Written on the back of this watercolour:"I think this is Mary Anne Isabel Grey known to her sisters as 'Tully'"

Mary Ann Isabella (Tully) Grey

Born 7 July 1821 at Milfield Hill.

She married Edgar Garston in 1842.

Died 1893

For information on the lives of Mary and her five sisters read "The Six Brides of Dilston" by A.R.C. Bolton.
Her parents John and Hannah.
Written on the back of this watercolour: "Mary Ann Isabel daughter of John Grey, married Edgar Garston of Liverpool, who had fought in the Greek war of Independence, and was made a knight but never used the title, as it was a Greek one" This picture was given to Angela Grey by Mrs. Garston.

A letter from her mother Hannah Grey, describing her wedding to Edgar Garston can be read here.
Thanks to David Thompson for the three photos of Tully and two of Edgar Garston.