INTERESTING BORDER WEDDING. Mr G. H. I. Gray, Milfield, and Miss Blake, Tillmouth Park As a union between two well-known Border families, considerable interest attached to the wedding, in the ancient Parish Church of Norham, on Wednesday, between Miss Kathleen Selina Douglas Blake, daughter of Col. Sir Francis Blake, Bart., D. L., and Lady Blake, of Tillmouth Park, and Mr George Henry Ivar Grey, son of Mr George Grey, Milfield. The interesting event drew a large and distinguished company of guests at the ceremony. The historic village of Norham was “en fete” for the event, which was celebrated under the happiest of circumstances.

The Bridegroom. The bridegroom, Mr Ivar Grey, who had a Commission in the old Northumberland Artillery (Militia) under the bride’s father, has been for a number of years managing his father’s estate office in Newcastle. Mr George Grey is one of the largest land agents in the Kingdom, representing such extensive owners as Lord Joicey of Ford Castle, Earl Grey of (section missing in original), the Hon. F. W. Lambton of Fenton, Mr Selby of Biddleston, Mr Blackett-Ord, and many others. His father was a land agent before him, and the Milfield Estate has been owned by the family for a long period. Mr George Grey is also well-known in the County as Chairman of the North Northumberland Hunt Committee, and in several capacities in connection with agriculture

The Bride. The bride is well-known in Border Society as an attractive young lady of considerable culture. Her father, Sir Francis Douglas Blake, of Tillmouth, has rendered valuable public service in the County. He is an Alderman of Northumberland, and since the formation of Northumberland Education Committee has fulfilled the duties of Chairman in a thoroughly efficient manner. He is Vice-Chairman of Northumberland Territorial Army Association. While he is a prominent Liberal, his impartial conduct as Chairman of the great Newcastle fiscal debate in 1906 between Mr J. M. Robertson and Mr Samuel Storey won the approbation of both sides. He unsuccessfully contested Tynemouth in the Liberal interest, and he is Chairman of Berwick Division Liberal Association, being one of Sir Edward Grey’s most prominent supporters. As the Commanding-Officer of the now disbanded Northumberland Artillery he was deservedly popular. He was called to the bar in 1881, was a member of the North-Eastern Circuit, and has acted on several occasions as Deputy Recorder at Berwick Quarter Sessions. He has also often presided over the second court at Northumberland Quarter Sessions. His services as Chairman of the Northumberland Joint Committee have been of great value in the settlement of coal trade disputes. The bride’s mother was a Miss Burns of Wemyss Castle, and belonged to a family which took a leading part in the founding of the famous Cunard Line of trans-Atlantic steamers. Lady Blake was recently President of Berwick Women’s Liberal Association, but owing to the policy of neutrality pursued by the Women’s Social and Political Union that (one of the militant organisations for Votes for Women) she resigned that office. Our photo of the bride is by Mrs H. T. Burrell Newcastle.

The Wedding. AN ANCIENT CUSTOM OBSERVED There was a large and interested attendance in the old Norman Church of Norham, where the wedding took place. The bride and bridegroom and their following made the several miles journey to be traversed on motor cars instead of by the old time-honoured horse-drawn conveyance. The older villagers commented on the new methods ands compared them with the old times long past. All along the roads leading to Norham bunting was to be observed, while in the village itself every available flag was in use and displayed at some advantageous point. Long before the hour appointed for the ceremony, people began to arrive, and securing good positions patiently awaited the arrival of the guests and principal parties to the day’s proceedings. There was a large and fashionable gathering of county people, among whom were noticed Lady Charlotte Marjoribanks, The Hon. Mrs Baillie-Hamilton and Miss Baillie-Hamilton, Mr and Mrs George Grey, Captain Norman, R. N., Mr Stephen Sanderson, Lieut.-Colonel Pennyman; Mr J. C. Collingwood of Cornhill: Mr and Mrs B. P. Selby of Pawston; Colonel and Mrs Boswell-Preston, Tweedhill; Major and Lieut. Foster, late Northumberland Artillery (M.). Just at the appointed hour the bride arrived and entered the Church, accompanied by her father. The bride was given away by her father, and there were seven bridesmaids – Miss Marjory Blake, Miss Mary Grey, Miss Frances Burton, Miss Joan Bannerman, Miss Elsie Paget, Miss Marion Eccles, and Miss Flora Parker. The bridegroom was attended by his brother, Mr Eric Grey as best man. The clergy officiating were the Rev. John Erskine Campbell-Colquhoun, Chartwell, Kent (cousin of the bride), and the Rev. Charles Green, Vicar of Norham. The bride wore a gown of white satin charmeuse, veiled with an overdress of ninon bordered with lace and pearls. It had a Court train of satin charmeuse caught in at the waist by a pearl girdle. She wore a tulle veil over a wreath of orange blossom, myrtle and heather, and carried a sheaf of Harrisii lilies. Her ornament was a diamond and sapphire crescent broach, the gift of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were gowned in white satin mousseline with over dresses of ninon trimmed with silver lace and pink and blue chene ribbon. They wore Juliet caps in silver lace and carried bouquets of pink carnations. The bride‘s Court train was carried by a couple of youthful pages, Master Pat Blake (brother) and Master John C. Collingwood. As the wedding party proceeded up the aisle towards the chancel steps, the choir sang the wedding hymn: "The Voice that breathed o’er Eden." On the conclusion of the ceremony the hymn "O perfect love," was sung and when the bridal party left the Church the wedding music from “Lohengrin” was rendered by the organist. On the bride and bridegroom leaving the Church and proceeding to join their motor car, they were the victims of an old village custom. They were "roped" or, in other words, a number of stalwart villagers with a rope gaily bedecked with ribbons barred their progress until they had conformed to custom. The bridegroom smilingly paid toll; the rope was withdrawn, and with the good wishes of the "ropers" the happy pair were allowed to proceed. After the wedding Sir Francis and Lady Blake held a reception at Tillmouth, which was very largely attended, and where the large and handsome collection of presents was on view. The tenants on the estate were entertained on Friday at Tillmouth Park, with other guests. The wedding presents were on view, and an enjoyable afternoon was spent. Mr and Mrs Ivar Grey left by motor for the Highlands where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride’s travelling dress was a tailor-made gown of navy blue cloth, with coat to match, trimmed with pretty oriental embroidery, and she wore a dark green hat with wings.

The Presents
Amongst the presents were the following: –
Mr and Mrs Mills –  Cut-glass vase.
Captain and Mrs Gertrude Tippings – Breakfast heater.
Mrs Robertson Ross – Silver candlesticks.
The Hon. A. Caroline Burns – Gold bracelet watch, set in pearls. Rev. C. and the Hon. Mrs Corfield – Bracelet.
Mrs Sanderson – Dresden  china inkstand.
Miss Scott Kerr – Umbrella.
Mr and Mrs Grey – Dressing case
Lord and Lady Inverclyde – Gold chain purse.
Mrs Jeffrey – Linen bed spread.
Mr and Mrs Younger – Pair of silver candlesticks.
Mrs and Mrs Hunt – Half-dozen old glass finger bowls
Mr Douglas – Enamel and pearl pendant.
The Misses Young – Lace handkerchief.
Miss Keighty – Silver cloak clasp.
Miss M.  Nrame- Blouse buttons and brooch.
Miss Paget -Coffee cups
Miss E. Paget-Glass jam jar .
Mr Henderson –Cups and saucers (Japanese)
Mrs Taylor – Leather bag.
Col. And Mrs Paget – Glass vase (Venetian).
Mrs Campbell Bannerman – Breakfast set.
Mr and Miss Manisby– Bracelet.
Mr and Mrs Sanderson – Silver cream jug, sugar basin, and a teapot. Mr and Mrs Montague Godfrey – Silver teapot, coffeepot, cream jug, and sugar basin. Mrs Gough – China tea service.
Mr Cranstown – Silver stamp box
Mrs Hume- Glass rose Bowl.
Dr and Mrs Henderson – Silver tea caddy.
Mr and Mrs Reid – Inkstand.
Mr Kirsopp – Cheque
Miss Baker – Milk jug and sugar basin (Worcester china).
Admiral Sir Charles and Lady Hotham – Paper knife. Mr, Mrs, and Miss Dodd – Cake basket.
Miss M. Gough – Linen tea cloth.
Miss Noel – Silver frame.
Mrs F. Parker and Mr J. Parker – Enamel pendant.
Mr and Mrs Fawcuss – Glass vases
Mrs Halme – Pin-cushion
Mr and Mrs Long – Brass fern pots
Miss Cunningham – Chair
Mr and Mrs Tower Robertson – China box
Mr Tower – Two pewter egg cups
Captain Norman – "Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character" Miss Bosanquet – Muff chain
Miss Morant – Glass vases
Miss Strauss – "The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table."
Mr Cleland Reddie – Two glass vases
Major and Mrs Wilkie – Two bon-bon dishes
Miss Wilkie – Half-dozen tea knives
Sir Gainsford and Lady Bruce – Travelling clock
Mr and Mrs Hope – Writing case
Mr and Mrs Purves – Picture, Norham Castle
Miss Boot – Brass hot- water jug
Miss Liddell Grainger – Travelling writing case
Lord and Lady Joicey – Silver tea tray
Mr and Mrs Stirling Newall– Bracelet Mr Steel – Bracelet
Mr and Mrs Charles Leather – Two turquoise safety pins in case
Miss Butler – Old Sevres Louis Philippe bowl
Miss Irene Butler – Old Wedgewood  cream jug
Mr H. Butler –Old Wedgewood sugar basin
Mr and Mrs Patrick Selby – Inkpot
Mr and Mrs Elliott – Silver vase
Mr and Mrs Mitchell- Inness – Brooch Mr and Mrs Collingwood – Silver tea caddy
Miss Dunlop – Table centre
Mrs Clay's servants – tea cosy and butter forks
Miss Burns – Cheque
Miss Straker – Book
The Rev. J. E. and Mrs Campbell Colquhoun- Silver cruet and revolving dish Miss Wheen – Handkerchief
Captain and Mrs Allenby – Dessert knives and forks
Master and Miss Allenby – Silver tea caddy
Mr Hume – Pair of silver vases
Miss A. Henderson – White Shetland Shawl
Mrs Liddell Grainger – Bracelet
Miss Chetwynd – Old Lowestoft china jug
Mr and Miss Clay – Silver fruit spoons The Misses Priors- Embroidered linen tea cloth Mr and Miss Stogdon – Four silver bon bon dishes Mr and Mrs Wood  - Embroidered linen tea cloth Miss Reed -  Embroidered tray cloth and linen cosy cover Mr Askew – Silver mustard pot and two pepper pots Miss Blackett-Ord – China inkpot The Misses Campbell-Renton – Silver bon-bon dish Dr and Mrs Hardcastle – Crumb scraper The Rev. Hugh Fleming – Two pair silver vases Miss M. Robertson- Tea cosy The Rev. B . Holland – Books Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Newall – Dumb waiter Servants at Tillmouth – Silver salver Dr.  Hitchens- Vase Captain and Mrs Halsey – Dump waiter Mr and Mrs Scott Fox – Silver travelling clock Mr and Mrs Little- Silver bon-bon dishes Miss Smith  - Cushion Lord and Lady Frances Osborne –Whiskey glasses and tray Mrs Reddie –  Silver toast rack Mrs Leyland- Leather handbag Mrs Askew Robertson – Portable furnished writing table Mrs Ward – Travelling clock The Misses Waterston – case of silver buttons Mr Taylor – Silver inkpot Miss Burton – Tea cloth Mr and Mrs Logan – Umbrella The Misses Johnson- Pair of silver vases Miss Workman – Jewel case Miss Campbell-Colquhoun-Russian hat pins and silver mustard pot Mr and Mrs Greet – Carved oak picture frame Mrs Hester McNeill – Bath mat and hot water can cosey. Mrs Boyd- Copeland breakfast set. The Misses Selby – Referee  Bradshaw A.B.C. cabinet. Major and Mrs Metcalf – Silver cream jug. Capt. and  Mrs Napier – Silver sauce boat. The Misses Tippinge – Silver candlesticks The Misses Mills – Silver tea caddy and spoon. Mrs Meikle McDougal – Silver cheese dish. Mr and Mrs Arthur Blake – Old French painted inkstand. Mr and Mrs Trevelyan – Carving knife and fork. Miss M Weatherhead – Linen tray cloth Mrs Macbraire – Screen Mr and Mrs Campbell-Colquhoun – Thermos Flask Mrs Burrell – Turquoise pendant Mrs Napier – Silver Frame. Canon and Mrs Holland – Two Chinese tea tables. Col and Mrs Boswell Preston – Pair of old Sheffield candlesticks. Mrs G. and A. Boswell Preston – Two old Sheffield wine coolers. Miss Laing – Chrysophmasus pendant. Mr and Mrs Hunter – Silver bowl. Mr and Mrs Cairns – Screen The Hon Emily Murial Burns – Case with buckle, buttons and hat pins. Mrs Bell -  Clock and work bag. Sir Edward Grey – Blotter and silver ink stand. Sir Herbert Jerningham – Old Turkish tablecloth. Mrs Hunt – Work basket. Lady Laing – Custard cups. Mr, Mrs and Miss Atkinson Clark – Dessert set. Mrs Stoddart – Linen table cloth Captain Kineman- Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyan. Messrs. H.  and N. Mills- Old Sheffield bon bon dish. Mrs Beauchamp Selby – Silver cream jug. Lord and Lady Napier and Ettrick – Pearl ear-rings, pearl sleeve links, and enamelled cashette box. Mr and Mrs Tincoltey Warren – Silver lock. Dr and Mrs Flemming – Chain. The Misses and Mr. R. Foster – Two French plated trays. Mrs Griffith Jones – Silver vase. Mr and Mrs Hunter- Napier  coffee machine Mrs John Clay – Linen tablecloth. Mr Owen Tray cloth Miss Stewart – Salt cellar and silver napkin ring. Mr Gibson – Photo frame. Messrs Lillico and Sons – Two sheepskin rugs. Miss Briggs – Two old glass tumblers. The Misses Milne Home – Old silver spoon
Miss Grey – Brooch
Misses Grey – Bracelet
Rev. C. and Mrs Green – Picture
Mr and Mrs Grieg – Tea knives
Lord and Lady Low – Salt cellars
Mrs Bannerman – Book
Mrs Grieves– Morning tea set
Mrs Jeffrey – Tray cloth
Mr and Mrs Brown – Ivory and silver paper knife
Rev. M. Culley– Silver frame
Miss McEwen – Jewel case
Mr Leach – Table centre
Mr and Mrs Henry Bosanquet – Cruet
Mrs and Miss Baillie Hamilton – Venetian glass vase
Miss Adamson – Dresden china dish
Miss McLachlan – Pair of silver vases
Mrs Hodgson – Silver shoe buckles
Miss Bertram – Vase
Miss Hibbs – Vase
Lieut-Colonel Pennyman – Ivory fan
Mr and Mrs Bell Simpson – Two silver sugar sifters
Mr Frank Long "The Christian Year"
Mr D. Liddell Grainger – Silver and tortoiseshell box
Colonel and Mrs Rowe – Silver double jam dish
Mr and Mrs Baddington – Two copper vases
Mr and Mrs Brown – Tablecloth
The Hon. Marguerite Joicey – Silver sugar sifters
Mr and Mrs James Cowe – Silver candle-sticks
Dr G. Henderson jun. – Silver box
Lady Marjoribanks – Dresden china cup and saucer
Miss Low – Work case
Mrs Ogilvie – Bedroom slippers
Rev. H. And Mrs Neville – Leather handbag
Mr Hugh Colquhoun – Norwegian carved box
Lady Mary Inverclyde – Enamel and pearl pendent
Mr and Mrs Hale – Travelling clock
Mr and Mrs Walter Runciman – Silver sugar sifters
Miss Jeffrey – Photo frame
Mr J. Middlemiss – Inkpot
Mr Paterson - Blotter
The tenants Tillmouth estate – Two silver entree dishes
Mr George Butler – Silver fish knives and forks
Mr and Mrs McCreath – Half – dozen coffee cups
Mr W. McCreath – Magpie teaspoons
Mr and Mrs W. Askew – Two dozen silver teaspoons
Mrs Steele and Miss Blake – Two silver entree dishes and two silver sugar sifters
Miss P. Smith – Fan Mr and Mrs Ford – Pair of frames
Mr and Mrs Henderson - Travelling inkpot
Archdeacon and Mrs Hodgson – Two wine coolers
Mr F. Bell – Books
Mr and Miss Anderson – Sunshade
Mrs A. Bell – Antimacassar
Judgee and Mrs Hans Hamilton – Pair of silver vases
Mr and Mrs R. Staniforth – Clock
Mrs Eccles and family – Silver kettle
Miss O. Turner Farley – Gold chain
Mr and Mrs Robert Swan – Biscuit jar
Mr and Mrs Arthur Joicey – Silver coffee pot
Mr and Mrs Collingwood – Pearl chain
Mr John Carr – Inkpot
Mr and Mrs Summerson – Two silver candlesticks
Mr and Mrs Orr. – Two Silver candlesticks
Mr Hogarth – Pictures
The Misses Holliday – Vases
Colonel and Mrs Faster – Pictures Mr and Mrs Campbell Renton – Tea tables Mr and Mrs Fenwick – Visitors’ book
Mrs Collingwood and Master Collingwood – Four safety pin brooches
Mr Darley – Travelling barometer
Mr and Mrs Londreth and family – Pair of photo frames
Mr and Mrs Greenshields Leadbetter – Blotter and stationary case Rev. H. and Mrs Green-Silver tea knives Miss Low – Candle shades Mr and Mrs North – Coffee cups The Misses Macdonald – Silver candlesticks The Misses Burnett – “Arabian Nights” Miss Harriet Lumsden – Guernsey hot water cans Mrs Greene – Picture The Misses Gordon – “Picture of Life and Character,” by John Leach

The Queen 24.9.10


A picturesque wedding took place in St Cuthbert's Church Norham-on-Tweed on Sept 14th when Mr George Henry Ivar Grey was married to Miss Kathleen Selina Douglas Blake, daughter of Francis and Lady Blake, of Tillmouth Park, Northumberland. The Rev. John Erskine Campbell-Colquhoun and the Rev. Charles Green officiated at the service, which was fully choral, and the duties of the best man were carried out by Mr Eric Grey, brother of the bridegroom, who is son of Mr and Mrs George Grey of Milfield, Northumberland. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore an exquisite gown of white satin charmouse covered with ninon, which was bordered with lace and embroidered with pearls. The satin Court train, adorned with true lovers' knots in pearls, was caught at the waist by a pearl girdle, and a tulle veil surmounted a wreath of orange blossom, myrtle and white heather. Master Patrick Blake (brother of the bride) and Master John Collingwood in "Little Lord Fauntleroy" suits of white and pale blue made an ideal pair of pages, and the seven bridesmaids were in charming gowns of white satin mousseline veiled in ninon and trimmed with silver lace and chene ribbon. Instead of hats they had pretty Juliet caps in pearls, and they carried bouquets of pink carnations. The bridegroom gave each one an amethyst and pearl-blister pendant. Lady Blake held a delightful reception at Tillmouth Park before the bride and groom left for the Highlands by motor, Mrs Ivar Grey going away in a tailor-made navy blue gown and coat to match and dark green hat."

INTERESTING BORDER WEDDING. From Berwickshire News 20 September, 1910.

The Illustrated Chronicle,Thursday September 15, 1910.

"Snapshots at the wedding at Norham-on-Tweed, yesterday, of Miss Kathleen Selina Douglas, daughter of Sir Frances Blake, of Tillmouth Park, and Mr. G. H. I. Grey of Milfield, Alnwick, showing the best man Mr. Eric Grey (on the left) and the bride and groom leaving the church."