Horse that stood on the window sill at the turn of the staircase.
Canon washed up on the coast , which once stood in front field, with the base made by Anne Mildred.

A random selection of objects that once "lived" at Milfield Hill.
Far left: Fox's mask in possession of author of this web site. Left: Lot No.568 from on-line auction catalogue of Lawrence and Co.' A fox's mask mounted on an oak shield with label inscribed " Milfield Hill 1936" the reverse with printed account of the day with the North Northumberland. £20-30'
Far left: written on reverse:"Cub killed at Milfield Old Cover by the children with the old hounds Harbinger & ?Snuggle, terriers Luits, Julius Caesar & Rictor. July 1896. Neil, huntsman." Left: Otter's paw originally mounted in silver.
Far left : Otter's mask. Right: Five volumes of Macaulay's History of England, sold by Brands in Wooler.
Left: Signature on frontispiece of Macaulay's History of England. Elizabeth Jane Morton, was the second wife of George Annett Grey.

Above: "The Insect World" with the signature of George Grey inside dated 1879. Left: Rubber stamp used in George Grey's books.

Above: Letter addressed to Neil Grey with stamps from Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Right: Book on the History of Berwick dated 1817.
Left: Illustration from "The Game Keeper at Home", Above: the front cover, written on frontispiece "George Grey June 29th 1880. C.M.G"

Left: Laws relating to landlords and tenants, the front page of book dated 1795 with the signature of Eric Ida Grey on frontispiece.

Below: "A Barrister's Life" with a smaller stamp belonging to George Grey.

Left: Front page of small scrapbook with George Grey's signature and Neil Grey's hand drawn monogram.
Above: Curling Stone. One of these was used to hold open the big swing door between the outer hall and the inner hall at Milfield Hill House.
Above: "Wild Life in a Southern County with the signature of George Grey dated 1880. Left History of Berwick on Tweed by John Fuller. Berwick August 1799, with George Grey's stamp at the front.
The books selected here were taken from Milfield by Robert Grey who worked as a solicitor and may will be more representative of his own interests in poetry, and natural history rather than the collection in Milfield library as a whole.
Left: Neil Grey was an enthusiastic antiquarian and bought many old books.
Left: Walter Scott's poems owned by George Grey
Henry MacLauchlan's incomplete manuscript about Watling Street presented to George Grey.
Rebound incomplete manuscript about the battle of Flodden.
The Hermit of Warkworth with Bewick illustrations published in 1841, presented to Mrs. Grey.