John Grey of Heton and Patience Anderson. John and Patience were married on 23 January 1767 at Whittingham. They had four sons and four daughters.
John and Patience's very large table tomb can be seen at St Bartholomew's, Tweedmouth. It lies on the south side near the church wall. (No. 265 Section D.) It is so tall that it is very difficult to see the top without climbing onto a nearby tomb . " In memory of J Grey Esq of Middle Ord who died on the 2nd Oct 1817 aged 71 years. Also Patience Grey his wife of the above who died 26 May 1812 aged 69 years. Also George Grey Esq. son of the above who died on 11th June 1852 aged 79 years. Also Isabella wife of the above George Grey Esq. who died on 30th November 1861 aged 59 years. I am the resurrection and the Life".

John Grey of Heton and Middle Ord Born 1746. Died 2 October 1817. He was the brother of George Grey of Sandyhouse and Milfield. He purchased lands in Middle Ord in 1788 and died on 2nd October 1817 aged 71. His 8 children are the ancestors of Christian Margaret Grey who married George Grey of Milfield, the Galewood Greys and the New Zealand Greys.
It is interesting to note that this is the largest family tomb found so far and perhaps it was Anderson money that paid for it? It is also worth noting that it was erected in the early 1800s and the design shows a daisy not a scaling ladder. It could mean the fashion for mediaeval heraldry had not begun or that these Greys had no connection with the titled Greys that they later tried to associate themselves with.
John's brother George Grey of Sandyhouse and West Ord died in July 1791, at the early age of 38, leaving his widow with two sons and two daughters. The lease for Milfield Hill may have been signed on her behalf by John in 1803. One of the witnesses to this document is a Robt Anderson. Patience's father was George Anderson of Glanton, and her one known brother was William. Curiously John is said to be of East Ord, not Middle Ord.
This Indenture made the fifth day of February in the Year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and three Between Sir Henry Grey of Howick in the County of Northumberland Baronet of the one Part and John Grey of East Ord in the County of Durham and Thomas Vardy of Fenton in the County of Northumberland Farmers as Guardians and Trustees for and on account of John Grey and George Grey Sons of the late George Grey of Milfield Farmer called of the other Part.
Photos taken in 2015. Indenture document from Berwick Archives. NRO 496 - Grey of Milfield. The will of George Grey of Sandyhouse mentions John Burn of the Borough of Berwick upon Tweed Esquire ( his father in law?) and George Culley of Fenton as trustees for his daughter Margaretta. John Burn died in 1795. Thomas Vardy was married to John and George's sister Margaret and was farming Fenton by 1803. George Culley, if he is the famous George Culley, did not die until 1813. They may have replaced the original trustees.
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