We regret to record that Mr. C W. Dixon Johnson, Croft House, Croft-on-Tees and Hethpool, Wooler was killed in action at the Front on October 9th. Deceased who was 43 years of age, was serving as a Private in the West Yorks, married a daughter of the late Mr. George Grey of Milfield, Wooler and was the second son of the late Cuthbert Greenwood Dixon Johnson of Oakwood Croft. He leaves a widow and three young children who reside at Leeside Berwick, and with them the deepest sympathy is felt.

Freddy was the third child of George and Christian Grey. She was the only one of their two daughters to marry and her wedding may be one of the last big celebrations at Milfield Hill.

Group photograph dated 1932 & 1934, which is stamped "Allied Newspapers, Manchester". John Dixon Johnson's writing on the reverse: " NCOH (Northern Counties Otter Hounds) about 1934 left to right Capt Will Burrill Robinson, Sammy Sadler, C. J. Dixon-Johnson (Hon Sec) Mrs Sadler, Harry Davies (Huntsman) Seated Ned Raynor (Middleham)." The poles were for walking with and were invaluable when wading in rivers. A pre-WW2 copy of Baily's Hunting Directory records that in 1936 the Master was C. Riddell. Joint Hon Secs were P.C. Swan, Esq., Ewart, Newtown, Wooler; Rev. R. W. Bell, Stamfordham, Newcastle and C. J. Dixon-Johnson Esq., Middleham.

Thanks to Bob Evers for the picture and the information.

Christian Elfreda Grey ( Freddy)

Born 22 Dec 1883 at Milfield Hill

Married 17 Dec 1907 at Kirknewton, Charles William Dixon Johnson

She died on 23 May 1955 at 148, Glasgow Road, Edinburgh and is buried at Fireburn.

Left: 35mm contact prints from an envelope of photographs from WW2. Mostly unmarked. Some of Jerusalem and the River Jordan in Sept 1941, and some of Egypt showing the pyramids, the Nile, and Cairo in 1943. The caption on the back seems to say "at Syria".

John Dixon-Johnson

Charlie and Freddy's son Cuthbert John Dixon-Johnson was known by his second name.

Part of a set of photos showing, the desert, an army mess and a swimming pool. The man on the right looks like John Dixon Johnson.
He died in 1976.
Left: This picture is not captioned but may be John Dixon- Johnson. He broke his nose when he was a boy and it was never straightened.
He married Molly Davy. They bought Middle Ord House when it was sold by Kathleen Grey.
Above: Cutting found among family papers.
Charlie was a keen huntsman who rode with George Grey. His fox hunting diary can be read here.

Charles William Dixon-Johnson

In the 1901 census he was living at Oakwood, Croft, Durham, aged 25 with his widowed mother aged 58 & 5 servants. In the 1911 census (below) he was living at Croft House, Croft, Durham, aged 35 married to Freddy, aged 27, with Cuthbert aged 2. He enlisted in Newcastle on Tyne, into the Prince of Wales Own ( West Yorkshire Regiment) 1/7th battalion. Number 54593.

His name is on the Tyne Cot Memorial Zonnebeke West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium. Here.
Above: A memorial plaque to Charlie in Kirknewton Church.
His older brother Cuthbert Francis Dixon-Johnson died in 1939.
He retired in 1965.
The Dixon-Johnsons were descended from Greys.

Johnson Family Bible. The British and Foreign Bible Society, sold to Subscribers at the Society's House, Earl Street, Blackfriars, London. Dated 1856. Page before last:

Age 76 years Miss Grey died May 17th Saturday 1873 & was buried at Billingham May 22

Anna Grey Smith died Dec 24th 1863 16 years burial Billingham

Fanny Grey Smith died Dec 6th 1874 28 years buried Dinsdale

William Anthony Grey Smith Died April 12 1886 & was buried Mentone France

Inside front cover: Cuth. Greenwood Johnson Born Feb 17th 1832 ( corrected to 42)

Maria Grey Johnson Born March 23rd 1829/1833/1843

Anna Grey Johnson Born Feb 15th 1867

Cuth Francis Johnson Born Sep 26th 18 71

Charles William Johnson Born Sep 22nd 1875

Freddy Dy J h J & M J July 18 16 ( 16 crossed out) Feb 8th 1866 Wedding day

Frances Marian William Born June 15 1892

Back page: Charles William Johnson Born Sep 22 Wachastby? 1876

Cuthbert Francis Johnson Born Sep 26th 1871

Anna Grey Johnson Born Feb 15th 1867

Uncle Bthins? Died Jan 28 1888

On loose piece of writing paper: Anna Grey Johnson born Feb 15 1867 at Blue House Stockton on Tees Baptized At the Parish Church Stockton on Tees by Revd. James

Cuthbert Francis Johnson born Sep 26th 1871 at Cleveland House Stockton On Tees Baptized at Trinity Church Stockton by Revd. Kennnicott?

Charles William Johnson born Sep 22 1875 at Hardwick Hall Sedgefield Baptized at the parish Church Sedgefield by the Revd. J. D. Eden

Wedding Day Feb 8th 1866 refers to the wedding of Cuthbert Greenwood Johnson to Maria Grey Smith in 1866. Maria Grey Smith's father was John William Smith, curate then rector, of Dinsdale, Durham. He was born John William Grey in Stockton but changed his name to Smith on 2 September 1833. He married, on 18 July 1839, Maria Grey, daughter of Lieut. Col. Robinson Grey of Norton. Their children on the 1851 census are Maria Grey Smith aged 8, scholar at Home, born Over Dinsdale. Joanna G. Smith aged 6, Fanny G. Smith aged 4, Anne G. Smith aged 3, and William A. G. Smith aged 2. Anna, Fanny and William's death are recorded on the back pages of the family bible above. The Miss Grey on the same page may be a sister of Maria Grey Smith. There is a probate record for 17 May 1873 for Eliza Anne Grey, late of Norton in the County of Durham Spinster, proved by William Robinson of Silksworth Esq. and John Grey of Parklands in the parish of Whitminster in the County of Gloucester Esq, the Brothers the executors.

Some Dixon ancestors appear to have lived in Cumberland. This cutting is from the Dixon -Johnson scrapbook: "DIXON- on Aug 8, 1967 James Dixon of Millom and Hawkshead, aged 78. Requiem Mass in Chapel of Lorton Hall, Cockermouth, followed by private internment at Hawkshead. Telegraph 9 Aug 67."

Unnamed by T Heaviside, Queen Street, Durham. (1863-1891) From Dixon -Johnson scrapbook.
Square edged carte de visite. Lt Col Johnson by Maull & Fox 187a Piccadilly, London. (Operated there: 1865-71) From Dixon-Johnson scrapbook.
The Dixon-Johnson's Grey ancestors.The tree below was made from various sources like "Burkes Armourial Families" and Ancestry. It is all from secondary sources and should not be seen as reliable. There were many marriages of cousin's and name changes from "Grey" to "Smith" and "Robinson" which may be the cause of some repeated names. (It should be seen as a work in progress!)
Portrait of Richard Hetherington Esq now in the Lancashire Museum. It has 3 labels on the back. "Richard Hetherington Esq. President of The Virgin Islands and of The Hill, Burton in Lonsdale, Yorkshire. Born 1740 died 1821". "The original of the picture is in the possession of his grandson Charles Richard Robinson Esq. J.P of Brettonby Manor, Yorkshire". This is initialled 'FDJ 6 March 1883' - ie Francis Dixon Johnson, grandson of Richard Hetherington. 2 Captain Dixon Johnson no ? 4/5 "The original is now at Great Chesterfield House, Great Chesterfield, Essex and belongs to Mrs G. G. grand-daughters the Misses E.M.S. and L.P. Robinson of Hinxton and is believed by them to be by Romney 30th January 1953". This is initialled 'C. J. D-J' and matches the initials reproduced on this page. The portrait is inscribed "A copy by C. Burlison 1872 from a portrait by Parkinson 1761." From an Auction website. with additional information from Michael Winstanley.
The double barrelled name comes from the marriage of Francis Johnson (1757-1838), son of Christopher Johnson and Tabitha Dixon who married Mary Hetherington (1776-1851), they named their son Francis Dixon Johnson.
1790, Sept. ii. Receipt for legacy by Richard Hetherington to Ann Grey, executrix of the will of William Grey, late of Newcastle, deed.
William GREY, master mariner, of town and county of Newcastle upon Tyne [Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland] Date of probate: 28 January 1790 • will, 15 May 1782 (DPRI/1/1790/G8/1) • registered copy of will, 15 May 1782 (DPRI/2/29 p512-513)
Some recently sold portraits of Dixons of Aykley Heads arrived at the auction house as part of a deceased estate, the family name being “Keith-Woodhead-Dixon”.  The family used to reside at Lorton Hall a large property just outside Cockermouth but subsequently moved to the North East and later to Scotland. 

Above: Part of a slightly modified family tree from ancestry. submitted by Steven Stewart Gibson who lives in Melbourne, Victoria. It has few sources and has not been verified but shows how Francis Dixon-Johnson and Charles Richard Robinson are the grandsons of Richard Hetherington.

Thanks to Michael Winstanley for the Hetherington portrait and other information and Joanne Miles for her advice on this tree.


More work is needed to find connections between all these Robinsons, Smiths, Greys and Johnsons. It looks like Charles Richard Robinson, was very close to the Johnsons throughout his life. He spent his early years at Burton in Lonsdale in a house which Frances Dixon Johnson inherited. His mother, nee Elizabeth Hetherington, is buried in Tunstall in the Lune Valley with other members of the Hetherington family.
From page 293, "Six North country diaries by John Crawford" on line here.