a fast ring by Kyloe Wood and killed him at the Bogle House. November 16th. Wark Common. Found in the whin, ran with a bad scent by Howburn to Pressen Hill and No Man’s Land and lost him. Found at Wideopen, could not run him. Found at Mindrum Mill covert, ran very fast to Cornhill where we stopped as there was a party shooting coverts and Collingwood and his keeper are good friends to foxes. November 20th. Bowsden. Too hard to hunt. Sent hounds into the snow at West Newton whin, found, ran by Kilham, Coudsmouth and the Black Hagg and killed him coming back at Trowburn. November 23rd. Flodden Lodge. Flodden Hill blank. Found at Branxton Moor, ran by Howtel school, over Housden, Milfield West Hill, Lanton. Coupland Drive, through the Wilderness to ground At Galewood. Found in the Red Scar Wood, ran a great pace by the Kimmerston whin, and the Kimmerston farm place to the Whitehill and rolled him over. November 25th. The Kennels. A very windy morning. Found in the Wilderness, ran to the Red Scar Road and up over our hill to Crook house and killed him. A very fast thing. Found in Milfield old covert, ran by Lanton and Sandy House, below Milfield village, over Whitton Hill, the Dene and across to Sandy house Dene and lost him. November 28th. Doddington. Found in the Horton Moor plantation, ran fast to the Hetton Dene, and across the Hetton Burn, where a good few of us got in, myself amongst the number, then by Fowberry to Trickley and lost him. I went home to get changed and left the hounds to draw Horton again, they found but did nothing. November 30th. West Learmouth. Drew everything blank until we got to St. Cuthberts; found a ringing fox, and took him over Melkington and Heaton and killed him at Tillmouth Lodge. Found in Stotford point another bad one and a poor scent. Found in Heaton whin. Scent failed altogether. December 4th. Longridge. All blank until Berrington Dene, found there and ran small rings for a while and killed him. Found in the Threeplee, and ran fast down the Dene, and back again through Felkington whin to ground in the quarry plantation. December 7th. Pallinsburn. Snow and frost, and did not go but took hounds to Milfield Hill on foot and killed a brace. December 11th. Barmoor. Still deep snow, went on foot to Yeavering Bell, found and killed a fox.

December 14th. Wark Common. Found and ran with a bad scent to Shedlaw and Carham. Came back and found again, scent rather improved, ran fastish by Presson and Mindrum Mill to ground in a drain near the Mindrum Mill herd’s house. Found in Moneylaws hill, ran very fast by Branxton Moor and Butterlaw to ground in the mill race conduit at Thornington. December 18th. New Haggerston. Did not find until we got to the young covert south of Brackenside, ran well to Ford Moss, and Ford Common, to Slainsfield, the Rhodes’ whin, Berryhill Crags, Woodend and back to Ford Colliery whin where we changed foxes and went on by Barmoor and back to Hunters Hill and Fenton Hill and round and round until foxes were done, and had to give it up. A good days hunting but unsatisfactory for hounds. December 21st. Pallinsburn. Found and ran fast by Old Heaton to Stotford where the hounds divided. I went on with the run fox over Heaton and Marldown, Barelees and through the Coupenny at Cornhill, then by Cramonds hill and old Heaton back into the Pallinsburn covert. I got a bad fall and got kicked at the ditch between Barelees and Campfield and could not get on for some time, when I got to Pallinsburn, there was a lot of shouting and row going on and hounds heads up and the fox lost. Found at Butterstone, ran a great pace over Moneylaws to Downham and back to Branxton Moor and lost him at Branxton Hill. December 23rd. Yearle. Found in the Happy Valley, raced him over the Moor to Langlee and back to Middleton Dene, where two hounds caught him on the bank but rolled down and let him go and he got into a hole under a tree root a minute afterwards. Found at Hartsheugh ran over the Sneer to Langleeford and lost. December 26th. Twizel. Riffington etc blank. Found in the Nut wood, went to ground in a hundred yards. Found at St. Cuthbert’s ran a ring by Tillmouth Park, Heaton and Melkington back to St. Cuthberts whin, then to Tillmouth to ground in a drain. December 28th. Paston. A fearful gale of wind, could hardly sit on our horses. Found in Paston and ran into a conduit neat the river. Gave it up and came home. January 1st. Bowsden. Found in Duddo quarry plantation ran through the Threeplee across the Berrington Dene past Woodend, and Pigg’s plantation, by the east of Berryhill, over Greenlawalls, and the Red Burn Dene, Tindal House and Tiptoe, across the river at Heaton Mill and into a drain on Stotford Head. Next morning he was lying at the mouth dead. A fast and good run. January 4th. Carham. Did not find until Wark Common, where we got a bad fox, who went to Carham and back by Shedlaw. Found a fox in a ploughed field at Wark Common, got a good start with him and ran fast to Haddon Rig, over the burn to ?Lampillaw and by Holefield to Presson and Learmouth; over Wark and Simonlaws and to ground on Presson. A ring but a capital run. January 8th. Doddington. Frost January 11th. Pallinsburn. Frost. January 15th. The Cat. Found and went well by Haggerston to Beal Station and to Kentstone Dene, through Kyloe Wood and Fenwick wood back to Kentstone, a heavy shower of sleet came on and stopped hounds running. A capital gallop. January 18th. Pallinsburn. Frost. January 21st. Red scar. Frost. My dear old father died this morning at one o’clock. January 22nd. Horton. Abandoned. ********************************************************* January 29th. Horton. The hounds went out, I did not. They killed a brace. February 1st. Pallinsburn. Frost. February 3rd, Ancroft. Frost. February 8th. Wark Common. Frost. February 10th Ford Bridge. I did not go, the hounds I hear had a bad day. February 12th. Norham Castle. Found a vixen in Horncliffe Dene a twisting brute and could make nothing of her. Found in Berrington Dene ran to the Felkington Quarry plantation to ground. Found in Berrington Dene next the Threeplee, ran fast by Aydon Dene, Duddo tower, Greenlawalls, Berryhill, Pigg’s planting, Woodend and back to Berrington Dene and stopped them as they changed foxes. A good quick gallop. February 15th. Wark Common. I was not out. No sport I hear. February 17th. Ewart Lodge. I am still in the house with bad cold. No sport. February 19th. Tindal House. Snow. February 22nd. Pallinsburn. We killed a fox but it was a very poor day. February 26th. The Cat. Hardly huntable with snow. Found and ran well considering over Scremerston and Allerdean to Berrington Dene. Found it would not do, so went home. March 1st. Wark Common. Snow. Snow until the 22nd March. March 22nd. Flodden. Still too much snow and very bad riding. Found in King’s Chair, ran through Flodden by Blinkey and Branxton Moor, over Moneylaws and Downham and lost him. Could not get to hounds for snow wreaths. Found in Marden Whin went east across the road down to Fish’s Stead and over Flodden Hill and stopped hounds going up into the snow at Howtle whin. March 25th. Kyloe Crags. A poor day’s sport. March 29th. Mindrum Mill. Found in the Whin, ran very fast by No Man’s Land and Wideopen, over Bowmont Hill, up Paston Hill to the Shotton Covert along the glen to Yetholm Mains where I viewed him in the same field with the hounds but he got into the oustead somewhere, and could not get him. Heavy sleet showers. Found again in Wark Common, ran by Carham and ?Nottylees, to Haddon Rigg and ?Reddan and back to Heddon and lost him. A good day. March 31st. Tindal House. Found in Berrington Dene, ran over the road south east to Berrington Law, by Bowsden whin, back over the Berrington Dene by North Ancroft, Ancroft village, Scremerston, Allerdean and back into the Dene. A letter S but a good gallop. April 2nd. Red Scar. Found in Kimmerston whin, ran very fast to Fenton Hill and killed him. Did not do much more, April 5th. Longknowe. Found at Paston, ran past Longknowe over Kilham Hill and Elsdon Burn to the Black Hagg and stopped them going into Scotland. April 9th. Middleton hall. A gale of wind, ran a vixen to ground and left her, but some of the Wooler people took her and six cubs out and killed them. April 12th. West Newton. Found and had a fine run and killed him. April 16th. Yeavering. Had two good gallops, killed a very old fox, must have been 12 years old he had only one tusk left and it was jet black and worn quite flat and square on the top, but the fox was strong and healthy. April 19th. Coldburn. Fog. April 22nd. Humbleton. Found in the back of Humblehaugh and had a capital run by Wooler Common, over Common Burn, Cold Burn and the Torrs, by the back of Yeavering Bell and Akeld and killed him in the Hare Law.

End of the Season of 1885 and 1886.

The Glendale Foxhounds were now hunted for two seasons by the Hon: F. W. Lambton and occasionally by myself when they were sold by me to Mr. ?T./?St L. ?Walker/Wallar to hunt the Croome country. I kept no diary of these two seasons.

Mr Grey’s Foxhounds. Season 1892 and 93.

Major Hunter of Antons Hill master of the Berwickshire not being able to hunt the whole of this country lent me a portion, being all south of the Road from Barmoor to Routin Lynn to Redscar to Flodden Tile Sheds to Howtle to Kilham to Longknowe (including their covert) to Yetholm Mains. I got 14 couple of hounds from the Dartmoor, Tickham and Cleveland. Commenced cubbing on:- Tues. Sep: 6th Longknowe. A leash of foxes in the whin but a bad scent in covert, knocked them about in covert for 1 ½ hours and then left and drew the bracken on Kilham Hill found a cub and ran fast round and round the hill and killed him found another and ran him for 20 minutes and killed him. Killed a badger in Longknowe whin. Tues: Sep 13th. Yeavering. Found on Akeld Moor ran over Harelaw and back along the face of Akeld Hill by the moor plantation over to Humbleheugh and back, and gave him up, scent bad. Fri: Sep. 16th. Fenton. Several foxes but a gale of wind and could do no good. Tues: Sep 20th. West Newton. Found in face of Kilham Hill above Farm place ran west to the outer hill opposite Longknowe and over the hill to West Newton whin, past Elsdon Burn, over Hetha, College, and through Harrow Bog to the top of Southern Knowe, along the top of the Torrs and over Yeavering Bell, saw hunted fox close in front of hounds above ?us on the hill when a fresh fox jumped up and before got at them to stop them the run fox was lost. A capital run but very unfortunate. Mon: Sep. 26th. Milfield. Found a lot of foxes, ran one from the old covert with only a middling scent by the West Covert and Kypie and back to ground. Found another and ran down past the house here across the Common Loanen, Sandyhouse Dene, Manor West covert, Crookhouse back thro’ Sandyhouse Dene and Lanton Dene down Lanton Hall, to ground at Lanton in a rabbit hole. Killed him. Thurs: Sep. 29. Milfield. Hunted the hill again, not so many foxes, ran over fast from the old covert by my herd’s house to Flodden Hill, through the Kings Chair by Flodden edge and Kypie, back to the old covert and lost him. Tues: Oct 4. Yearle. Found at Middleton Hall, ran by Skirl naked to Yearle whin and Kettles, back by Happy Valley and slowly to Ilderton Dene and stopped. Found in Akeld Moor plantation ran by back of Yeavering, Akeld Hill, Wooler Common, Watch Hill, Hartsheugh Glitters where hounds slipped over and went on over Broadstruther by Goldscleugh and over the top of Cheviot and where after I cannot say as they did not come home till next morning. Tues: Oct 11 Longknowe. Drew the whin blank. Found an old fox on Kilham ran by W. Newton whin, by Hethpool, over Hethpool Bell, Kirknewton Hill up the face of the inner Torr and over the top where they got away from us and ran by themselves to Hartsheugh. Oct 18th. Fenton. A lot of foxes but no scent. Fri: Oct: 21st. Coupland. Drew the drive blank. Found in Wilderness ran to Coupland earths where he crossed the river which was too big for horses, so stopped hounds. Found Sandy house Dene, ran round and round and every fox in the parish, too many foxes. Tues: Oct: 26th. Harrow Bog. Too hard to hunt there, came to Lanton and killed a fox on Howsden. Mon: Oct 31st. Milfield. Drew the Wilderness blank. Found in Lanton Dene, ran by Sandy House Dene over to Milfield old covert, past Kipie over Howsden to Hungry House round the hill and back to Kipie to the old covert, across to the Common Loanen, Sandy House Dene, Lanton road, and past Sandy House to the Red Scar Road, then by Marley Knowe back by Sandy House Dene, and Milfield Old Covert and into Milfield lambing Sheds and killed him. Two hours a bad scent and too many foxes making it hard to stick to the hunted one. Killed another in Flodden Strips. Fri: Nov: 4. Middleton Hall. Drew the plantation, Yearle Whin and Wooler Common blank. Found in Humbleton Moor, ran north over Akeld Moor by the plantation and over the hill back by Akeld Dene, over Harelaw and Bender Dene to the road, along to Akeld Station, up the face of Akeld Hill to ground on Akeld Moor, took him out and killed him. Another fox in the hole put him away, ran over the moor, over Akeld Hill, down the Dene to the farms place and killed him. Wed: Nov: 9. West Newton. Found a fox in Longknowe, ran very fast by Shotton Hill and West of Paston Lake, along the hill above the house, across the East End of the Whinney Braes, over Kilham farm, up Kilham Hill to the top and down to Thompson’s Walls and into Longknowe covert, fox dead beat but no scent in covert and could not kill him. Mon: Nov: 14. Doddington. Wrangham Moss. Blank. Found in Fenton Hill but went to ground at once in the rocks. White hill blank. Pike hole do. Found in Red Scar, ran down the Woods and by Kimmerston Whin back to the Warren to ground. Fri: Nov: 18. Lanton Mill. Very hard, did not hunt till 12. Crookhouse Broom blank. Also West Covert. Found in Milfield old covert, ran very fast over Sandy House Dene back by the Mid: Common, through the strips to Flodden and onto ground where the frost rhyme was lying, where hounds could not run at all. Found again in Sandy house Dene, raced across the road at Sandy house down to the turnpike where again the white ground stopped them.Tues: Nov: 22. Kirknewton. Thompson’s Hill end, full of foxes, ran one very fast round Yeavering bell, over the Torrs, and the Mill Hill, down thro’ Harrow Bog, across College across Hethpool and killed him near the West Newton march. Found in Hethpool Bell, ran exactly the same line but lost him at the water below Harrow Bog. Mon: Nov: 28. A gale of wind, so could not hunt in the hills. Came to Wilderness, blank. Chopped a fox in Coupland Drive. Found in Sandy House Dene, , such a hurricane could do no good, gave it up. Fri: Dec: 2. Kirknewton. Snow. Wed: Dec. 7. Barmoor. Hard frost. Mon: Dec: 12. Barmoor. Fields rideable but roads sheets of ice. Found in Barmoor Moss but could not run. Wrangham blank. Fenton Hill also. Found in Red Scar, went across the river and past the Plain to Thirlings and across the river again so stopped them. Fri: Dec: 16. Longknowe. Blank. Shotton Whin, ditto. Found in West Newton Whin, ran very fast by Hethpool hill, round Hethpool Bell down to West Newton up the hill and into Kilham then back into Hethpool Bell down the water to W. Newton Bridge and lost him. Found again in Thompson’s Hill end, ran round Hethpool Bell, across the water at W. Newton bridge, up Kirknewton hill over Yeavering bell, by the back of Akeld Hill, to Humbleton march, then over Harelaw Lowe to the Akeld farm place where he got in somewhere. Wed: Dec: 21. Kirknewton. Found our Friday’s fox in Thompson’s Hill end, ran down past the herds house, through the church yard and up over Gregory into Yeavering Bell and killed him – he was stiff from Friday and could not go. Found in ?Munday Cleugh, ran North by the Akeld Herds house along the back of Akeld Hill on to Yeavering Dene, down to the railway, along it to Akeld station and Bendor crossing, then within a field of Ewart bridge, east to the Doddington and ?Turvdaws march – south to Humbleton Low Burn House, past Smarts Mill, over the Kettles, past Yearle whin, across the Happy Valley at Skirlnaked, over Middleton Moor, past South Middleton, west of Ilderton Dene and killed him half a mile west of Roddam Dene on the moor. Mon: Dec: 26 Milfield Very hard. Fri: Dec: 30. Middleton Hall. Very hard. Tues Jan: 3 Humbleton, too hard. Fri: Jan: 6. Milfield, too hard. Tues: Jan: 10. Barmoor too hard there. Went to Fenton, found, ran over Doddington, fast to Hazelrigg Dene, back thro’ Horton , down the hill, over the river above Westwood thropugh Fowberry Park, Trickley, by the Triangel, past Lilburn Hill to the back of Lilburn Tower where I stopped then as Collingwood was shooting. Fri: Jan: 13. Milfield. Still hardish but rideable. Found in Wilderness but could not run. Found in Lanton Whin between the walls, ran down, by Sandy House Dene across the road at Seven Rigg , across the river at the Anna Point, through the Ford Woods, up then to the Red Scar, past Kimmerston and Fenton Demesne, across the river at the Pike Hole, through the Wilderness, past Marley Knowe and Sandy House, up Lanton Hill by Lanton Dene to the Monument, down to Lanton Farm place and killed him. Tues: Jan: 17. Barmoor. Hunted but very hard bad going and no scent. Found in the Moss ran to Fawcett Earths. Found in Kimmerston Dene but stopped hounds. Fri: Jan: 20. Longknowe. A gale of wind. Found in the whin, ran by Shotton Plantation and Lake, by Paston to ground in a conduit at the Railway. Found at Housden, but such a wind, could do nothing. Tues: Jan: 24. Milfield. A field of 40, a gale of wind and no sport. Fri: Jan: 27. Humbleton. Found in Hartsheugh, ran over the Sneer and back to ground on the Glitters, got him out and ran him by Earle Whin through Middleton Hall coverts to opposite Wooler Haugh Head, south by Millicans into Lilburn to Lilburn School House and lost. A bad ringing fox and very poor scent. Wed: Feb: 1. Harrow Bog. Found in the Whin at the waterside, ran down to Hethpool, then up the Torrs as far as the Torr Burn Glen, down over Thompsons, Kirknewton Hill and Gregory, through his garden and through the Kirkyard, along the Haughs by Coupland and Yeavering to Akeld Bridge, up Akeld Hill and along to Bender Dene, back into Akeld Garden and killed him. Mon: Feb 6. West Newton. Found in the whin, ran fast over Newton Hill over inner Kilham, past Longknowe, Thompson’s walls, Coudsmouth, Elsden Burn, and back to the whin and lost him for a while, picked him up again on Kilham ran over the hill and across Kilham Farm to Langham Toll, up the Whinny Braes and killed him at the fence into Longknowe Covert. Very hard day on horses. Fri: Feb: 10.93 – Akeld. Very windy and had a bad day. Akeld all blank, Wilderness do. Found in my Com: ?Lomin and ran badly in rings by Sandyhouse and gave it up. Tues: Feb: 14. Barmoor. A blank day. Fri: Feb: 17. Harrowbog. Found on Gregory and ran east with a poor scent to Yeavering Bell up the face and down the back into the Torrs, down the Torr Burn Glen to Kirknewton Glitters, down to the Station and back by the Kirkyard over Gregory to Yeavering Bell, the Dene, Akeld Hill and Akeld Moor back to Yeavering, down past the farm place to Coupland Ford, down the Haughs to Akeld and up Akeld Hill, stopped them horses all done. Very severe but indifferent scent. Mon: Feb: 20. Wooler Common. All blank until I got to Kirknewton Whin, found and ran over Yeavering Bell and Torrs but did no good. Fri: Feb 24. Shotton Whin blank. Found on Kilham ran round the hill to the farm place and up the glen to Shotton, over Shotton Hill, thro’ by the Lake Plantation and back to Long knowe where he went about a yard into a rabbit hole, broke it down and killed him. Wed: March 1st. Coldburn – deep snow. Fri: Mar: 3. While at exercise ran them through the Wilderness, found and ran by Marley Knowe and Lanton up to Sandy house Dene, too deep in snow and stopped them. Mon: Mar. 6. Milfield. A gale of wind and could do nothing. Fri: Mar: 10. Coudsmouth. Drew all the Paston coverts and Longknowe blank. Awful wind, found in W. Newton Whin ran very fast by Hethpool Bell and back by the whin and back to Kirknewton Hill, but a lot of fresh foxes on foot and gave it up. Tues: Mar 14. Humbleton. Very windy. Found and ran very fast over the Moor and Watch Hill onto Hartsheugh, then by Earle and Wooler Common and lost him amongst sheep. Found again on Akeld, ran down past the station and across Ewart fields, everyone got stuck in wires and do not know what happened, found hounds an hour after at Doddington. Fri: March: 17. Coldburn. Blank, found in Harrowbog and ran to Coldburn Glitters and stopped hounds at the Eagle’s Craig where Bachelor came over and was killed poor dog. Mon: March 20. Middleton Hall. Blank day. Thurs: March 23. Kirknewton. Very hot and dry, ran about the Torrs all day. Fri: Mar: 31. Thornington. Drew all Paston Coverts blank. Found on Kilham, ran by W. Newton whin and Thompson’s Walls over Kilham and W. Newton to Hethpool Bell. Wed: April 5. Halterburn by permission of Ld. Dalkeith. Too hot and dry, no good.

Finish of Season of 1892 and 93. Season of 1893 & 1894

Aug: 29th. Tuesday. The Wilderness at 5.30 AM. Lots of foxes but not an atom of scent. Sep 1st. Friday. Kirknewton at 6.30. Found in the Gregory Whin and ran by Kirknewton Hill end round to Hethpool Bell and back over Gregory, up the face of Yeavering Bell and down the back to ground. Sep 4th. Monday. Longknowe. Found several foxes in the whin but hounds got away on an old one, ran him for an hour and a half, and lost him on the road at Paston. Sep 8th. Friday. West Newton. Found in the whin, ran over Kilham Inner hill and along the face to Thompson’s Walls, over by Elsdon Burn and Hetha to Whitehall, and lost him, came back to the whin and found the same fox ran by Elsdon Burn and Hetha to ground at the end of the Maiden Law Glitters. Killed him. Dog fox. 13 ½ lbs. Sep 12th. Tuesday. Fenton. A lot of foxes, ran in the wood all the morning changing foxes continually and did no good. Found an old fox in the Red Scar ran him down the woods to ground. Sep 15. Friday. Hethpool. Drew the Bell, blank. Blowing a whole gale of wind. Found in Kirknewton Hill end but after a short ring killed him. Dog fox. 14 ½ lbs. Sep 19th. Tuesday, Yearle. The whin blank, also Middleton Hall and did not find till we got to Akeld Moor Plantation, ran over the top of Yeavering Bell by Gregory to Kirknewton Glitters and back to Yeavering Bell, dry as dust and bad scent.

Sep 22nd. Harrow Bog. A gale of wind and wet. Found and ran round the hills for an hour but could make little of it. Sep 26th. Tuesday. Kilham. Drew Longknowe and found, but absolutely no scent. Tried the hill but ground so dry and slippy that horses could not stand so gave it up. Sep. 29th Milfield. Heaps of foxes, killed one and had a ring with another from Sandyhouse Dene by Lanton Ford and Crookhouse, over Housden. Dog fox. 13 lbs. Oct: 3rd . Tuesday. Coupland. Found several foxes in Wilderness and Akeld Steads Bog but no scent at all. Oct: 6: Friday. Harrow Bog. Found and ran for 1 ½ hours and killed. Dog fox. 16 lbs. Oct 13th . Friday. Barmoor. Found in the Moss, ran round by the Castle and Lowick High Stead, Biteabout, across the moor to Curraghmore, Hunters Hill and into Ford Colly whin where there was no scent and could not kill him. Found in Fenton Hill and killed. Dog cub 12 lbs. Oct 16th. Akeld Steads. Killed one in the Bog. Ran another round and round the Wilderness and killed him – broken up before I got him so could not weigh. Dog fox. 15 lbs. Oct 20th . Friday. West Newton. The Duke of Beaufort out. A gale of wind and although found several foxes could not do very much. Oct 24th . Tuesday. Akeld. D: of B: out again and Lady Susan Beresford. Very windy. Found in Mundy Cleugh. 3 foxes ran a ring and lost. Found on Yeavering Bell, ran over the hill and down the end to Kirknewton to the Buttony Stones and killed. Dog fox: 17 lbs. Oct. 27. Friday. Fenton. Found in the hill but changed foxes. Found in Wrangham Bog ran very fast to Hetton Dene and killed. Dog fox – did not weigh. Nov: 1st . Wednesday. Milfield. A very bad day, a gale of wind and no scent. Nov: 6th. Monday. Shotton Whin. Found and ran by Shotton Dene, the Lake Plantations, Whinney Braes, Longknowe, over Kilham, round West Newton Hill and killed in a field behind West Newton oustead. 1 ¼ hours. Dog fox – broken up and did not weigh. Nov 9th. Thursday. Humbleton. Found in Akeld Moor, ran along Akeld Hill, thro’ Dene over Hartlaw, by Wooler Common to Watch Hill, Hartsheugh Glitters, Earle Whin, Humbleheugh to ground in Munday Cleugh – thick as a hedge and rain. Nov: 14th. Tuesday. Red Scar. Found and ran by Fenton town and Fenton Mill, over the Whitehill into Kimmerston Dene and lost, very bad catchy scent. Found several foxes in Fenton Hill but could not run. Nov: 17th. Friday. Middleton Hall. A gale of wind and did not hunt. Nov: 20th. Monday. Ewart Lodge. Fair scent on low ground. Found and ran by Akeld Steads and Akeld Bridge and up the river as far as Yeavering boundary, then up behind Yeavering Bell, down the end, over Gregory to Kirknewton Hill and lost. Nov 24th. Friday. West Newton. Ill in bed with influenza. Suke took 12 couple, drew the whin, capital scent ran round Kilham and back by Thompson’s Walls and W. Newton whin, over Hetha to ground on Maiden Law and killed him. Dec: 1st. Friday. Harrow Bog. Snow. Dec. 4th. Monday. Red Scar. Found and ran up and down the woods, no scent. Found in Wilderness, no scent. Dec: 8th Friday. Longknowe. Too Windy. Dec: 9th. Saturday. Longknowe, instead of yesterday. Found in the whin, ran over Thompson’s Walls to W. Newton whin, east over Newton hill over Kilham inner hill, along the face, down thro’ Longknowe Whin over Shotton Hill and down to the farm place, along parallel with the road to Yetholm Mains, up the glen to Halterburn Whin nearly to Stairhope, down the Hill past Kirk Yetholm across Bowmont, past the Venshen whin to Cherrytrees hill, over Venshen again to Bowmont Hill down and across Bowmont west of Paston, thro’ the Lake Plantation and lost at top of Whinney Braes. A fine holding scent, horses all done. 2 ½ hrs. Dec: 11th. Monday. Harrow Bog. Found in the whin at College side ran over the Torrs and Southern Knowe , Coldside Glitters, by ?Dunsdale and the Bizzel over Cheviot by Henshole, the Red Cribs, over the Chill, down by Mount Hooley and into Cheviot again and stopped hounds. Dec: 15. Friday. Lanton Mill. Found on Housdon, ran fast by Crookhouse Dene and over Lanton to the farm place, to Coupland Lodge, back by Sandyhouse Dene and Common Loanen, Rape hill the Dene, round the house and lost him about the drive. Found the same fox in Sandy house dene, ran by Rape Hill, Flodden strips to Windmill strip and killed him. Dog. 16 lbs. Dec: 18th. Monday. Humbleton. Found at Middleton Hall, ran up the Happy Valley, by Skirlnaked to Earle whin, the Kettles, over Horsdon, down to Earle Mill, across the water and railway to Haugh Head and Middleton Mill, up to Middleton Hall young plantation across the Happy Valley and through Earle Whin and Kettles, down Horsdon into Wooler and killed him in the town. Dog fox. 16 lbs. Dec: 22nd. Friday. Barmoor. Drew the Moss blank. Found in the Hole Meadow plantation, ran north by Bowsden Village, across the turnpike down the boundary between Bowsden and Berrington on to S. Berrington and up the side of the plantation in Dene nearly to Bowsden Whin, South by the west side of Bowsden village by Woodside and Barmoor Buildings, thro’ Winterburn, by the back of Barmoor Castle, past Bowsden on the east, down the Licker Dene, across the low turnpike and down the Lowlynn Dene to Lowlynn Hill where heavy steel steel showers came on and could not hunt him. 2hrs. Dec: 26. Tuesday. West Newton. Found in Canna Mill Bog, but could only run him very badly. Found in Longknowe and ran over the hill to West Newton 4 times and back to the whin, the last time got him away towards Paston but ran into the Berwickshire coming from Bowmont Hill. 2 hrs with a bad scent. Dec: 29. Friday. Akeld. Found on the hill and ran down by the station and up by Yeavering boundary and on over Akeld Drive to Humbkleton and down to Glen and up again for 1 ½ hrs and killed him in Akeld Dene. Jan 1. Monday. Akeld Steads. Found and ran very fast up the side of the Wilderness, past Coupland earths, across the river, up the Akeld and Yeavering boundary up the hill and into Yeavering Bell and lost. Did very little more. Jan 10th. Middleton Hall. Hard frost. Jan 12th. Friday. Harrow Bog, ran backwards and forwards all day. Jan. 16th. Tuesday. Red Scar Bridge. Found and ran nicely by Kimmerston Whin, Kimmerston farm, the Whitehill, across the Dene by Ford Wood House, over the hill into Ford Moss, and through the Colliery Whin and killed him. Found in Fenton Hill, ran fast along and back again to ground., the earths open. Tried Wrangham Moor, blank. Jan: 19. Friday. Humbleton Mill. Found in Earle whin, ran fast by Skirlnaked across the Happy Valley, over Middleton North moor into Middleton Hall coverts, down the Dene and killed. Hounds divided going thro’ Middleton Hall young covert and took a fox away by Wooler Com: & Humbleton, down Akeld Hill, past the station, up the river to the Coupland earths and killed him in the Coupland Drive. Found in Hartsheugh Glitters ran over Broadstruthers and along the ridge above Langleeford and Langlee hope onto Cheviot along the top above Goldsheugh to ground in a peak hag above the Bizzel. Jan 24. Wednesday. West Newton. Very hard and very windy. Looked over the hounds in the morning with Scarth Dixon (Ebor) and hunted at 12 o’ clock at Wilderness – found but went to ground in Coupland earths at once. Found in Reedsford whin, ran very fast over Housden and Coldside and the Manor, down Sandyhouse Dene to the bottom, across to the Common Loanen, into the village and in and about the Demesne stackyard and garden, across by the kennels into the drive and lost him. Jan: 29. Monday. Halterburn. Snow and frost. I had whooping cough and could not go but sent the hounds. More snow there and huntable. Found in Halterburn Whin, round the foot of Stairhope, to the Cuz, across the valley by Halterburn Head, along the Elsdon Burn march to Coudsmouth and in to West Newton and Kilham Hill, here the wind had swept the snow off and ground very hard and scent spoilt, the fox got down about the buildings at Kilham oustead and was lost. Feb 2nd. Friday. Barmoor. I was not well enough to go. Sent the hounds, blowing a hurricane and they did nothing. Feb 5th. Monday. Akeld. Found on Akeld Hill, ran along the face and over Yeavering Bell, Gregory, Kirknewton Glitters, Hethpool Bell, across the Lim, up the Torrs, along the ridge and over Yeavering Bell, across Akeld Moor by Herds House over Harehope into Humbleton Moor and back to Akeld Moor to ground. Killed him. Feb 9th. Friday. Long knowe. Found in the whin and went by the Whinny Braes and plantation above Paston House, round the hill to the east and over the Kilham fields to the Longknowe road, where hounds divided, the main body going over Kilham Hill on to West Newton down to Canna Mill, along the railway side past Kilham crossing to Langham Bridge up by the end of the Whinny Braes and over Kilham to ground. Killed him. Feb: 12. Monday. Wrangham. Blank. Found on moor behind Fenton Hill, ran through the wood and by Doddington Dene and hill, by Horton marchand thro’ the bog to Heaton House, across Hetton burn, by Hazelrigg Moor nearly to Cockenheugh, by the rifle range down Blagden Dene and to Belford Craigs. Feb: 16th. Friday. Wooler Common Targets. Hard and very thick, did not hunt. Feb 21st. Wednesday. Shotton Whin. Drew Haltersburn Whin, found and ran over Haltersburn Hill and landed amongst thick fog, hounds divided, one lot going into Henshole, another lot to ground west of Yetholm. Another lot ran to ground at Yetholm church and took fox out and killed him. Feb. 26th. Monday. Red Scar. Blank. Wilderness, a fox had been gone before we got there. Found in Milfield west covert ran by Sandy house Dene and Lanton Dene to Lanton Ford, over hill to Crookhouse, round Housden, back to Sandy house Dene down to the road at Sandy house – could not run any further. March 2nd. Friday. Hartsheugh. Blank. Found in Earle whins, ran by Kettles, High Humbleton over the Heugh, by Wooler Common, Hartsheugh Glitters, the Sneer, Middleton N. Moor, South Middleton, ilderton Dene and to railway between there and Middleton. In casting got on a fresh fox and went by S. Middleton to Hedgehope, down the Happy Valley to Earle. Horses all done up and lost hounds. March 5, Monday. Haggerston. All blank till Kimmerston Dene, ran fast by Hunter’s Hill and Kimmerston to ground in Jarkets quarry. Did not find again. March 9th. Friday. Harrowbog. Found too many foxes, ran one over the Torrs and Kirknewton and killed at the railway at Yeavering steads. Vixen 14 lbs. March 12th. Monday. West Newton. Found in whin and ran to ground on Kilham. Found on Kilham, ran round it and there divided, our lot killing a fox at Lanton Dene. March 13th. Thursday. Akeld steads. Wilderness blank. Did not find till Housden, ran a ring by Lanton Ford and Sandy house Dene, and back to Housden and to Crookhouse Broom and killed him. March 19th. Monday. Haltersburn. Found in whin – ran a fast ring for 35 minutes and killed. Drew Long knowe, found a vixen and left her. March 23rd. Harrowbog. Found on Mill Hill, ran for ¾ hours and killed. Found in W. Newton whin, killed in ¼ hour. March 26th. Monday. Wooler Common Very few foxes – had a poor day. March 30th. Friday. Henshole. Did not draw it, so misty on hill. Found on Maiden Law, ran for 25 mins over Hetha and up the river to Whitehall and killed. Got another in Buttony Stones, ran and the people killed him in a turnip house. April 22nd. Monday. Halterburn. Did not find till Westnewton and killed in 10 minutes. Found in Kilham, ran down to Canna Mill and round by West Newton, back over Kilham, through Kilham ousted to Paston and lost him in the dry plough.

Finish of Season 1893 and 94

Season of 1894 & 1895

Aug: 24th. Fri: Akeld Steads. Lots of foxes but no scent. Aug. 31st. Fri: Fenton. No scent. Sep: 5th. Wed: West Newton, whin blank, killed a brace on the hill. Sep 10. Mon: Harrow Bog. Bad scent. Sep 14. Fri: Milfield. Found and killed after about an hours hunting. Sep: 18, Tues. Longknowe, blank. Found on Kilham, ran to ground and killed him. Sep: 21. Fri: Sandy house. Killed a fox after an hour in the Dene. Found in Lanton Dene, ran to Housden and Crookhouse and onto West Newton Hill and killed him. Sep: 24 Mon: Yearle. Blank. Found old fox at Middleton Hall, ran fast to ground at back of Ilderton Dodd. Sep 28th. Friday. Ewart Park – 7.30. Fine scent, ran fast to Scar Wood and stopped hounds. Came back, found again and ran to ground in Coupland earths. Oct 1. Mon: Yeavering at 8. Poor scent. Ran on the hill for an hour. Found on Kirknewton Glitters, ran over Gregory and Yeavering Bell and down by farm place across Glen to Coupland and Lanton and lost him. Oct: 5. Fri: Red Scar at 9. good scent but bad luck, drowned first fox in river and ran second to ground. Oct 13th. Monday. Fenton. Lots of foxes and no scent, did no good. Oct: 19. Friday. Harrow Bog. Found and ran on the hills for ½ an hour then across at Whitehall and over Hetha, by Trowburn, Elsdon Burn Shank, Coudsmouth, Halterburn, west of Yetholm, across Bowmont to the Venshen oustead where he got in somewhere. Oct 22. Mon. Barmoor. Found several foxes in the Moss but did not get away. Found in the Hole Meadow plantation and ran fairly well to Dryburn Kiln to ground. Drew Kimmerston Dene blank. Found in Scar wood but scent gone. Oct 26, Fri: Akeld. All blank, till Kirknewton Hill end, ran over Torrs and round by West Newton and Kirknewton and Torrs and Harrow Bog and gave him up. Oct. 30. Tues: First day regular hunting. Ewart. Found immediately, ran fast by S. Lodge, Akeld Steads, Turvilaws. Wooler Brewery, Whitsunbank and killed him on Lilburn Hill. Found at Coupland ran very fast by Sandy House Dene Milfield Hill to Horsdon where there were several fresh foxes. Nov: 2. Fri: W. Newton. Everything blank till Coudsmouth. Found and raced by the Shank, W. Newton whin, Hethpool Bell, the foot of the inner Torr and into Yeavering Bell and lost. Nov: 5: Mon: Halterburn. Found in the whin ran fast west by back of Stairhope, along the ridge and to the Cuzz, across to Maiden law and Coudsmouth, across Elsdon Burn, to Hethpool and Harrow Bog and lost, very fast. Nov: 9. Fri: Lanton Ford. Found in Lanton Dene and ran over Milfield Hill to Horsdon, by Crookhouse and back to Lanton to ground. Found in Sandy House Dene and ran badly all over the hill with a bad scent. Nov: 13. Tues. Fenton. Found several foxes ran over to ground at Horse Bog. Went with another through the gardens by Wooler edge and Wrangham and killed him at Hetton Steads. Found in Red Scar, crossed river and ran to Glen mouth, across again by Fenton and Fenton Hill to Whitehill and Kimmerston and lost. Nov: 16. Frid: Middleton Hall. Found and raced to South Middleton Dene to ground. Found on Hartsheugh and ran round by the Sneer and back by Hartsheugh, Weeton Hill and to Wooler Common and killed. Nov: 20. Tues. Longknowe. Found and raced by Shotton whin and over the hill to Shotton Dene and killed him. Found in Shotton plantation and ran by Longknowe and Thompsons Walls, Shotton whin, up Coudsmouth to Halterburn plantation, over Coudsmouth again and by the Shank to Long Knowe to ground. Nov: 23 Fri: Kypie. Found in the whin, ran very fast over Housden to Reedsford and back over to the Big Plantation and killed. Found in Lanton Dene ran to Housden and Reedsford and lost. Found at Lanton behind the Herds House, ran a great pace over Lanton Hill and Housden to Crookhouse and killed. Nov: 27. Tues: Barmoor. Found in ?Dunsal young plantation and went away as if for Woodside, but hounds got a view of him and rolled him over in three fields. Found in Fenton but Sanderson ran in and I stopped and went to Red Scar, found ran by Fenton and Nesbit across river, down Ewart Haughs to Scar Bridge, across and down woods and lost. Dec 3. Wooler Common, drew all blank to Yeavering. Found in west end of Bell and ran over top and over Akeld hill by the Moor plantation and back along back of Yeavering Bell, Yeavering Dene, Coupland Foxholes, along the haughs to Akeld Station, up Akeld Hill, along to Bender Dene, down Humbleton fields to the river, up the haughs to Akeld Bridge and killed. Dec. 7. Fri: West Newton. Found in Canna Mill bog and crossed Bowmont up Crookhouse hill to the ?Manors, up side of Black Plantation, over Kypie’s Hill, past the whin, across Howtel road, over Howtle Hill as if for ?Bulters stones along the top and to the ?north of Kings Chair and Flodden, down to Flodden Lodge and the Linthaugh and by Heatherslaw village, thro’ the gardens and on by Sandy fords to Till, up the Haughs to Ford Forge across the river and up the tunnel of the Tals race, over the water wheel, thro’ the shops and out of the door onto the turnpike, on by Etal Drive, up Latham Hill and to Stainsfield, over Rhodes’ past the old whin and Berry hill moor to Gatherick, across Greenlaw ?walls west of Duddo and lost him at Duddo village. Dec: 11. Halterburn. Whin blank. Found in Shotton whin, ran by end of Coudsmouth and Halterburn, very fast for 15 mins and killed. Found in Longknowe, ran fast to ground in Whinny Braes, did not find again. Dec: 14. Fri: Ewart. Blank. Found in Coxon strip and ran fast down to Red Scar up Ewart Haughs to Fenton Burn mouth across by Nesbit and Fenton Lodge into Fenton hill, along the moor and to ground near the ?succeccer house. Found in the ?Beuaeh at the Scar ran fast to Ford Moss and to ground in a rock Hole on Hunters Hill. Dec: 19. Wed: Kirknewton – Tweed Hill end ran by W. Newton Bridge and along road side thro’ W. Newton kirkyard, up over Gregory and onto Yeavering Bell, over it to the Akeld boundary, down to the Coupland foxholes up the haughs to the Akeld Bridge, across to Wilderness, down the edge and killed him at Akeld Steads in a curtain. Dec: 24. Mon: Milfield. Found in Rackside strip and raced by W. Flodden, thro’ Flodden Hill, by ?Lampie and killed in Blinkbonny strip. Very fast. Found in West covert but he had been gone a bit, ran to Coupland earths to ground. Dec 28. Friday. ?Frosty run. A hurricane and blank day. Stopped by frost till:- March 1st. Friday. Milfield. Very hard and unrideable. Found on Kypie Hill ran round Horsden, by Crookhouse, over Lanton, down by farm place, by Marley Knowe, round Galewood, by Milfield village, up the Dene and to the ?road covert where could run no longer. March 6. Wed: Longknowe. Found in whin ran by Shotton whin over Halterburn to ground. Found Shotton whin ran through Shotton plantations, past Longknowe across Thompsons Walls hill and back of Coudsmouth to ground in same earth on Halterburn. March: 8. Friday. Yearle. Still very hard and dangerous. Found in whin, ran to Hartsheugh Glitters and down to Middleton Hall and back and lost, too many foot people and dogs. March 16. Sat: Kirknewton. Poor scent found in Till end, ran Gregory, Yeavering Bell, Akeld, Harehope and back to ground in Yeavering. March 18. Mon: Did not find till Fenton ran a ring out by Kimmerston Dene and back. Found another and ran by Doddington to ground in the quarry, no scent. March 22. Fri: W. Newton. Found on Kilham and ran a ring for 40 mins to ground poor scent. March 26. Tues: Halterburn, blank. Found at Paston ran a ring by Kilham and Longknowe and ?Shotton and Lake plantation and across the road to the river at Mindrum and lost. Found in Longknowe ran very fast by Shotton, Coudsmouth to ground on Halterburn. April 2. Tuesday. Hethpool, Corbetts keeper (Mr Murray) killed everything. All blank until Elsdon Burn, ran fast to Halterburn and by Coudsmouth and lost at Shotton. Found in Longknowe, ran fast by Shotton Whin and Coudsmouth to ground on Halterburn. April 5. Fri: Langlee. Found in the Glen, ran to Hartsheugh and stopped. Found in Yeavering Bell, ran by Akeld, Harehope, Humblehaugh, Woolder Common and Hartsheugh and stopped them going on to the Glitters. April 8. Mon: Coudsmouth blank. Found in Shotton plantation, ran over by Shotton whin, Coudsmouth, Thompsons Walls, Kilham to Canna Mill and along waterside to Kilham and Whinny Braes. April: 11. Thurs: Humblestone. Found on Hartsheugh Glitters and ran to N. Middleton Moor and lost. April 16. Tues: Torr Herds House. Found on Kilham, ran fast round the hill, down to Canna Mill Bog and lost near the station. Finished the season.

Hounds chop a quarry when they kill it immediately they put it up, before it has a chance to run.
April 9th "Oustead" (A.-S.) In use in Northumberland, according to Kennett. ...... The word is originally oustead, one-stead, i. e. one farmhouse and its appurtenances standing solus, ...
Sept 14th Buttony Stones. Cup and ring marked stones east of Wooler.
" Lancer puppy-" written in pencil on mount.
"Pilgrim" written in pencil on mount.
"Lottery" written in pencil on mount.
" Ranger" written in pencil on mount.
" Ranger Badger " written in pencil on mount
"Marksman" Written in pencil on mount
" Badger " written in pencil on mount.
Loose at the back of the diary are a photograph of the first meet of the North Northumberland and a cutting. headed: "100 Years Ago Today".

100 Years Ago Today.

A reprint in the Berwick Advertiser of 1979 of a hunt in April 1879.

On Saturday the Northumberland and Berwickshire foxhounds met at Milfield Hill, the residence of G. A. Grey, Esq., and a very large number of ladies and gentlemen were present. After refreshments served in their usual liberal form, a move was made to a narrow plantation running parallel with a road known as the "Common Lane." A fox at once started away southward, but scarcely a mile had been covered when he turned to the north, then headed east, running between Milfield and Milfield Hill towards the River Till. After crossing the main road, he quickly retraced his steps westward, nearly meeting the hounds, and closely skirting the north and west side of Milfield and taking refuge in the garden attached to the Post Office. The protection afforded by the ivy-covered garden chair was of short" duration; the hounds quickly roused him from his rest, and by a desperate struggle he made his way down the garden through the army of dogs —which were closing him in on all sides—and entered the premises of the Post Office by the back door — which, with the front entrance, had in the meantime been opened — scarcely a foot in front of the dogs. Winding his way through the Post Office by the clear courses quickly made for him, he passed out at the front, closely followed and severely pressed by the dogs. Crossing the road, he entered a cottage, the door of which was open. The postmaster, John Clark, was the only man present to enter the cottage. Closing the door behind him, he witnessed a scene simply indescribable. The dogs were savagely jolting about, articles of furniture were knocked down in all directions, and crockery got into grievous trouble. Under a bed was the fox and as many dogs as could manage to force their way. The postmaster, reaching under the bed with his hand, caught the fox by the foot, pulling him out as he gave the last struggle and died. All was over, and several minutes elapsed ere the huntsman or any of the riders reached the scene. On their arrival, however, the extraordinary affair created an immense interest, and was energetically discussed by the great number of gentlemen present. The postmaster, J. Clark, being the only person at the death in the cottage, the "brush" was kindly handed to him by the huntsman. After an interval another fox was sought and found. A long and severe run resulted in a second kill, which finished the day's work.
Right: Glendale hunt button, with the Grey crest of a scaling ladder. Photo by Bob Evers.
Below: Glendale hunt buttons. Thanks to Marna Wainberg for the photo.
Above right: Book illustration of Glendale hunt button from Dr. Tudor G. Thomas-Davies, avid collector of hunt buttons, who says 'being a flat, engraved gilt button, is was the "dress" version worn on evening tails, rather than the struck one that would have been worn on the hunt coat in the field.' It's possible that the fox illustration was made by George.