It was recently sold again, the sale blurb boasting a strong connection with Josephine Butler although the family knows of no such link.
Middle Ord House, built in 1783 was the home of a branch of the Grey family descended from John Grey the brother of George Grey of Sandyhouse. By the 1870s , Christian Margaret Grey the only child of George Grey of Heton was the sole heiress of Middle Ord. She married her cousin George Grey of Milfield Hill on 24 July 1878, so the house passed into the Milfield branch of the family. His son Ivar Grey lived here with his wife Kathleen and two of their children Angela and Lina were born here. The photograph on the left was taken in September 1920, probably by Hestia Grey. Kathleen sold the house in the 1950s, when it was bought by the Dixon Johnsons who had married into the Grey family and lived there into the late 1970s. The photograph below was from the sale catalogue.
Left: Ivar's children; Jack, Robert, Het, Bai and Angela Grey outside the front door.

Left: Ivar Grey outside the front door.
Ivar Grey in the driving seat surrounded by his children.
Claire Grey outside the front of the house in summer 1999.
The house photographed by Claire Grey in summer 1999 when it was being run as a B and B by Mr. and Mrs. Gray. No relation as far as we know.
Above: A large carved stone at the side of the house which is inscribed E Grey. 1801.
Above: Stained glass in the inner front door, looking out into the garden. Summer 1999.
A poll book of 1841 lists George Grey at Middle Ord.

"Married . On Saturday last in Scotland, Mr Gray, of Middle Ord, near Berwick upon Tweed to Miss Purvis of New Etal." The Newcastle Courant Saturday July 30, 1803.

"Married At Tweedmouth, John Gray, esq. of Middle Ord, to Miss Ann Coulter, of Tweedmouth. The Monthly Magazine, Volume 35 pg 1813" Died, Tweedmouth Much lamented- The 19th inst. at The Lodge, Tweedmouth , deservedly regretted Anne, relect of John Grey, Esq., of Middle Ord." The Newcastle Courant Saturday November 23, 1833
It appears that the house was built by the Blackett family in 1783 and sold 5 years later to the Greys in 1788. "John Grey of Heton purchased lands in Middle Ord in 1788; died 2nd October 1817 aged 71." Buried at Tweedmouth. History of Northumberland Family Tree.
From: History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the Counties of Durham and Northumberland‬ 1828, a book digitised by Google.
John's oldest son was George who married Isabella Morrison in 1823 in Berwick and died in 11th July 1852. He was also buried at Tweedmouth. He had no children and gave Middle Ord to his nephew George Grey of Heaton who died on 25 August 1865. George farmed Old Heaton where his daughter Christian Margaret was born. His wife died in 1863 and Christian was only five years old when he died. She was the sole heiress. Her father had made Robert George Bolam and William Douglas executors of his will and the guardians of his daughter so they may have made the decision to sell the contents. Christian gave Middle Ord to her son George Henry Ivar Grey, who died in 1943. His wife Kathleen Grey sold it. She didn't want Cuthbert John Dixon- Johnson and his wife Molly to have it, but they sent someone else to the auction and succeeded in buying it. John Dixon-Johnson died in 1976 at Middle Ord and his wife Molly lived there until her own death when it was sold.
Below: Two bills for the lease of the Grass Parks at Middle Ord in March 1863 and March 1864, one year before George Grey died.

Most documentary evidence records that George Grey was of Middle Ord but entries in the Visitor book for Bamburgh Castle dated 1808, include: "Mr. Purvis from New Etall Northumberland. Mrs. Purvis. Mr. Edward Grey from Middle Ord Northumberland. Mr. Grey from West Ord . Mrs. Ord from West Ord." This may be Edward, son of John and Patience Anderson who later lived at Ford Hill.

The Purvis Family. The Grey family tree records that John Grey and Patience Anderson's daughter Mary Grey married Geo. Purvis of New Etal in September 1803. This is confirmed by a notice in the Newcastle Courant of Saturday September 17, 1803: " Married on the sixth inst. Mr George Purves of New Etal, to Miss Gray, of Middle-Ord, nr. Wooler." Another marriage for him to a Hannah Robson can be found in 1834. A George Purvis , 55, can be found on the 1841 census at Harper ridge Farm, Norham parish, Cornhill, married to Hannah aged 50, which seems to indicate that Mary had died. It is not known if they had any children.




MR PURVES is favoured with the instructions from the Executors of the Will of the late GEORGE GREY, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at MIDDLE ORD, on WEDNESDAY, 11TH OCTOBER, 1865, at Ten o’Clock Forenoon,


A Quantity of SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PLATE, CHINA, CRYSTAL, NAPERY, &c., comprising the Furniture of Drawing Room, Dining Room, Parlour, Six Bed Rooms, Lobby, Kitchens, Milk House, &c.

There is upwards of 300 oz. Silver Plate, a Quantity of Antique China, amongst which is a teapot, said to have been used by Queen Elizabeth.

The Crystal consists of Decanters, Spirit Bottles, Rummers, Tumblers, Champagne, Claret, and Wine Glasses, Custard Cups &c., and the Napery of Table-Cloths, Counterpanes, Sheets, Towels, Bolster and Pillow Slips, Blankets, &c.



Two Double Barrel Guns, Shot Bag, and Powder Flask; Milner’s Fire Proof Safe; 2 violins and Bows.


On View the Day before the sale.

Details of the above in Catalogues which may be obtained on application to the AUCTIONEER.

Hide Hill,

Berwick, 20th Sept., 1865